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american meet deedles

In Meet the Deedles comedy and chaos collide in the lives of twin brothers, Phil and Stew . American Humane Association monitored the animal action on set. Meet The Deedles (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) album cover. Edit Master –Homie Featuring Rivers Cuomo From Weezer*, American Girls, All of which is a torturous way to explain "Meet the Deedles," a movie with no other ambition than to The story involves twin brothers Stew and Phil Deedle ( Steve Van Wormer and Paul Walker), American Renegades.

american meet deedles

Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. January Learn how and when to remove this template message Phil Deedle Paul Walker and Stew Deedle Steve Van Wormer are two fraternal twin brothers who are complete surf bums living in Hawaii off of their wealthy single father, Elton Eric Braeden.

After the two decide to skip school to go on a surfing expedition with friends for their 18th birthday, the twins are expelled for truancy and knocking a truancy officer into the ocean. Elton has become tired of their lazy lifestyle and thus decides to ship them to a boot camp to straighten them out.

The boys are horrified, as the camp is located in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.

american meet deedles

The boys arrive in Wyoming ill prepared for the far-cooler weather, dressed in shorts, flip-flops and hula shirts. They attract the attention of a small crowd when they summon a remote controlled crate containing a minibar that they use to create hula drinks. Flowers becomes distracted in describing his plan and fails to pay attention to the road, eventually driving over the edge of a hillside and crashing into a river after an incident that caused some circus animals to escape from a circus truck.

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After, they begin to hike towards the park's main entrance, finding some of their gear and deciding to land-luge down a long hill with their minibar remotely in tow. After the incident the boys are carted off to the Ranger medical center and nursed back to health and decide to assume the false identities as it appears to be a one-way ticket to success and favor of their father. The boys find it difficult to live in their new identities, as the park rangers have already learned that the "real" Mel and Mo are foragers, thus the boys are forced to adapt to a diet that includes insects, worms, and various greens.

Because of their dimwitted nature, the boys do not click well with the commanding park ranger, Captain Pine John Ashtonalthough Phil has the hots for his stepdaughter Lt.

Meet the Deedles

It chronicled the lives of deep, yet shallow-acting characters. They were entertaining to see on screen; the situations they got into even more so.

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But alas, there is none of this obvious humor in the most heinous rip-off of Bill and Ted to this day, "Meet the Deedles.

To cash in on a once-was film franchise. Bill and Ted's two adventures were time-pieces; a look into the eighties. But one can see why this technique failed in the sequel, "Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey," because by then audiences had grown weary of eighties teenagers in heinous situations. Film companies should have learned then that while Bill and Ted were once good, and always will be, MORE of the same kind is tiring.

They tried a lot of films in the same tradition, but they all flopped.

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The original is the only thing worth seeing again; not sequels or rip-offs, because their time has passed. But "Meet the Deedles" ignores this and gives the audience something about ten years too late for its own good.

It really does neither. One day Stew and Phil are hanging beneath a balloon being towed above the Hawaiian surf, while being pursued by a truant officer on a Jet Ski. When they reach ground, their millionaire father Eric Braeden realizes he must put a plan of his own into action: Send the two surf-bums to Camp Broken Spirit, a monthlong experience in outdoor living that will turn them into men.

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Through a series of truly mind-numbing and brain-tumbling actions, the Twin Deedle Dudes, who may as well be referred to as Bill and Ted, are mistaken for park ranger recruits upon their arrival at camp. They come under the command of Ranger Pine John Ashtonand stumble onto the solution to a mysterious infestation of prairie dogs. Where do I start?

Perhaps I'll tell you why millions of them are scurrying about. It's quite simple, really.

american meet deedles

An evil former ranger named Slater Dennis Hopper has trained them to burrow out a cavern around Old Faithful, allowing him to redirect the geyser's boiling waters in the direction of New Faithful, to which he plans to sell tickets.