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Ivan Maisel remembers his favorite memories from more than 90 FBS stadiums

of the season. He is the greatest linebacker to ever play the game . Super Bowl 47 at mephistolessiveur.info - Official Site of the National Football League. 49ers vs cowboys Olympic Champion Swimmer Michael Phelps has ADHD. Find this Pin and . Ryan Kerrigan meets and greets fans at a local FedEx Office on. Find this Pin. The Lamarlins Swim Team participated in the Southeast Colorado Aquatics League Championship Meet this weekend at Pueblo County High. The year that finishes up today saw a lot of firsts in Gwinnett County's sports scene — first state championships for a few of the county's high.

The Thing About the Orange Bowl: It was like a dowager who had lost her fortune. Good bones, once elegant, but starved to death at the end. Outdated press boxes, undersized locker rooms. I remember a sewage leak one year during an only-in-Miami rainstorm. At its best, Paul Johnson's option offense will make a team look foolish. The Thing About Bobby Dodd: The Varsity is within walking distance for that pregame or postgame fast-food craving.

And the view of the downtown Atlanta skyline is hard to beat. They haven't been No. Same The thing about Scott: Few stadiums are tucked into campus more neatly than Scott. It doesn't call attention to itself the way the new basketball arena does Look at me!

It looks as natural as a building on "the Grounds" can look with 61, seats. Jefferson would like it. The nicest man in coaching interrupted my panic by stopping me and asking about my family. He always taught me about civility and a positive attitude. Same The Thing About Pitt: Built on a hill with no nearby parking. The university wanted the real estate. Pitt became tenants of Heinz Field, a beautiful downtown stadium that doesn't belong to the Panthers. Lost to the Ages, or the Aged. When news spread that Michigan coaching legend Bo Schembechler died Friday morning, the game gained perspective.

It remained a riveting show of two outstanding offenses. The Thing About the Horseshoe: Simply a great venue. Ohio State took a museum and modernized it without losing the look and feel of the days when Woody Hayes stormed the sideline.

When you walk across the little bridges over the Olentangy to get to the stadium, you feel something special. The Thing About Kinnick: Nearly 75 years later, Iowans still tell it proudly.

The statue of him portrays him in street clothes, holding books, his leather helmet at his feet. Hawkeyes rub it for good luck before entering the stadium. I'm pretty sure it was Notre Dame's victory in I say that because I distinctly remember standing outside in snow flurries waiting for the press box to open.

I remember the giddiness amid the snow flurries again.

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Paterno, hobbled all season by a painful hip, accepted the Big Ten championship trophy in the locker room and underwent hip replacement surgery the next day.

The Thing About Beaver Stadium: It has all of the charm of an antique, and all the modernity, too. But you can buy ice cream from the campus creamery, and that goes a long way. Indiana lost to Iowa the next week, and the Hoosiers still haven't been to the Rose Bowl since Same Better than the victory by Michigan in The Thing about Memorial Stadium: There's nothing wrong with Memorial Stadium.

But the lack of bells and whistles and the lack of, well, priority, illustrate Indiana is a basketball school. Nor did I ever see the Gophers play in the Metrodome. Spent a couple of days in Bierman Athletic Center, named for Bernie Bierman, the coach who led the Gophers to five undefeated seasons and three national championships The Irish had lost their opener to unheralded Northwestern, and I went to see if Notre Dame had serious issues.

It turns out that the Irish went and Northwestern went to the Rose Bowl. The wind is usually blowing and the conditions can be bitter. But Purdue's best teams in the past 40 years have thrown the ball. That says more about former coach Joe Tiller than it does about Ross-Ade. They came back from a first-quarter deficit and took the lead with a play, yard, 6: Hard to top that one. The Thing About Memorial Stadium: The classic columns that commemorate the university's dead in World War I are wonderful for the eyes.

With the right wind, the odor of the ag school is not so terrific for the nose. Respect is a rare trait still held by fans at Nebraska's Memorial Stadium.

The Thing About Memorial: My favorite is, "Not the victory but the action. The fans are sophisticated and they respect the opposing teams, two qualities rare in college football. A long time ago. Duckett on the final play of the game. The controversy over whether: The Big Ten never said the officials got it wrong.

But they changed the rule so that the home team doesn't hire the timekeeper. That's not much solace to the Wolverines. The Thing About Spartan Stadium: East Lansing is a pretty campus. The state capitol in Lansing is a short drive away, if you have a history itch. All in all, a pretty place. I'm just not sure the sun has ever shined when I've been there. There's nothing as raw and windy as a Big Ten Saturday. Best Game I Saw Colorado 27, Michigan 26 Where I learned never to leave the press box until the game is secure.

