Video detective com meet the spartans trailer 2008 make well

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video detective com meet the spartans trailer 2008 make well

| Trailer From $ (SD) on Prime Video Create a list» Common in Wanted () Morgan Freeman and Angelina Jolie in Wanted () Thomas and James McAvoy in Wanted () James McAvoy at an event for Wanted ( ) .. The title appears as a headline on a newspaper well into the movie. February 28, You can also watch the new Iron Man trailer in High Definition on MySpace . I am pretty excited for TDK as well but I am a Marvel man and Iron Man ha salways . Make a video game out of it and call it Tribes meets Ironman. . movies) that Bruce Wayne/Batman was the "best detective that ever lived. These films don't even make the so bad they're good category. And to heighten our anticipation still further, the trailer packed three solid laughs. . was the worst film Mark Wahlberg starred in in , well, you'd be right, .. The makers of Meet the Spartans, however, thought it would be funny to pair

But with the addition of crude racial stereotyping of all races and a fatal lack of funny, this goes from bad to worst.

video detective com meet the spartans trailer 2008 make well

If more voters had seen it, this would be in the top ten. Redeeming feature Snoop Dogg's stoner pilot comes close to funny. Well, he's in the same postcode at least. Well, the same country. If that country is Russia. What the critics said "In Soul Plane, the laughs are a little thin on the ground.

In fact this reprehensible piece of rubbish is more likely to be greeted with an appalled silence. About the only thing you can say in its favour is that the film is egalitarian, showing the same lack of respect for everyone and everything.

Howard the Duck Who's responsible? Why it's on the list Ignore anyone who tells you it had a certain kitschy charm: Proof, alongside Blade Trilogy and Spider-Man 3, that Marvel adaptations need to be handled with care. Redeeming feature There's only one duck-based sex scene. What the critics said "Daffy Duck will be pleased to hear he didn't miss any career opportunities when he wasn't chosen to star in "Howard the Duck"" - Variety Blade Trinity Who's responsible?

Why it's on the list David Goyer takes the rap for this textbook example of franchisicide. The screenwriter's decision to step behind the camera backfires spectacularly in Blade's third outing, with Dracula roped for a fiendishly silly vampire plot to infect humanity.

Anyone else could fairly blame his scriptwriter for the muddy, incoherent storyline. Unfortunately for Goyer, that's him too Redeeming feature The epithet "cock-juggling thundercunt", thrown at an otherwise wasted Parker Posey by an improbably ab-ed Ryan Reynolds.

What the critics said "Were it not for Spider-Man 2, X2, and The Incredibles, the premise of a superhero greeted by a hostile public might have carried some novelty, but Blade: Trinity does nothing more ambitious than continue a sputtering franchise" - Scott Tobias, A. The Matrix Revolutions Who's responsible? Why it's on the list If the Wachowskis' sci-fi trilogy jumped the shark in its second instalment, it was still watchable hokum.

But with the third effort, expectations were still high but kinetic thrill was replaced by further endless philosophical meanderings, and fans and critics stopped being apologists and became semi-apoplectic.

Here, the storytelling is never wholly coherent, transforming the mythology of The Oracle, Zion and The Architect into a cod-spiritual soup. Redeeming feature A final attack on Zion that will literally explode your eyeballs. What the critics said "It's just that it all adds up to a supersize nothing. To all but fanatics, the disappointment is crushing" - Pete Travers, Rolling Stone Year One Who's responsible?

Not to mention producer Judd Apatow. Why it's on the list This Biblical satire promised much: And to heighten our anticipation still further, the trailer packed three solid laughs. Unfortunately, so did the film. What the critics said "There's plenty of lowbrow, knuckle-dragging humour; coupled with all the gay jokes, poop jokes, Jewish jokes and you're-stupider-than-I-am jokes.

