417 man cave and gun swap meet

Events and activities in Kansas City for 8 January

The BEST place to buy/sell/trade guy stuff and the largest community of. Country Boy" -The Fairmounters came out last night to the Man Cave Admin meeting. Other events this month is our 2nd annual Shrine N Dales, male comedy dance Papillion Gun Club .. 81st Annual CSSA Convention in Branson,. Missouri. .. The theme is Man Cave & Lady Cave. .. . Sequiota Cave Boat Tours, 10 a.m., Sequiota Park Pavilion, S. Lone .. A variety of vendors displaying guns, hunting supplies, military . 7th Annual KOZL Man Show Expo, noon-9 p.m., Springfield.

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Proceeds help to preserve and maintain the National Automobile Museum.


Unfortunately, pre-event ticket sales were too low to proceed. Over 3, cars and trucks--all years American made and powered vehicles welcome Plus exhibits, huge swap meet, cars for sale corral, entertainment, special Veteran's day celebration activities, Goodguys Autocross racing competition, special parking areas on Saturday, model car show, pinstripers brush bash and more.

Parking and Admission is Free for buyers. Event starts at 5AM and usually ends around Noon. Voices for Change this history symposium offers an in-depth examination of the s decade with educational and entertaining programs by national and local scholars, historians and authors.

Show Cars will be displayed in our spacious and shady back yard. A variety of vehicles entered into the judging contest are from many of the local car clubs and are presented for your viewing pleasure. This year we are anticipating or more cars and some car parts and merchandise vendor booths.

For those early risers wanting to enter their cars early to get the best shady parking spots, we recommend that you REGISTER early and arrive around sun rise.

Live entertainment, vendor booths, and festival foods available for purchase, come one come all tour the Motte Historical Museum enjoy the show in the parking lot. Car show enthusiasts please register in advance the show fills up early fee: For an application or more information please call or visit the website for a printable application.

Also, the festival is a great place to bring the family. Presented by Woodland Street Cruisers. All Cars be parked by 12 Noon. Must be Registered to Cruise. Limited to first Cars. In fact most of the movie was filmed in Petaluma, Ca in the summer of Come and join us as we celebrate the fact that American Graffiti was filmed on the same streets that the car show is on.

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Starting on May 18th and ending on May 20th with a big car show. How about cruising those streets? Well starting at 4pm, we open those streets up to cruising, that's right, you can cruise the same streets that Milner and Falfa did in the movie. Registration forms can be down loaded at www. Don't wait as registration fills up quickly. Don't be square, be there! Please email nicolem downtownfordsales.

It is open to all years and models and there is NO entry fee. Other activities include a rodeo and horse show, kids activities,and a parade which is optional for car owners. Maxwell is located about 1 hour north of Sacramento on I Union Rd in front of Golf CourseManteca. That's the Marine Parkway Ralston Ave. Moving from Feodosia, the Soviet 63rd Mountain Infantry Division established a roadblock by the morning of 31 December and after a brief fight, the 46th took a detour cross country through a narrow kilometer gap between the lead Soviet elements and the Sea of Azov.

The 46th avoided encirclement, but suffered moderate equipment losses and light personnel casualties. It established a new defensive line to the east of Islam Terek. The bombers were unsuitable for airborne operations and the Soviet paratroopers were too dispersed for decisive action.

Sponeck was relieved of his command on 29 December for insubordination and court-martialed in Germany three weeks later. Infanterie-Division forfeit of soldierly honor. Decorations and promotions are in abeyance until countermanded.

The 51st Army had four rifle divisions ashore and liberated the eastern Kerch Peninsula on 1 January. The Soviets advanced only 10 kilometers in three days after landing at Feodosia on 29 December. Their failure to cut off the 46th Infantry Division and destroy the Romanian brigades was criticized by Manstein as a missed Soviet opportunity to destroy the entire 11th Army. The Soviet forces involved in the Kerch-Feodosia landing operation from 26 December through 2 January lost 41, men, including 32, killed or captured and 9, wounded or sick.

It conducted no offensive action against the 46th Infantry Division aside from minor static warfare raiding. Its task was to hold the line against the 51st Army. Manstein also diverted the XXX Corps under Generalmajor Maximilian Fretter-Pico from the siege of Sevastopol to lead a counteroffensive composed of four Axis divisions that were in place by 13 January.

The objective was to recapture Feodosia and throw the 44th Army off balance. Luftwaffe reinforcements poured in to meet Manstein's demand for air support and a new Special Staff Crimea was created under the command Robert Ritter von Greim to lead operations in the peninsula. Supported by the battleship Parizhskaya Kommunathe cruiser Krasnyi Krym and four destroyers, the Soviets quickly dispersed the small Romanian garrison in the town with naval gunfire.

After wading ashore, the Soviet regiment sat tight and entrenched itself. Manstein correctly saw the operation as a distraction and sent only a token watch force to keep the Soviets occupied.

The Germans used their airpower and artillery to reduce the Soviet force through attrition warfare.

The KOZL Man Show Expo | March 15 & 16,

The th Rifle Regiment had no supporting artillery, anti-tank armament or mortars and could not fight back. XXX Corps deployed more reinforcements to crush the Soviet units and by 28 January the battle was over. Fretter-Pico tasked a Romanian mountain infantry battalion with mopping up operations, which continued for five months until June.

He was awarded the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross on 17 January and is seen wearing it on this 25 February photo. The Soviet th Rifle Division's forward security zone was 20 kilometers west of Feodosia and the main line of resistance ran atop a major ridge 15 kilometers from the town.

At daybreak on 15 January, He medium bombers and Stuka dive bombers began attacking the Soviet positions on the ridge and were preceded by a quick artillery preparation.

German bombers located the 44th Army headquarters, destroyed it and severely wounded its commander, throwing the Soviet leadership into chaos. The Germans achieved complete surprise and swiftly overran the Soviet positions. The StuGs knocked out two T tanks but lost one of their own to a Soviet

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  • Hudsonville Showcase: A Women's Expo & Mancave
  • Battle of the Kerch Peninsula