Writers on deadline will send a story early in order to make their way to the postgame interviews. That was especially important at the Big House, where the press box is opposite the locker rooms. I stayed upstairs and saw Kordell Stewart's heave to Michael Westbrook. As I raced out of the press box, I saw writers racing in, needing to correct their stories about Michigan's victory. The Thing About the Big House: Before the recent renovation, it was surprisingly quiet for ,plus people.

Something about a wide sunken bowl doesn't promote the decibel level. If you're a golf fan, don't look at the cars parked on the university course, designed by Alister MacKenzie, who also created Augusta National. It will make you sick. The Wildcats stunned the Nittany Lions, who had won 23 of their previous 25 games, with a physical running game and a crowd screaming for the home team.

That didn't always happen at Northwestern. I love the oldness of it. But all I can tell you is dress warmly.

The Hawk, as the wind off Lake Michigan is known, isn't far away. Camp Randall Stadium feels as much like a party as a football game.

When the No. Badgers Nation wanted Nebraska to know it had joined a tougher league, and the intensity of the game was much higher than an Oct. The Thing About Camp Randall: It's a big party, from the brats to the rowdy and ribald students to the third-quarter Jump Around to the postgame band concert.

Fans engulfed the stadium floor, and in their delirium someone gave head coach Dan McCarney a fat lip. The Thing About Jack Trice: A Big 12 official once told me it gets so cold there because the only thing between the Canadian wind and the field is barbed wire. The Wildcats, under last-year coach Stan Parrish, did not.

That was Game No. There are reams of lore about Allen Fieldhouse, where the Jayhawks have played basketball since If there's any lore about Memorial Stadium, where the Jayhawks have played football sinceit hasn't stuck with me.

But I'm not going to make it up and tell you when. I know I went inand I know I went during Ron Prince's three-year tenure, because I attended a spring practice, and I remember thinking, this is access that Bill Snyder would never grant. Manhattan is not far from the pasture where Knute Rockne's plane went down in There is a commemorative marker in the pasture, and it's as haunting a place as I've ever seen.

The press box is on the same level as the 39 suites and 3, club suites. All I can tell you is that I've been in some skeevy press box bathrooms. Oklahoma State's is the only one where I thought I was in a country club. After this rout, I asked him why he hadn't returned a call.

He said, "Before Texas, I don't talk to anybody from Dallas. In his second college game, Bradford went of for yards -- and five touchdowns. I remember thinking, "This kid is different. It's very easy to get from the press box to the field. That may not mean much to you. Try doing it when 80, fans are walking out of the stadium and you're swimming upstream. Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium has gotten a boost in energy after modern makeovers. I could make something up but I don't remember.

Two games later, he started. Two years later, he won a national title. Recent makeovers have helped make it noisier, but for years it soundest like the tamest stadium in the state.

All hail Graham Harrell to Michael Crabtree. The Thing About Jones Stadium: All I can tell you is, dress for the wind. If it's not blowing, something's wrong. The Thing About Floyd Casey: For years, Baylor football was obsolete and so was its stadium. As of next year, neither will be true. The Bears are winning, and in they move into a new on-campus stadium.

A horned frog stands guard at the renovated Amon G. A basketball game in Daniel-Meyer Coliseum. The Thing About Amon Carter: The renovation took a ramshackle antique and turned it into a modern edifice. You'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who misses the antique. The Mountaineers had gone with five shutouts against Joe Paterno. This game was not only an affirmation but a catharsis, and an always rowdy stadium approached delirium. But what I remember is standing in back of the press box as the second half began, watching No.

Thing About Milan Puskar: I am told that Milan Puskar isn't nearly as raucous now that the university disallows fans to leave, tailgate and re-enter the stadium. I am tempted to say too bad, but it's a good thing. Pac First Game I Saw: He rushed for yards and finished with total yards, including a yard touchdown run in which he slammed on the brakes at one sideline and then raced to the pylon at the other.

The Thing About the Coliseum: Best stadium food I've ever had are Martin's Louisiana Sausages, a vendor behind the enclosed end zone. Don't tell my editors but I make up reasons to cover USC games to have the spicy inch variation. That was the night that USC football began its slide.

Ivan's been (nearly) everywhere, man

Texas was never the same, either. The Thing About the Rose Bowl: There's nowhere else you'd rather be on Jan. Brisk chill in the morning, warm blue-sky afternoons, and when the sun sets on the San Gabriel Mountains, your eyes roam from the field between every play. It's jammed between two buttes. I have never figured out where all those people park. The Thing About Arizona Stadium: Bear Down, the original battle cry of former Arizona quarterback John "Button" Salmon, is written on the field.

