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Meet Uncle Hussain

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Nobody cares about the hard numbers of what offshore drilling will yield, vs. The world is full of all sorts of people. If you expect the president to only associate with the good ones, you're in for a rude awakening. Unless you can show me that Obama still hangs out with Ayers, or still takes counsil from Wright this just doesn't hold any water at all.

My parents end up voting Republican most of the time. They all just have a different idea of the role of the government in how our country is run. The higher taxes that Obama is referring to, will apply to some them - so they're looking out for their best interests.

But of course, if you get your info from McCain's TV ads than you'll believe that number to be much lower. Some of them also are doing it because the aborition debate is their big concern, and they prefer McCain's stance on that issue. I don't have a beef with any of them. They've all informed themselves from neutral sources and made a decision to vote for McCain. You on the other hand Did you try to look up how tire inflation affects your car's fuel efficiency?

Have you seen the political commentary on CNN? What and who exactly did you find to be favoring the Democrats? You're still complaining about his racist pastor? Did you look into McCain's top financial advisor - Phil Gramm? There's an answer to your complaints about gas prices. Obama does have experience as a politician at both state and the feceral levels. McCain has a TON of experience. But, that doesn't necessarily equate to good things. This means he has years of lobbyists who have funded his campaigns and he's gonna feel obligated to return the favor.

I do have one issue I don't agree with Obama.

Meet Uncle Hussain ft Black - Drama King (Unofficial MTV)

He wants to use incentive-based pay scale for teachers. That is a BAD idea. Stephen Dubner Author of "Freakonomics" tested this out in Chicago schools, where they found some of the teachers cheating and making it easy for their students to do well on their tests so they can make more money.

Anyways, do your homework if you don't want to get clowned.

Make sure you check the levels of plasma fluid in your TV. Isn't a big chunk of the oil we use come from overseas? I mean, with all of the terrorism going on I think it would be in our best interest to have our own oil. We are paying our enemies for oil.

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If we're paying our enemies for their oil, -they basically have us by the balls, right? Since we have a security interest in these countries, our decisions are being pulled to hold that interest in tact. Sounds crazy doesnt it? I wanna know what his big idea is. It is time for a change, but this man seems like hes going to be a puppet. In that same timeframe, the United States could easily secure its future energy needs by investing in other technologies. Besides all that, the additional oil gained from the offshore drilling, even at full production, will be a figurative drop in the bucket compared to what the United States is importing.

Every president elected since at least has been, more or less, a puppet. Jimmy Carter tried, unsuccessfully, to break the puppet strings. Character assassination and deliberate sabotage of his administration was the result of that.

The large multinational corporations are the entities actually in charge. There is no east and west. There is but one college of corporations". Those edited words were already true in when stated in the movie "Network", and are truer still today. Obama's rolling over on both warrantless wiretapping and offshore oil drilling in the last few weeks to me signals that the fix is in for his selection as the next President.

To me the symbolic nature of Obama's presidency is going to be the most important factor. Oil is the most energy efficient and economic resource available and theres plenty of it at our grasp. And in 10 years I doubt we will have figured out an efficient way to live without it.