The arrested-development crowd will no doubt be thoroughly entertained" - Betsy Sharkey Parting Shots Who's responsible? Why it's on the list Its low concept terminally ill man uses his remaining time on Earth to kill anyone who's ever got on his nervesphoned-in performances and train-crash execution makes this easily one of the worst movies ever to dis grace our screens - so bad in fact, that if you tried to bury it in landfill the other rubbish would climb out.

This is a valuable reminder of why, for a movie director, Michael Winner makes such a good restaurant critic. Redeeming feature A tagline "When Harry found out he had six weeks to live, something snapped What the critics said "Chris Rea - yes, the pop singer and motor car enthusiast - cannot act for toffee. To cast him in a lead role is suicide. Van Helsing Who's responsible?

Why it's on the list The Pro Bowl of creature features, this chucks three classic beasties at us four, if you include Wolvie and some wonderfully gothic production design, but not a whole lot else.

Even the combined fear factor of Frankenstein's Monster, Dracula and the Wolf Man can't make up for the fact that Stephen Sommers forgot to write a plot.

Redeeming feature Hugh Jackman's abs and flowing locks. Ladies may appreciate those too. What the critics said "The movie has no soul, no magic, no feeling for character, nothing for us to care about. At the end, when the director makes a stab at elegiac pathos, we realise how far short of the often deeply moving s Universal classics his film falls" - Philip French, The Observer The Quest for Peace Who's responsible?

Why it's on the list Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's 90 minutes of movie Kryptonite that had admittedly sparse audiences sobbing into their popcorn. Never mind a quest for peace: The result was a messy end for Christopher Reeve's much-loved Superman. Redeeming feature Lex Luthor prodigy Nuclear Man, who manages to shrug off a credibility-sapping bouffant 'do and spandex villain suit to bring a little menace to proceedings.

And we mean a little. Dungeons and Dragons Who's responsible? Why it's on the list The worst of its kind of 'Sword and Sorcery' adventure tales, this managed to alienate its core fan base the original boardgame players by ignoring all aspects of the game, and alienate the general movie-going public by being utter cinematic bum gravy of the highest order. The camerawork, the script, the direction: Shame on you, Jeremy Irons, for doing it again in Eragon just a few years later, and even more shame on the movie execs who commissioned a straight to DVD sequel afterwards.

Redeeming feature Jeremy Irons' angry face. Yep, that's all we've got. What the critics said "The average episode of "Xena" or "Hercules" offers a more compelling and imaginative photoplay.

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Son of the Mask Who's responsible? Why it's on the list "Somebody stop me! Ten years on from the original, Norse gods are at it again, and this time a baby's involved record scratch. A really, really, ghastly CG baby see above. This king of pointless sequels follows in an increasingly long line of utterly pants follow-ups to successful Jim Carrey comedies.

After all, who could forget Dumb and Dumberer: Redeeming feature Bob Hoskins is Odin. What the critics said "Jamie Kennedy is, by many accounts, a funny guy. You wouldn't know it, though, from 'Son of the Mask'. Max Payne Who's responsible? Why it's on the list If you thought The Happening was the worst film Mark Wahlberg starred in inwell, you'd be right, but Max Payne gives it a damn good run for its money.

Managing to ride roughshod over the original game's plot Valkyries, anyone? Redeeming feature The shoot-out scenes are reasonable engaging and frequent which keeps the film, somehow, God knows, going. What the critics said "The movie is a series of glum interrogation scenes that lead nowhere special, with a not-quite-sci-fi urban murkiness that makes it look like someone was trying to shoot Blade Runner in Cleveland.

Director Stefen Fangmeier, and, arguably, novelist Christopher Paolini. Why it's on the list Featuring a supporting cast more wooden than the Forest of Fangorn and a plot that could have been written by a teenager and was - he was 15 this sword-swinging large lizard-filled blunder was almost doomed to crash and burn. Jeremy Irons makes a valiant attempt to make it passable, but fails under the weight of its Star Wars-lite-in-the-woods plot and its tired, weak dialogue.

