Asian people meet in state college pa

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asian people meet in state college pa

Pennsylvania State University professor Sam Richards touched After asking his students to look at one Asian and one White student of. Meet the Head of the Asian Studies Department The annual “Penn State Summer Institute in Asian Studies” just completed the for collaborative scholarship and exchange for faculty and graduate students. University Park, PA As a student at Penn State, I've heard whispers around campus that some women job from an Asian country who visited town on business frequently. The Internet has made meeting people easier than ever, but this brings.

This is part of what makes the culture at PSU so dull. Most PSU students are from Pennsylvania, since out of state tuition is so high. It seems to me that there are actually more international students than there are out of state students. In that way there is a kind of balance between conservative students and liberal students although most students are really pretty passive about politics, etchowever religious there are a number of pretty loud Christian activists roaming campus that keep the campus from feeling completely balanced.

One is famous for "preaching" outside one particular building virtually every day, others come and go with Bibles and billboards and handouts. If the thought of these people stepping on your toes makes you uncomfortable, it's probably worth noting that these are the only people who actually suceed at touching a nerve with a regular number of college students - and actually providing the rest of us with something to watch that's not on TV or at a party.

Junior There is a lot of diversity within Penn State's student body. You can probably find someone from just about every country in the world without much effort. However, the chances of you actually becoming good friends with them are pretty slim, the ethnic groups like to pretty much stick together. It is certainly not uncommon to see people from different backgrounds hanging out, but it is more common to see them together.

The campus is definitely not racist at all; it probably just has a lot to do with language barriers and personal comfort zones. Besides the diversity of ethnicities, there are people from all sorts of backgrounds. We have obviously rich kids, obviously not rich kids, kids that make it hard to tell, sorority girls, frat boys, nerds, jocks, and ultra friendly kids just to name a few.

asian people meet in state college pa

Chances are you'll find your niche right away. Again, Penn State definitely has a community that fits your needs, guaranteed.

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You make it what you want it to be. Much of the student body is from Pennsylvania. However, I wouldn't say most as I have probably met at least one person from every state, and like I mentioned, it doesn't take a whole lot of searching to find someone from a different country. As for what to wear on campus, pretty much anything goes. I've seen kids who wear nothing but sweat pants and hoodies, and girls who wear heals every day I'm not quite sure how they do it, we have a very hilly campus.

In general, jeans and a t-shirt is pretty acceptable. There isn't a whole lot that can go wrong with that ensemble. You will see girls in Uggz throughout the entire school year. Those are a pretty standard staple as well. Many of the guys do make fun of them, but that really doesn't seem to be bothersome to them. Senior Conversations I have had with members of my fellowship and other friends here at school have been far more intellectual than any I have ever had anywhere else.

Political conversation is a great example. When most people discuss the current presidential candidates here, they have information to back up what they say. There are many people, of course, with no interest in the campaign who don't know much about it, but for those who are interested, they also make it a priority to be informed. Discussions with friends that aren't in college are typically of a different nature.

I appreciate being able to discuss issues with people who can back up what they say. People here are informed. It is unfortunate that this isn't a general rule for the college. Of course all political science majors keep current with information of this nature, but many college students barely know who is still in the running.

I have found that this semester, I have had an impact on some of my friends in this area. It has generated an incredible interest in the campaign for me. As a result I have researched the candidates and can now hold intelligible conversation about them and their views and I can back up my opinions with the facts I have learned.

By sparking some of these conversations with friends, I have taught them a little bit about different candidates and even encouraged at least one person to look up their own information and form their own opinions. Junior I don't think any person could feel out of place at Penn State unless they really wanted to. You can go to class in whatever you want. I've seen kids in pajamas and bathrobes, girls in dresses and high heels, fishnet stockings, Ugg boots, sweatshirts and sweatpants, tie-dyes, pinks, or head to toe black.

You can speak in whatever language you would like. I love walking to classes and hearing Spanish, Russian, Chinese and I am completely jealous I have an excruciating time learning other languages. You can be a Democrat, Republican, or a Green Party supporter though I know many who opt out of politics.

Go join a frat or sorority if it suits you just don't be surprised at the stereotypes that follow. At Penn State, you can be whoever you are and still fit right in.

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Growing up in Erie, PA, my worldview of other individuals was a bit narrow. My parents were raised in Erie, my entire extended family lives there a fact I really loveand most of my friends' parents greet me with, "You act just like your dad when you were his age! I got to get out of the bubble I was raised in and was exposed to people who I never would have met in other circumstances. Junior There is certainly a dominant persona of a Penn State student.

The majority of students are white, from a middle class backround, and from an area of Pennsylvania. Despite the abundance of people who fit those categories, Penn State does still include other minorities, economic and social groups.

I believe that economically Penn State is mostly middle class because of its tuition rates. I have friends that are both white and black, but I've never ran into racial or social problems. Most students, despite their differences, seem to find friends who support and appreciate them in college, and tensions become less apparent.

asian people meet in state college pa

Penn State students are intelligent and I believe that the education students recieve helps transcend boundaries of race, religion, etc. Penn State is a place where if a problem exists, students have the means and opportunity to voice that. Penn State students are greatly open to change and work hard for it. This past year, we had events that ranged from sweatshop protests to Amnesty International marches.

Penn State students are active in their rights and that is one thing I am certainly proud of. Junior Though they call PSU very diverse, it's about as diverse as you can get within the middle of Penn-tuckey. The only downside to the diversity is the fact that in general, most racial diversity is nulled by the non-mixing of groups.

Asians always hang out with Asians, Blacks with blacks, indians with indians, whites with whites. Every once in a while you'll find an anomaly however you never see large mixed groups. The student body is noted for it's parties, frats are solid so long as you stay away from some of the large ones downtown.

A lust for speed: Young, rich and Chinese in rural America

Frat land across from campus will actually give you drinks and be nice to you if you're a guest, where as downtown frats look at you simply as a liability. Politically, we're pretty liberal I suppose, but it's not way off kilter, it's probably about or liberal-conservative. Either way, you get some pretty intense arguments when opposites want to. As far as converstations go, most of the time you talk about the party or upcoming weekend, we're very good at dividing academia and social interactions, creating a very relaxed weekend, and a very good learning environment during the week.

Junior Our student population is incredibly diverse. A lot of people in China are making new money so they want to buy luxury things. They want to try all the new things. High-spending Chinese students often serve as unofficial opinion leaders for their friends back home, and brands have done everything they can to capitalise on their new found purchasing power.

View image of "A lot of people in China A recent report from the Brookings Institution found that nine of the 25 American universities with the highest Chinese populations belong to the Big Ten, a group of 14 universities, primarily located in the Midwest. During the recession these large, mostly public, universities in Middle America heavily recruited international students whose substantially higher tuitions help subsidise their American peers. Enrolment has snowballed ever since. The University of Iowa, for example, leapfrogged from fewer than Chinese students in to nearly 3, in The impact of this dramatic shift — including the influx of luxury cars in campus parking lots — has made headlines across America.

View image of Not far from the University of Iowa campus, crops outnumber people.