It's "The Library" no longer. The Thing About Stanford Stadium: The old Stanford Stadium seated 88, people and had a track around it. It was the stadium where sound disappeared. I was there, in the stands, and his knee was down. It's built atop a hill, and you better be in shape, because there's no parking nearby. But once you get there, if you sit high enough and can see over the rim of the stadium, the views of the Bay Area are worth the climb. At Oregon's Autzen Stadium, the fans are right on top of the players.

But this loss confirmed that the Pete Carroll Era was on the wane. The Trojans won the league that year, but the Ducks and their new offensive coordinator, some guy from New Hampshire named Chip Kelly, announced their arrival.

The Thing About Autzen Stadium: Some stadiums seat 90, who sound like 60, Autzen Stadium seats 60, who sound like 90, The first row of seats is so close to the field the fans could hear the play called in the huddle if they could stay quiet. Same The Beavers went that season, and their only victory came after trailing the Cardinaldeep in the second half. The Thing About Reser: That's where I learned that if a kickoff returner catches the kickoff, runs into the end zone and puts his knee down, that's a safety.

That's what happened with the score after the Beavers tied the score late in the game. Remains on the short list of best individual efforts I've ever seen. The Thing About Husky Stadium: Can't beat the view of Lake Washington. Until the remodel, which opened this year, the press box was known as the scariest in college football. It looked like it hung from a shaky roof, and I always worried that I might walk in there and not walk out. The press box view at Utah's Rice-Eccles Stadium.

Afterward, head coach Urban Meyer tried to deflect questions that he was leaving for Florida. No Rutgers kids … though the Patriots did sign Jeremy Deering, a man of a million positions, as a free agent. The Patriots drafted as if the time for channeling their inner muse has past, and it has.

Easley can join Darrelle Revis in the quest for the one last ring if his knees hold out; Easley and Garoppolo and Stork and others could form the cast of Patriots: It does not require much projection or "Belichick Knows Better than Mere Mortals" theology to imagine these things happening, which makes this Patriots draft unique among recent efforts.

New York Jets Finds Talent: Jace Amaro and Jalen Saunders add speed and open-field capability to a notoriously sluggish offense. Calvin Pryor was the best all-around safety in the draft and the kind of player Rex Ryan knows how to use. Saturation-drafting the receiving corps was a great idea: The Jets never seem to have much to offer in receiver slots three through five, and one and two are rarely All-Pros, either. Now, they have tiny-tough-blurry Saunders, possession receiver Shaq Evans and thick-thumpy leadership type Quincy Enunwa, who can excel on special teams.

Tajh Boyd was the right tool for the right job in the sixth round. If the Geno Smith-Michael Vick experiment goes kabloom, he is a capable young fire extinguisher. McDougle is coming off a shoulder injury the kind that does not affect long-term projects, unlike an ACL or neck injury but looked like a solid jack-of-all-trades defender in The others are fine system fits who were selected more or less on schedule.

Sometimes, we fall into the habit of criticizing the Jets draft because it is the Jets draft. After two by-the-books drafts, the Jets roster looks normal, if not excellent. Only quarterback remains a mad science experiment. The keys to the Jets season are in the hands of two draftees. Geno Smith is one of them, of course. Cornerback Dee Milliner is the other, and if he takes a big step up from baffled rookie to solid starter, the decisions behind the Jets' draft choices will come into sharper focus.

Mosley, Timmy Jernigan and Terrence Brooks are all rock solid -- ready to play, yet with high upside. You have to admire Ozzie Newsome for leaving no stone unturned when searching for defenders in such unlikely locales as Alabama and Florida State.

Later-round grabs make this class more fun. Crockett Gillmore is the lost Gronkowski brother, Brent Urban is a square peg with a power forward's frame who is worth developing and Michael Campanaro is a nifty-shifty slot guy for a team that has not really had a good one since Derrick Mason left. Giving John Harbaugh and staff the benefit of the doubt that Ricky Wagner is ready at right tackle, the Ravens could have used more reinforcements at running back than Lorenzo Taliaferro.

Taliaferro is talented and a Gary Kubiak system fit, but the Ravens need more Ray Rice insurance than one small-school slasher. The Ravens always have six billion compensatory picks. As usual, they used them to select helpful rank-and-file players. The Official Draft of the Baltimore Ravens: Cincinnati Bengals Finds Talent: Darqueze Dennard is a smooth, capable cover corner who was a great value with the 24th pick.