Redeeming feature Some genuinely impressive dragon-based CGI. What the critics said "A painful reminder of what fantasy cinema was like before the Lord of the Rings trilogy re-wrote the rules. House of the Dead Who's responsible?

Why it's on the list You may be surprised it's taken this long to see a Boll film on this list and you'll certainly be surprised how few of his films are here but here we are at last, with a plotless game adaptation that sees irritating teens trying to kill badly designed zombie hordes. Bad on every level except the accidental comedy one.

Redeeming feature The unintentional laughs provoked by exchanges like, "'You created it all to be immortal You couldn't make it up. Well, clearly someone could. What the critics said "To properly convey the jaw-dropping shoddiness of this videogame-based ''horror'' ''movie,'' one must approach what scientists call Absolute Stupid, a state previously thought to exist only under highly controlled laboratory conditions or at the highest levels of government.

Well, if you do, be sure never to watch this, because it will spoil those memories forever. We could forgive Lohan for wanting to make a racier, adult thriller. If only it were thrilling. Redeeming feature If you want to see Lohan pole-dancing, this is your chance. That, or any Friday night in LA during What the critics said "There's a fresh candidate in the running for worst movie of honours.

A nonsensical plot that grows sillier by the second, tawdry special effects, heavy-handed symbolism that's big on electric-blue hues and mechanical performances are all culprits as far as the title's concerned. Why it's on the list You will find no greater Equilibrium fans than the Empire team, so we had high hopes for Ultraviolet.

After all, Wimmer is capable of good sci-fi, as is Jovovich c'mon, Leeloo rocks. But the film is astonishingly bad - perhaps due to the decision to remove all references to vampirism from the finished cut, rather castrating the script, perhaps because the theatrical cut is a good 30 minutes shorter than the director intended and makes no sense, or perhaps because it was never that clever in the first place. Redeeming feature William Fichtner's in it! And if he's playing exactly the same part he did in Equilibrium, well, that's no bad thing.

What the critics said "The drama ends, confusingly, with a flaming sword battle that takes place partially in the dark and appears to have equal influences from "Highlander" and that annual Yule log that appears every Christmas on KICU. The Yule log was way more entertaining. The Spirit Who's responsible? Jackson, Eva Mendes, Scarlett Johansson. Jackson's scenery-gnawing mad scientist baddie, or even the unbelievably stupid and annoying henchmen.

It's the way that Frank Miller tries to stuff the film with gorgeous women, dress them all as sex objects and then make them go literally insane whenever Macht's Spirit appears. It's clearly meant to be tongue-in-cheek and fun, but somehow it just comes off as sad. Redeeming feature It does look like a comic come to life. And hey, so do the ladies. What the critics said "I'm just trying to figure out why, somewhere in the middle of "The Spirit," Samuel L.

Jackson and Scarlett Johansson arrive on screen decked out in swastikas and jackboots. Nothing in the logic of the film explains it, but then, to use the phrase "the logic of the film" when talking about "The Spirit" may be to take the "oxy" out of "oxymoronic. Scott, The New York Times The Pink Panther 2 Who's responsible? Director Harold Zwart, co-screenwriter and star Steve Martin. Why it's on the list The thing about resurrecting a classic is that you're going to be measured against the original.

While Martin's first shot at The Pink Panther was nary a patch on the original, with only three funny bits, this shot-in-the-dark sequel is barely fit to lick its predecessor's boots, never mind those of Sellers' lunatic detective.

Not even the reprise of the 'amburger bit. Redeeming feature Watching Jeremy Irons hope that no one will notice he's in it. What the critics said "Rather than reinvigorating the Panther comedy franchise from the '60s and '70s, Martin's version dumbs it down and wrings the zany fun out of it. Scary Movie Who's responsible? Why it's on the list The original in the crap-spoof genre, where the wisdom of Zucker, Abrahams and Zucker is rudely shoved aside in favour of replaying whole scenes from better films with worse casts, and fart gags are substituted for wit or visual humour.

