Did elvis meet bruce lee

FACT CHECK: Bruce Lee and Elvis Presley in a Dojo

did elvis meet bruce lee

Michael, 16 then, was on his way up; Elvis, pushing 40 and terminally addicted, was on his way down. I am not sure about Bruce Lee or James. Then he said, “Here, take this too, it's a film of Bruce Lee. Elvis had one unusual quality: he did not feel physical pain and this made him part of the karate guys. Quite possible. It is reported that Elvis was to appear in a movie Lee was planning and that some scenes were actually filmed. However, it seems strange that no.

Over the next decade and a half, Elvis was awarded advancing black belt degrees, and in time was granted an honorary 7th degree black belt.

did elvis meet bruce lee

He even opened his own martial arts school back in Memphis, 'The Tennessee Karate Institute', where Bill Wallace was the chief instructor. Elvis' love for martial arts permeated his career in music and movies, where he'd often demonstrate his self-defense moves.

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I'll never forget seeing him perform in Las Vegas which I'll detail in a momentwhere he kicked, punched, postured and even did the splits holding his guitar in hand! Several of his films demonstrate the influence of karate in his life, including 'G. Teaching Priscilla martial arts While they were still married, Priscilla called me to say she wanted to study karate with me. We had been introduced by Ed Parker at a tournament.

I asked her why she didn't study with Ed, to which she replied, 'Ed can't teach me because he is Elvis' private trainer as well as his personal bodyguard. Priscilla came to her private lesson wearing a gi a martial arts training uniform. She worked hard, and I soon discovered she was serious about her training. We would start her lessons with stretching exercises to loosen and warm up the muscles.

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She was quick to learn some basic kicks. Priscilla had studied ballet, which gave her an edge over many students, because she was already limber and able to execute high kicks with ease. Within a month she was able to kick anywhere I directed with force and precision. When we started free-style sparring a free exchange of blows, blocks and counterattacks until a cleanly executed assault to a vital point is madeI tried to put a boxer's head-guard on her.

Although most students welcomed the face protection, Priscilla scorned it.

did elvis meet bruce lee

I remember her responding as she rejected the offer to wear it, 'I won't have one of these on in the streets. Priscilla has many of the qualities I value in a person.

Chuck Norris : Elvis, Priscilla, martial arts and me

She is open and has a positive attitude toward life. She was a great reflection in yesteryear of what we see today - women training and competing with equal diligence and fortitude to men. He started studying the art there.

Back in the US, he continued training. Elvis Presley with Ed Parker Elvis loved the art, and constantly surrounded himself with martial artist friends. Elvis had one unusual quality: It was they he trusted. Karate also bled over into how Elvis staged his concert presentations. He also demonstrated karate in many of his films. Back to the story: Elvis was just getting up and was dressed in pajama bottoms, covered with a karate uniform top with a robe over it.

The next day Waite received a call from Elvis.

did elvis meet bruce lee

Elvis asked Waite and his girlfriend to come to Vegas as his guest. He also introduced other guests including Charlton Heston.

Elvis entertained with a short karate demonstration and then asked Waite to take over. He told me to take the check downstairs and get it cashed so I could start the project immediately. The participants were not paid, and many people volunteered their time. The film was shot over a year and one half period. Parker and Waite led the team. It is one of classic matches of all times in sport karate.

Fights were hard and there was a lot of contact.

Bruce Lee and Elvis Presley in a Dojo?

In another segment US Champion Dan Anderson is seen receiving a front kick to the face, in slow motion, which levels him. George Waite produced the film and it was directed by Robert Hammer.

They enlisted some of the best available talent at that time for this film. Elvis contributed custom-made red, white and blue karate uniforms for the team.

did elvis meet bruce lee

They were flown in from Japan. In January or February ofWaite relates, Elvis called from Memphis to get a film crew to cover him giving awards and a demo. After looking at it hard, however, we decided it was not suitable for the film.

The original 40 hours of film we shot had been edited down to four hours of rough takes and shown to Elvis, and later edited down again to two hours.

did elvis meet bruce lee

Then he died not long afterward. Elvis was also the heart and soul and driving force behind the project as he called us nearly every day to see how the progress was coming along. He really was deeply involved in the project since he loved martial arts and would do anything to promote it.

It sat in storage, and then Waite took the footage home and stored it in the back of his pickup truck where it sat for the next 14 years.