Thumping running back Jeremy Hill is the kind of luxury item the Bengals can afford at the skill positions. Linebacker Marquis Flowers is 90 percent of Ryan Shazier at a fraction of the costs and expectations. The Bengals were not particularly needy, and Dennard spackles a crack, as do some other picks. But the Bengals need to color outside the lines at this point to get past the other powerhouses, and this was a by-the-book draft. AJ McCarron's selection betrays a lack of imagination: Instead of gambling on a superior talent who could change the team's direction inthey settled for Andy Dalton 2.

The Bengals did not do much wiggling, reaching or surprising. Admit it, Bengals fans: You wanted to see the team blow things up a little bit, whether it was a fastball pitching prospect or a Falcons-style cross-court alley-oop two first-rounders and a third to move up for Khalil Mack! Instead, the Bengals perpetrated an maintenance draft that left me mixing my sports metaphors.

There are worse fates than drafting for playoff sustenance, and the AFC North did not do much to gain on the Bengals, so this draft cannot be knocked too hard.

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But if you were seeking butter brickle, you got vanilla, and it may make it hard to compete with the more inventive ice cream parlors in town. Cleveland Browns Finds Talent: Justin Gilbert and Johnny Manziel form a formidable first-round one-two punch for a team that has made a habit of wasting its one-two punches. Joel Bitonio is versatile, with upside. Pierre Desir has a better chance of being Richard Sherman Inspiration than Richard Sherman Imitation, while Christian Kirksey is a square-peg "heavy nickel" safety-linebacker who could shine if the Browns elect to use a lot of unusual packages.

Kirksey is currently listed at inside linebacker, which does not sound right for a guy who covered a lot of slot receivers in college. I wrote at length in Mandatory Monday about the rationale of not lurching after receivers in the wake of Josh Gordon's potential suspension. That said, a team with injured Nate Burleson as its No. All of the wheeling and dealing ended the Browns' draft after the fourth round, which will make it hard for the new staff to put its stamp on the depth chart.

The lack of late-round picks is worrisome, but it is hard to quibble with the acquisition of first- fourth- and fifth-round picks in For a team with a novice general manager, the Browns glided around the first round smoothly, gathering the players they wanted at the precise slot where they wanted them.

The Browns were one receiver -- one measly fourth-round Jalen Saunders-caliber receiver -- away from getting an "Advanced" grade. The Browns signed five undrafted rookie receivers after the draft, but there was no good reason for the team to resort to dumpster diving in a class this deep.

The defense and lines should be rock solid, and Manziel will be fun once he takes the reins from Brian Hoyer, but the skill-position talent a strength this time last year looks like the pressure point where the Browns will buckle in Pittsburgh Steelers Finds Talent: But there is a reason NFL teams do not just draft sprinters and weight lifters.

Ryan Shazier and Dri Archer are faster than same-day delivery, and Stephon Tuitt and Daniel McCullers have their own beltways, but all have major flaws. The Steelers think they can solve their cornerback problems by adding linebackers. They think they can upgrade their offensive line by adding linebackers. They have not noticed how suddenly terrible they have become at identifying and developing linebackers.

The Steelers did zero trading, but they used supplemental picks to make serviceable additions to needy units. Shazier and Archer left the board too soon, in my opinion, but late picks of Bryant and McCullers made up for it.

Shazier is a speedy guy who runs around getting blocked. His tackling technique involves grabbing ball carriers near the shoulder pads and trying to ballroom dance them to the turf. Archer was a mid-major Chris Johnson impersonator who, while listed at wide receiver, fits nothing the Steelers traditionally try to do on offense. I envision him as the guy Todd Haley gives one carry per game. Tuitt is a high-risk gamble on greatness. McCullers looked like a mammoth run-stopper one rep out of three during Senior Bowl practices and could have been replaced with a sack of sugar in the other two.

Jordan Zumwalt is a taller, skinnier Shazier. The "Dick LeBeau will develop these guys" theory no longer holds water after three years of average-to-awful pass rushing. The Steelers need to do things differently, and they need immediate upgrades.

They got sent to the store for salad veggies, and they come home with mostly seedlings. Jadeveon Clowney and Louis Nix will be superlative on their best days; Bill O'Brien and Romeo Crennel are aware that they must decrease their number of worst days.

Laugh at Tom Savage's plummet from darling sleeper to fourth-rounder, but the kid can throw, hard. Xavier Su'a-Filo was the best true guard in the draft, while C. Fiedorowicz and Jay Prosch give O'Brien the opportunity to run two-back or two-tight end sets with versatile blocker-receivers for each.

Hmmm, great defensive personnel and an interception-prone veteran quarterback backed up by projects. Where have I seen this before? This is really an "incomplete" because there is chatter about a Ryan Mallet deal, and the chatter is among real insiders, not Boston sports-talk hosts on slow afternoons.