This one is far from the worst of the genre, but gets points deducted for sparking so many bad sequels and spin-offs. That and for spoofing a film that was, in itself, a satire.

Superfast! () - IMDb

Redeeming feature Anna Faris, who has genuine comic chops and almost, almost, makes the thing funny. What the critics said "Where the majestic 'Airplane' took the rise out of a series of disaster movies that had taken themselves far too seriously, 'Scary Movie' which only once tries to parody its source's parody - and fails loses considerable impact by not having its necessary straight man. A Morecambe, if you like, without its Wise. Southland Tales Who's responsible? Why it's on the list After the runaway success of Donnie Darko, everyone expected big things of Richard Kelly's second movie, a twisty post-apocalyptic tale of porn stars and the second coming.

And while his ambition is plain to see, the sad fact is that the plot makes no sense, even on repeated viewings. Redeeming feature Unlikely as it sounds, Justin Timberlake's narrator is probably the best thing here, closely followed by The Rock. What the critics said "I suspect that the film will probably make more sense to people who've read the graphic novels, though I imagine that complete comprehension of something as wiggy and abstract as Southland Tales is pretty much impossible, even to Kelly himself.

Such is the mystery of art. The Sweetest Thing Who's responsible? Why it's on the list About as feminist as a Spice Girls video and considerably less jaunty, this crude rom-com tries to make a case for ladette humour, billing itself as a sort of American Pie for grown women. The difference is that American Pie was funny; this is just cringe-inducing.

And don't even get us started on The Penis Song, which the three stars co-wrote. Redeeming feature Thomas Jane at least has the decency to look embarrassed by what's going on around him. What the critics said "It's an excruciating mess, unable to make up its mind if it's a dating-game comedy, wacky road movie or a teen-market gross-out fest.

It succeeds only in being tacky, unfunny and profoundly unconvincing, and acted on brain-dead auto-pilot by the relentlessly vivacious Diaz. Street Fighter Who's responsible? Why it's on the list There still hasn't been an outright good game-to-film adaptation, but even by the standards of the genre, this one's a pretty poor effort.

Despite combining the martial arts skills of JCVD with the being-super-perky skills of Kylie Minogue, we simply weren't convinced. Redeeming feature It was Raul Julia's last film, and there's pleasure to be had watching his snarling, swaggering General Bison.

What the critics said "Since the film is PG, none of the violence that breaks out with predictable regularity is particularly believable or engrossing.

Some of the film merely mimics the action of the game; at least in the game you get to participate in the bellicosity.

video detective com meet the spartans trailer 2008 make well

Why it's on the list It must've seemed like a good idea: Only the star didn't act, the music didn't spawn a hit and the film itself is stupefyingly dull and badly put together on every level from cinematography to plotting. Redeeming feature If you like Carey's voice, you might like some of the songs. To see her act, however, you'll have to watch this year's Precious.

What the critics said "Glitter's rhyming slang is well earned. At times during the first hour of this 'rags to riches' story, Glitter appears to be the world's first Zen movie. Entire scenes wander past with the nutritional content of a CD case. Revenge of the Fallen Who's responsible? Why it's on the list Another sequel that sees a massive drop-off in quality from its more tightly-plotted predecessor - and the first Transformers was no masterpiece - this is a rare case where improvements in special effects put filmmaking back, with the more intricate robots proving impossible to tell apart in a fight - apart from the racist and sexist stereotypes, anyway.

A nonsensical plot, skewed tone and tin ear for cultural sensitivity combine to make it the silliest film of Redeeming feature John Turturro, who appeared to be in a different movie from everyone else - again. And Optimus Prime's scenes are totally worth watching. What the critics said "With its fascist sensibility, assortment of smutty asides, illiterate gold-tooth-wearing homie robots and the hero's brainless mother, much of "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" is simply despicable.

Given the relentless din, the Leni Riefenstahl-inspired music and the headache-inducing visuals, OSHA should probably be investigating the conditions under which human beings made this thing.

Or the conditions under which they watch it.

