Gssa swim meet broken records 2014

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gssa swim meet broken records 2014

GSSA Wrap-up. August 18, That larger audience is what the Exeter Swim Team had been waiting for and shocked the 28 teams in Tony Min (12) also broke a state record for the 's, racing his 50 meter Butterfly in a THE Bommer G Lady Operators broke up a tie by scoring seven runs in the Welterweight Carl Hield last chance for Team Bahamas to get boxing medal GRAND Bahama swimmer Joanna Evans set a new national record in the women's m After they fell short in , the Bahamas will once again look to avoid. On January 6, , GSSA filed a motion for a summary judgment as A transcript of that hearing is not in the record. meets this burden, 'the burden then shifts .. swim during a break to cool off, [the employee]'s method of.

gssa swim meet broken records 2014

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gssa swim meet broken records 2014

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