Breaking bad face off bomb scene meet

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breaking bad face off bomb scene meet

This time it's staff writer Ralph Jones, with Breaking Bad's 'Face Off'. After a superbly funny bit in which Walt carries the magnetic bomb into a hospital in a lady's In addition to featuring some of the best moments of drama, 'Face Off' boasts the funniest scene in the entire show. We're safe,” he says. "Face Off" is the thirteenth episode and season finale of the fourth season of the American but at the meeting, Hector just curses at Hank through his interpreter and is Before Gus can escape, the bomb explodes, blowing the door off Hector's Vince Gilligan explains that the scene where Walt calls his neighbor to . And in indulging that emotional need, he met his end. .. But yeah it kind of upsets me when Breaking Bad gets unrealistic:/ I know it's a TV show, but I love the realism. . And the episode was called "Face Off", ewwwww! Looking at the scene again, Gus gets on his feet as soon as the bomb goes off.

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Walt watches Gus Fring, using what can only be a sixth sense, walk away from his car, which was on the verge of being obliterated by a bomb Walt had planted on its underside. A pause there to reflect on the comic timing of Mr Bryan Lee Cranston. We need no reminding that Walt is human but to be reminded that this genius can come so ludicrously unstuck is the lemon juice of light relief this particular televisual pancake needs.

Though Walt knows that Hector hates him, he realises that this hate is only surpassed by the hate he has for Gus. With this leverage, Walt convinces Hector to lay a trap: In reality, Hector has told Hank to suck his dick.

breaking bad face off bomb scene meet

And so begins a quite exquisite dance as Walt pulls at strings with the precision and finesse of a master puppeteer. Gus, as cool as you like, an iceberg in the desert, enters the room. One last stand-off between two mortal enemies. Tyrus pulls out a syringe.

breaking bad face off bomb scene meet

Sitting close to Hector, the old man still looking at anything but Gus, Gus cradles the syringe and looks with contempt at his crippled foe. Gus leans in and glances at Hector before inserting the syringe. And, at the last, Hector looks straight at Gus. He face is flooded with what looks like remorse.

This floors Gus — some kind of reconciliation, perhaps? A last-ditch olive branch?

breaking bad face off bomb scene meet

He is rigged up to a bomb, Gus realises. With the first real display of emotion we can remember him conveying, Gus yells in horror, lifting himself instinctively out of his chair.

An alarm cries and debris lies strewn about the dusty floor. And then Gus walks out. The fucker has survived a bomb that must basically have blown up directly into his face. There is no killing this scuuuuuuuuumbag. Gilligan, this is implausible, buddy, whatcha playing at!? The bomb did blow up in his face.

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It blew up his face. Half of it has been ripped off, the right side of it now a red cavity. There is a huge gaping hole where his eye once was. Fuck off this is gruesome and cool. Gus adjusts his tie: A glazed look comes over him. He slumps to his knees. Gilligan, Sir, I take it back. That was entirely plausible. In an airport parking lot, Walt smiles the most relieved smile of his life.

Apparently it was a common garden flower called Lily of the Valley? A moment later, everything is coming up Walt, and our hero tells Skyler there is nothing to worry about anymore. But then… Oh boy. Then comes the kicker — the zoom to beat all zooms hitherto and hereafter.

The grandmother of all zooms. Walt reminds Hector that the bomb will kill him too, but the old man is determined to have his revenge against Gus, even at the cost of his own life. Tyrus inspects Hector's room for anything suspicious but finds it safe for Gus' visit, failing to spot Walter just outside.

Meanwhile, Jesse is released from police custody after Brock's diagnosis reveals that he was not poisoned by ricin. He is immediately kidnapped by Gus' thugs and brought to the lab to cook the next batch of meth.

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Gus enters Hector's room and berates him for supposedly being a coward and asks Hector to finally look at him, which is something Hector had always refused to do during Gus' taunting visits. As Gus prepares to inject Hector with a syringe of poison, Hector finally looks at him for the first time in years; first remorsefully, and then with rage in his eyes before ringing his bell numerous times. At first Gus and Tyrus are confused, but Gus then realizes the bell is connected to the bomb that has been fitted under Hector's wheelchair.

Before Gus can escape, the bomb explodes, blowing the door off Hector's room and instantly killing Hector and Tyrus. Gus then walks out of the room's remains seemingly unharmed and calmly adjusts his tie.

breaking bad face off bomb scene meet

But as nursing home staff rush to the site of the blast, it is revealed that half of Gus' face and scalp have been completely torn off before he falls to the floor and dies. Walter hears the news of the explosion on the radio and is relieved that his plan has worked. He then heads to the lab, kills Gus' two henchmen stationed there, and frees Jesse.

breaking bad face off bomb scene meet

Knowing that Hank is closing in on the lab, Walt and Jesse burn it down. Later, Jesse tells Walter that Brock will live, that he was poisoned by lily of the valley berries, which children sometimes eat because of their sweet taste.

Although Jesse questions killing Gus, since Gus never poisoned Brock after all, Walter assures Jesse that it had to be done.