Wanted () - IMDb

Speed 2 Who's responsible? Why it's on the list Rarely has a franchise gone from the sublime to the ridiculous as fast as Speed. The first film was a near-perfect action movie; the second shifted the action to that least speedy of mass transportation methods: As it turns out, you can't reduce the speed to six knots and expect the story not to slow down. And when the whole point of the film is that it can't slow down, you're onto a loser. Redeeming feature The final stunt, where Jason Patric has to harpoon a seaplane.

Who doesn't love people harpooning seaplanes? What the critics said "I am thinking of suing Twentieth Century Fox for breach of contract. As for the concerns about the way it looks Rest assured with the budget this movie has they will have everything ironed out haha See you all on opening night! Frank2 on Feb 29, 53 dont mean to burst anyone bubbles but all the trailers keep showing over the same thing but one had like two seconds more of gywneth paltrow. It appears that Jon Favreau did us proud!

I knew he'd impress! This flick is quickly shaping up to be THE comic-book movie of the year! Spider on Feb 29, 55 I'm embarrassing the rest of you? Well that was easy! It's just a 'name'. I must apologize for offending you with it. Please, by any means do not take my 'name' as a personal attack. I am sure you are all fine, upstanding characters with respectable 'names', each and every one of you. Now, please excuse me while I go and ' This is a rare event.

I do hope that the movie lives up to the hype. These days a lot of the best parts of the movie are in the trailer. I don't want to walk out of the theater feeling like I've already seen the movie not once but twice. D Demopoly on Feb 29, 57 Marvel always has the best comics. Some faggot that wants to be a bat?

The 50 Worst Movies Ever

I suppose they had to have him fight a worthy opponent at some point in the movie. It should be interesting to see what comic opponents he will face in the second one. I know Mandarin is his main enemy in the comic but didn't see him int he trailer. Chout on Feb 29, 60 I don't know why everyone keeps pitting batman vs iron man, I mean why can't both be good movies, I just hope that both don't suck, hollywood doesn't have a good track record of making comic's into movies, I mean we can all list the comic's to movies that suck.

Batman Begins was a hell of a lot better than than batman beigns or any of those other BS Batman's. I mean even superman wasn't all that it was cracked up to be. Less face it, I've seen a lot of movies where the trailers rocked and the movie suck, and vise versa, so lets just hope that the plot is good, and that the acting is even better and that the action is all that.

I cannot wait for this movie. Make a video game out of it and call it Tribes meets Ironman. That in and of itself is ground-breaking. I mean, when was the last time you watched a big-budget superhero movie and weren't subtly annoyed with the character's self-righteousness, melodramatic depression or mediocre sense of humor? The movie looks awesome, only flaw might be a lack of villain character development, but then it's the first superhero movie of a trilogy and it's rare that any of the spotlight is taken off the protagonist.

As far as which one will score with viewers more, I'd say Iron Man will win points on newness, special effects and protagonist likability, and Dark Knight will win a lot of points with the late Mr. Ledger and everything people love about a well-played Joker. All in all, Iron Man would have to have a really cool ending to win overall, I think, to leave the audience with the best impression before they gauge Dark Knight later.

Either way, we fanboys ultimately win so it doesn't matter. Black Sabbath's Iron Man riff could probably sell the movie all by itself. Robert Robot on Mar 1, 65 "Either way, we fanboys ultimately win so it doesn't matter. The fact that they just cast Robert Downey Jr.

This movie may well be better than the comics. I think he is very underrated. I am having a very difficult time thinking of a movie that he wasn't awesome in. Matt on Mar 1, 69 Brian Clevinger of nuklearpower.

Long live Marvel characters, just take one look at DC's website to see that their entire line of comics- including Batman, now- look and smell bad. With respect to Heath Ledger- I will definitely see that movie. But this is something fresh, and I'll be eating my popcorn out of entertainment, in this case, not just because I'm bored and waiting for the guy in the bat suit to kick some ass.

