Goon on fire car meet meme

goon on fire car meet meme

matt @BrokeSpice Person Please hurry there is a fire my family is stuck inside after smelling Post Malone at a meet & greet @ @ok koyes After the show on. CAR SHOW MEME | Thread: Car memes thread Funny Car Memes, Truck Memes, Lol Funny Quotes, Funny Car Memes, Car Jokes, Truck Quotes, Hilarious. meme rolling. A car was spray-painted with anti-Donald Trump graffiti and then set on fire in southeast Portland. The materials Urecoat supplies are designed to meet the strict building codes and insurance industry .. The anti-Trump goons did a good job of shutting down vital intersections, which makes them feel.

The channel's name stems from the Engrish pronunciation of "Let's Play" with its logo utilizing the Chinese character for Failure. Since the launch of the original channel, several Retsupurae accounts run by other users have been created.

Finding the video to be amusingly bad, slowbeef teamed up with fellow Something Awful user Sinix to film a satirical commentary reminiscent of Mystery Science Theater for the short playthrough of the Nintendo game.

The video was greeted with warm reception on the Something Awful forums, in part due to slowbeef's role as a prominent figure in the growing Let's Play community. The response quickly inspired slowbeef to create a YouTube channel for these videos.

Shortly after Retsupurae's creation, Something Awful user ResearchIndicates created a video explaining the purpose behind the channel. Spread Though Retsupurae was greeted with praise on Something Awful, a number of YouTube users initially expressed disdain for the group's critical videos.

Many of these users were fans of the people who were riffed on, with some incorrectly stating that the Goons never made LPs of their own and Youtube was the original source of all LPs shown below, leftand others making empty death threats towards the channel shown below, right.

Sometimes, the creators of the riffed LPs attack the videos, usually in the form of flaming in the comments. This first account was eventually suspended and slowbeef launched the second channel, "Retsupurae"on February 28th, As of Aprilthe channel has more than 92, subscribers and over 50, video views. There is also a fan-run single topic Tumblr dedicated to supporting their videos [14] as well as a Social Justice group against them [15]calling their commentary "hateful mockery" with evidence of transphobia, homophobia, and support of suicide, though a handful of Goons and Tumblr users alike have questioned the authenticity of the blog.

Even though the riffs are perceived as abrasive by detractors, slowbeef insists that the videos are simply made in fun, and that no ill will toward the original uploader is meant by their commentaries. Because of this, both slowbeef and Diabetus have expressed distaste for when fans swarm the original video to post negative comments against the uploader. In addition, slowbeef has taken videos down on the occasions that the original uploader requested the videos be removed in a respectful and reasonable manner.

After striking a deal with Something Awful founder Lowtax to create his own series exclusively for the site, slowbeef decided to expand his horizons to making fun of webcam rants found on YouTube, regardless if they featured video games or not.

Many of the videos guest-starred a user by the name of Khad, and Diabetus eventually started appearing on the show. The show's last episode aired in October [17]featuring a video involving Christian Weston "Chris-Chan" Chandler. Though slowbeef claimed that he wanted to take a break from the series for a while before eventually returning to it, there has been no indication that the series will continue. Retsufrash In the Autumn ofslowbeef began posting reaction videos to flash games and movies found on Newgrounds under the name Retsufrash.

As of Januarythere are 45 standalone Retsufrash videos.

goon on fire car meet meme

Retsusturimu On March 27,slowbeef and Diabetus held a livestream to raise money for additional editing software. Though the stream itself was not recorded by either Retsupuraer, excerpts have surfaced due to the efforts of dedicated fans.

This would eventually lead to the creation of another form of parody: Wrongpuraes Wrongpuraes are specifically dedicated to riffs on longplays, or extended playthroughs. The first one, Last Alert shown belowwas made in when Diabetus ran into slowbeef while on a business trip. The most popular among these videos is the Wrongpurae of Darkseed 2, which has spawned a considerable amount of in-jokes and fanart.

As of Januarythere are 35 videos on the playlist for Wrongpuraes that last for two episodes or less [25]in addition to having another 17 Wrongpuraes with their own playlists. The podcast series launched on June 27th, and went on to feature a wide variety of guests and a number of theme songs.

A blog was set up with audio of these discussions. The podcast went on hiatus for a long period of time, though it returned in lateupdating on a weekly basis.

Retsublitz On the first weekend of Februaryslowbeef decided to record a handful of videos with some of the occasional guests that appeared on the show — 6 videos uploaded in under 48 hours. When Diabetus caught note of this, both he and slowbeef decided to impose a challenge upon themselves to see how many videos they could create before the channel's fifth anniversary, which happened to be at the end of the month.

This "Retsublitz" typically led to the creation of roughly 3 videos per day for the remainder of the month.

Retsupurae | Know Your Meme

Most of the videos can be found in a playlist [45]though some were removed by request and are only available through mirrors. The Retsublitz ended with a restatement of Retsupurae's purpose, several special thanks, and a riff of a ROM Hack shown below. Guestsupuraes During the Retsublitz, slowbeef decided to contact a fan on the Facebook page known as Longfellow.


Longfellow was allowed to select a video that he and slowbeef could make fun of, so Longfellow decided on a Super Mario Kart Let's Play. The video was welcomed as a change of pace for the channel, and slowbeef allowed more fans to commentate on videos.

Crappy Pasta In the middle ofDiabetus recorded a stream of himself playing Super Mario All-Stars and called slowbeef on as a guest.

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The latter revealed that he was taking an ironic interest in video game Creepypastastarting by delivering a Dramatic Reading and critque of Sonic.

EXE shown below, left. After finishing the story, slowbeef read another two on the stream, and saved another three for a later stream that Diabetus took part in. Though slowbeef's commentary on the stories was met with positive reception, these actions were criticized as taking the focus off of Diabetus. Following this criticism from fans, slowbeef decided to start a series where he would read and make fun of these Creepypasta stories on-camera shown below, right.

goon on fire car meet meme

The videos were eventually given their own playlist. The Lost Levels skillfully. Billy has since earned over 4, subscribers. However, you can also upload your own images as templates.

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