Young apprentice meet the candidates 2012

Young Apprentice Meet this year's 12 candidates | Metro News

young apprentice meet the candidates 2012

Had you forgotten Katie started life as an Apprentice candidate? . Total babe Tom narrowly missed out on winning the series because. Young Apprentice Meet the candidates. Get to know the young businesspeople who'll be competing in the third series of Lord Sugar's. "I have the heart of a lioness and will take apart anybody that tries to mess with me": Watch funny video introduction to Young Apprentices.

young apprentice meet the candidates 2012

I warmed to Andrew as soon as I heard his Yorkshire accent and laughed when he described himself as a charmer. His Chances of Winning: Without having seen him at work it's hard to say but going from the audition video alone I'd say he was one of the strongest candidates.

Currently works two jobs but in the past has held down four. Ashleigh comes across as the grafter of the group and if she was a male contestant I bet Lord Sugar would refer to her as a ditch-digger.

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She's also incredibly frank and down-to-Earth qualities that could bode well on a competition in which so many people seem a little stuck-up. To me she's a candidate who will always pull their weight in tasks but may crumble when making decisions as project manager.

Makes an income tutoring children but also has a paper round. Kenyan-born David certainly believes himself to be a natural leader though the fact he describes himself as a dictator is slightly worrying. He also believes that he the ladies love him thinking that he'll be able to flirt with Karren in order for her to give a glowing report to Lord Sugar. Going from his video he certainly thinks a lot of himself so I'm sure Sugar will want to take him down a peg or two and possibly fire him at the first opportunity.

Runs her own cake business based on her passion for baking. Lucy certainly is ambitious but the fact she says she's not a back-stabber and wants to make people feel relaxed around her is certainly refreshing. She also describes herself as being quirky and it's fair to say that the big characters often stay around in the competition for a little while as they make good TV. I honestly think she'll do well and she is also fairly reminiscent of last year's winner Zara. She helps out in her father's hotel but also sells designer goods online.

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Northern Irish Maria comes across as very feisty in her audition video though that's not always a good thing. While she's able to stand up for herself she also admits when she's in the wrong a quality that could be a mistake if she's one of the final three in the boardroom.

Young Apprentice 2012: Meet this year’s 12 candidates

Sometimes being overly confident rubs other candidates up the wrong way and if she says the wrong thing to Lord Sugar then she could find herself being fired quite early on. Max's charisma shines through on his audition video where he says he's not someone who shouts over everyone else which is a refreshing trait on a show like this.

He also comes across as quite quirky through his love of opera and ballet while freely admitting that he doesn't want to be normal. If he is able to stick to what he says in the video then I well believe that Max is one of the favourites to win the competition. Navdeep is a budding politician and is the former UK's young ambassador for the Global Campaign for Education.

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Navdeep claims that she doesn't need a strategy to win The Apprentice which makes me believe that she's never seen the programme before. She also claims that she's a hard task-master and will hopefully teach Lord Sugar to be nicer to little kids, good luck with that one. There's a mix of characters taking part this year, including a vintage clothing trader, a former fish and chip shop worker and an egg seller.

young apprentice meet the candidates 2012

The candidates are as follows: Alice Smith, age Already showing entrepreneurial spirit by selling free-range eggs from the chickens on her father's farm.

Also a waitress and golf shop worker. Patrick McDowell, age Fashion designer who runs his own clothing label and creates accessories for women.

He is the youngest person ever to be named 'Young Textiles Designer of the Year', aged Sean Spooner, age Set up his own magazine at just 14 and was named the World's Youngest Publisher. He's planning to launch a new men's magazine at the end of this year. Steven Cole, age A serial entrepreneur who started his first business aged just Amy Corrigan, age Is a sports fanatic and has aspirations to own her own nightclub in London.

Andrew Tindall, age Works in a care home in his spare time and aims to set up his own bio-technology company.