I'd like to remind everyone that, despite Batman Begins' strengths, Christopher Nolan still is very poor at directing fight and action scenes. Every time an action sequence came up, it was just a flurry of activity and no one could tell what was going on. I know my nephew liked it That's what I call progress. Dark Knight is GQ. They're a bunch of jazz musicians that turned up their volume, put a Bat-Eating black magician at their helm, and consequently invented Heavy Metal. Tony Stark sees a bat: I hate those things.

Why do you think Sabbath's my favorite band? Dude bites the heads off of Bats. My kind of guy. Djoser on Mar 2, 75 Awesome trailer!!! Which flick has a bigger buzz online Dark Night or Iron Man? I will check this out tonight and get back to you Martin on Mar 2, 76 i heard that incredible hulk trailer is coming this month,so martin we shall see who have the bigger buzz: And no I'm not talking about the Incredible Hulk Sean on Mar 2, 78 sean u mean indiana jones 4 anyway.

This new trailer makes me want to weep with fanboy joy. There are very few people who don't recognize the opening chords of Black Sabbath's "Iron Man". Anyone who's ever read iron Man always hoped, somewhere in the back of their mind, that if Marvel ever made a movie that they'd get the rights to use that song. However much they paid, It. Tony Stark seems to be equally brilliant, but in a gadety, inventor, mad-scientist kind of way which is not bad.

This summer will have some major flicks just ready for the plucking.

video detective com meet the spartans trailer 2008 make well

Iron man is fantastic and is as jaw dropping as would be a transformers, spiderman, and batman baby. Anyways, on summer excelence, my money would go to IJ: BB was good and no doubt the best batman movie to date but lets face it, all other batman movies weren't what is expected of the coolest superhero ever.

But the real story is the joker and Ledger's performance. It's supposed to give new depth to the movie. Corey D on Mar 3, 83 Anyone know what song was playin' prior to the scenes with Curve? Junkhead on Mar 3, 84 Okay, I can't believe I know this one and a bunch of people apparently don't: It's not an Audioslave song!!! You know, the one Ozzy used to be in. On the trailer, it's looking sweet. Squeejee on Mar 4, 85 Only 2 more months!!

I can't believe it's almost here!! Batman Begins was awesome so will this! But I wonder which will be better. Cant wait for both! Manny on Mar 4, 87 Possibly the most awesome trailer ever. It's just joyful to watch. All I hope is that the actual soundtrack retains the music or similar.

Kristin on Mar 5, 88 I hated that trailer, I really really hated it. And I want the Soundtrack yesterday! Bart on Mar 5, 89 This is the 2nd best add Theo on Mar 7, 90 soundtracks its awesome!! Overshot the current goal a bit. Supertemporal shielding was stronger than we anticipated. I skipped right over the slowdown gateway and back into supertemporal space I did scrub off enogh inertia to do a flip and hard energization towards greater non reality in a huge burst got one down closter to reality in love.

Life blocks, soot suit. Iron Man and comic books are wonderful childhood inspirations I share some of my adventures. In the humbe love and mercy Christ guided us to find I try again humbly David A Wright in love Oh, yeah I am a bit warm still cooling down from transitional space That, and that the Hulk will have a scene in Wolverine: Just like in the comic book.

video detective com meet the spartans trailer 2008 make well

Looks like Marvel's translating their original insistence on an 'integrated' universe to film, as well. Djoser on Mar 12, 95 A must see Pussykat on Mar 12, 96 Norton is exactly the person we need at the helm to this film. What might very well happen is that there will be an extended cut, or a director's cut which will land on the dvd- which, when you look at Lord of the Rings- becomes a VERY smart creative and marketing move. Get it out in theatres because people are waiting for it.

Then include all the juicy extras, so they pony up the dough again for their home collection. I will say, though, that if I have to wait the whole movie to see the Hulk again, I'm going to blow chunks.

