Diary of a wimpy kid dog days meet rodrick

diary of a wimpy kid dog days meet rodrick

He appeared in all of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series books. seen using a music player in Rodrick Rules and a cell phone in a flashback in Dog Days, girl that he met at the Isla de Corales resort in the book The Getaway. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days is also the last film in the series to feature the the family meets Lenwood Heath, a former trouble-making friend of Rodrick who . Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more. When I first saw Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules, I was very impressed, After having seen the film, I am really longing for meeting you all in California.

I feel the need to reiterate this fact; I am a faithful fan to the book series Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

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I have been since it made its debut on the FunBrain website, where you had to scroll through a formal calendar and see what the main character Greg Heffley experienced day-by-day.

Then came the novel, with its notebook-paper designed pages, the adolescent handwriting style, and the simplistic doodles at the bottom of each page vividly illustrating the above passage of text.

They were keenly written treasures. The films are deplorable.

diary of a wimpy kid dog days meet rodrick

This one merges two of the series' novels, which were the third book, The Last Straw, and its follow-up, Dog Days, and that is perfectly fine with me. The less of these I have to sit through the better.


Our film begins with Greg Heffley again, reprised by Zachary Gordon and his family attending a water-park just a day before the last day of school. Greg is held responsible for his youngest brother, Manny, who we see wash his hands with a urinal cake within the first few minutes of the film.

diary of a wimpy kid dog days meet rodrick

We then see a crowded pool of people, some eating pizza and dropping it in the water, and when Manny later invites Greg to play with him in a smaller pool, he informs him that he is peeing in the water as they speak, as well as the other young children. You can see where this is directly headed. The remainder of the film follows the simple plot of Greg, again, mooching of his best friend Rowley Robert Capron into being his guest at a country club.

diary of a wimpy kid dog days meet rodrick

Because his father Steve Zahn wants him to lay off the video games, Greg impulsively lies to his parents and says he is currently working there. His older brother Rodrick Devon Bostick quickly sees through his lie, and Greg informs that the there are many perks to this country club, including his crush, Holly Peyton Listwho frequents the venue working as a tennis instructor for the young.

Rodrick has a crush on Holly's sixteen year old sister who looks about twenty or twenty-one, but don't they allso as long as Greg agrees to sneak him in whenever he wants, he won't say anything.

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One of the film's many subplots is that on the last day of school, Holly is eagerly signing everyone's yearbook and Greg wants her to sign her phone number in his. He politely asks her, she does so, but is distracted by a swarm of students fleeing school after the final bell and does not write down the final two digits of her number.

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He tries to call home using his Ladybug phone, but the phone rejects the call, and after he inadvertently callsthe police arrive, almost leading to the arrest of Rowley's father, who sends home Greg in disgust. Rowley and Greg quickly make up, but Rowley is unable to attend the club, forcing Greg to sneak in again. One morning, Frank drops Greg off, only to be confronted by Rowley's father: When Frank attempts to explain the situation, the clerk informs him that the club does not employ minors, and Greg is exposed.

As a result, when he receives a Spag Union disc in the mail, he fears he will be sent there. Their troop proves weak compared to Frank's boss, Stan's, troop. After a Camp story and Greg continues to mess things up Frank tells him that everyone messes up, after the boys overhear Stan and his troop insulting Frank, Greg attempts to set up a plan for revenge by using traps, and finds out that Stan's troop has been using electric and other appliances including pre-cooked meals and portable TV 's rather than actually camping.

Stan arrives at the tent, Greg manages to escape while Stan accidentally throws his own tent into the campfire, and Greg admits he was responsible but his friends tell him that he did it to defend his honor.

Frank, having lost his respect for Stan, then confronts him with the electronic conveniences although he was jealous of Stan throughout the movieand Stan runs into Greg's trap, leaving him humiliated.

Frank reveals that he never liked camping anyway, and decides not to send Greg to Spag Union, much to Greg's surprise and delight. Frank gives Greg advice about learning from mistakes and taking responsibilities, and the two ultimately learn that they're actually much more alike than they originally thought.

diary of a wimpy kid dog days meet rodrick

However, Rodrick accidentally knocks over a huge ice sculpture of Heather, which results in her losing her temper and accidentally smashing a chocolate fountain with a microphone standsplashing chocolate all over her and her friend Madison, and the party ends in disaster.