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Estamos vivos con ganas de amarnos, de la vida enamorados A-, C, G, C Taita .. G, Fmaj7, E ama todo como a ti mismo A-, G, Fmaj7, G ama a tu hermano como a ti .. E7, A- Y en nosotros nuestros muertos pa' que nadie quede atrás. _ G, D, E-, C! _For is it any wonder how we should meet here in this song G, D, E-. Mismo Gymnastics in Missoula Montana is so excited to be hosting the Mismo Magical Meet. This is a USAG sanctioned, international meet open to. where he or she meets spirits, ancestors, and all kinds of forces, as well as the spirits of animals and . En el mismo Río Mishagua, lejos del ruido. De aviones.

He carries his team on his back by not carrying the other team on his back. Which takes us to 14… We love that Brazilian flow Marcelito. The Queen B of the team I admire his plays and most of all his assists. A lot of people loved to hate Jose Mourinho, but I have grand respect for the man. He is very calm during the game and takes out his frustrations on his chewing gum, Sir Alex Ferguson style.

He also has a beautiful Spanish beard that deserves admiration. However, the man adds some mocha caramel flavor to the pitch with his beautiful skin and Spanish beard. Ronaldo may buy his outside clothes at the Baby Gap, but there is nothing manlier than when he is wearing his uniform on the pitch or a fitted GQ-style suit.

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Same goes for the others. No wonder the Spanish needed to invent fans. Players and their kids We love hot men and we love children so obviously when we see them both we get weak in our knees. Ramos y Daniela niece: Messi will get the glory even though he basically did nothing. Which leads me to However, when it comes down to it, he never does much with Argentina like today. Jealousy always gets the best of us after all. We love to hate him, but it only encourages him.

Yet, he persevered and as the goals came around for ManU, so did the fans. Some people show their competitiveness in different ways, just like some coaches are calm during the games and some go cray. Ronaldo is obviously competitive.

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He gets angry during the game and it shows. He gets mad at himself. It is a return to the theme of a future unrealized, a present that is only regret: In some part, throughout the other melencholy, there existed, had always existed a young, indecisive man, lacking much future, tormented by the idea of the future, who carried his name and got cold on the freeways of the continent.

The richness in his writing can also be found in his narration. Los viajes de Anatalia is a journey of a rich family to an unknown country at the point of war.

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It was the flavor of an early 20th century escape from an eastern country, the wealthy, both oblivious and self entitled, caring on until the end comes suddenly.

One cloud easily see the characters as a Russian family. Even Anatalia in Spanish means one from the east. But there is more—a sense of melancholy, of a past that is slipping away and yet was never was. Los deseos son futuros incumplidos. Todo parece indicar que nuestros antepasados tambien abrigaron deseos humanos, razonables, y todos ellos desaparecieron sin dejar rastro.

Desires are unreliable futures. Everything appears to indicate that our ancestors also had human desires, reasonable ones, and all of them disapeared without leaving a trace. A galery of beautiful and amusing dead.

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In that atmosphere, amongst the loss, the disconnection, the fragments the characters also disappear in all senses. And when Anatalia waves goodbye to her family in the empty train station, it is more than metaphorical her disappearance.

The dissolution is complete. Several stories, including the title story, are about coming of age or looking at the world through the eyes of a child. La vida interminente The Intermittent Life is a form of love story between two teeneaged students. Tizon plays with the idea of young romance from the begining: Did they fall in love because they were in the same class or were they in the same clase because they loved each other?

He lived the life of a gas station owner, a dairy farm owner, an AMC Renault Dealer, he built an Equestrian RV Park in the desert of Nevada -all solar powered and even sailed a boat all over the place just like a pirate. He was just a crazy guy who became a millionaire in his lifetime and left a legacy of deeds and memories but no money. Money is not where real fortune lies.

The real fortune is in living life to the fullest and imprinting on those around you. I'm here in Portland following my dreams and my crazy grandfather is watching with a pirate smile. The spirit of our ancestors is always with us. I'm very thankful to be able to work with such amazing and talented people. It took a while but, I have accepted that I am magic not meant for Everyone to understand, So they question. I will stay in my lane, Being all magical n shit!