I am very, very, very eagerly anticipating the release of this movie.

video detective com meet the spartans trailer 2008 make well

And you wouldn't like me when I'm eager Djoser on Mar 12, 97 well ive seen both trailers and now im sold, that looks a lot better, dont know much about iron chops but he's cool paul on Mar 13, 98 very cheap I am also glad they rebooted, Batman the way it should have been Tim Burton's version was lame in comparison.

Anway Iron Man ftw!!! Shane on Mar 13, wow, this looks awsome, Batman is just starting too get boring. This seem too have a lot more feel to it Korben on Mar 16, derv0 on Mar 30, if comparing the TDK and the Iron Man trailers, I'll probably go with this one DensityDuck on Apr 5, 1.

Hulk All will be awesome. Reverend on Apr 8, I used to be an avid comic reader and while ironman was never my favourite he did get my attention.

And the tin suit is not bad too. The story, too much has been given away already is actually plausible and interesting. The action, the humour, in general Just because you judge TDK. You have not seen this film, only the trailer, so Maybe you have seen the trailer, but i hope you like to know, that Mr.

I saw every Iron Man trailer and spots. Now I know everything about this film The TDK trailer tells you nothing And don't forget, Harvey alias Two Face will be also a big part of this cake The biggest problem of the iron man movie are the villains! Again this ''maybe'' ''islamist'' terrorists; a reason why you can count with Bush Jr. At this point, the producers had to improve.

Nolan have an emotional and delicate dark style of direction, which gives Joker his permission to show his true brilliant enemy character.

Now the final question: Who is more dangerous? Must have fallen asleep at the keyboard, reading Niko's post. I think the Final Question is actually "What the Heck are you trying to say.

Can we say "type casting"? Then there's Christian Bale and Edward Norton as Batman and The Hulk, both of whom are huge steps up from their predecessors in those parts. And lastly, Harrison Ford is back in one of the most famous roles ever created. Who could ask for more? I hope this trend of making better comic-book or fantasy-type movies continues. Sure, you'll get the occasional Fantastic Four which wasn't hugely badbut we're starting to get more and more of the good ones--Batman and Dark Knight, Spider Man, X-Men, Iron Man and hopefully a better sophomore outing for Superman in I say, long live comic book movies, and drop all the nay-saying.

Even the worst ones lately are better than the crap we used to get anyone remember the direct-to-trash version of Captain America, or Punisher starring "I must break you" Dolph Lundgren? If so, please signify by throwing up now. Not only are the newer ones better, they're generally going more along the storylines of the comics best example--new Batman and Dark Knight vs. Sure, some things deviate, but that's true with anything based on another medium books, comics, TV shows, etc.

The studios are getting better every year at picking characters that people want to see, and doing them in a way that keeps the fans of the comic books happy as well as the general public, and they make good movies. And when they screw up something, they most of the time learn what to fix the next time around as in 1st Hulk vs. Thomas Jane with Punisher movies, etc. And obviously, most people like these movies--they've been getting really good numbers every time one comes out.

Andy on Apr 20, ok who compares dc domics with marvel are you fuckin retarded smart man on Apr 24, Ok I have to say Iron Man is definitley the coolest movie of the summer after all the spider man success I know marvel is just looking for another hit but come on if super haero movies rule the summer then this is going to own Max on Apr 24, With regard to Iron Man's lack of sexy villains I remember Madame Masque and The Black Widow, and the latter was touted as a posible movie on its own.

I'm just glad that the movie makers have realised that technology and CGI advances make comic book characters come to life on the big screen. I'm looking forward to the whole shebang, and many more to come. Let's hope the Silver Surfer solo movie appears and a 4th X-Men.

I personally prefer Marvel characters to most of the DC stuff, but Batman and The Joker have to be up there as institutions, and Catwoman should have had Michelle Pfieffer reprising her role rather than the shitty Halle Berry version they ended up with. I'm fifty three this year, but I will NOT stop going to see my childhood heroes come to the big screen. TINA on Apr 30, Everyone can debate which superhero they like better batman for me personally but thats only how you look at it.