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tv tropes meet the parents trilogy

The Already Met Everyone trope as used in popular culture. As a series progresses, it has a lot of events in it which are supposed to be happening for the . This trope is Exactly What It Says on the Tin: a father or father figure who also happens to be a prime candidate for the title of a character's Archenemy. He could. A page for describing Characters: Meet The Parents. Note: This page was cut for reason: Per this thread, requesting cut for being full of ZCE's and having .

Very few people are aware that Meet the Parents was based on an independent film from that Steven Spielberg bought the remake rights to. It doesn't help matters that this earlier film has rarely been distributed.

Is Greg a hapless and sympathetic Butt-Monkey who can never catch a break, or is he a chronic liar who is unworthy of Pam, just as her father thinks? Should Greg have even bothered staying with Pam? In the first film, she never stood up for him against her family's nonstop bullying until the very end, and was constantly dropping little bombshells on him, such as the fact that she was engaged, that Kevin was the best man at her sister's wedding, and that her relationship with Kevin was primarily sexual.

She does a much better job of sticking up for Greg from the end of the first movie on, though. Owen Wilson's character in the first movie.

tv tropes meet the parents trilogy

Jack has a hidden camera in his guest room. There is no justification for that sort of thing. Not to mention the fact that it's illegal—something that Greg and Bernie lampshades to Jack. Jack drugging Greg with truth serum in the second film was definitely stepping over the line.

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Even his own wife, who tolerated his insanity all this time, wouldn't support him after that came out, revealing that it wasn't the first time he had done that to someone Pam was involved with. OTH, George Lucas says that was deliberate, as the prequels were a more "civilized age". Rogue One is another prequel of A New Hope, ending very shortly possibly minutes before the first movie kicks off.

And no, he does not keep the girl. Uwe Boll 's House of the Dead is actually a prequel to the video games.

tv tropes meet the parents trilogy

Its canonicity is disputable. Likewise with the first two BloodRaynes. Mallrats is set the day before the events in Clerks. The Scorpion King is supposed to be a prequel to The Mummy Returnsalthough the fact that there is nothing to indicate that Mathias will turn evil appears to break that connection. It is probably more of a spin-off than a true prequel.

Rise of a Warrior is a prequel to The Scorpion King, making it a prequel to a prequel. Paranormal Activity 2 is mostly a prequel to the first film. Its follow-up, Paranormal Activity 3is a prequel to the second film.

Already Met Everyone - TV Tropes

Final Destination 5 isn't explicitly advertised as such, instead opting for a Twist Ending in which the final two survivors of the bridge collapse die in the Flight disaster that started the first film.

However, some of the trailers spoiled this by showing new footage of Flight The Thing is set less than a week before the first movie ; it shows how the monster was first discovered and what did to the Norwegian base.

Although the films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are standalone for the most part, their internal chronology makes Captain America: Unless they've actually seen them. Days of Future Pastmeanwhile, is an odd example in that it is both a prequel and a sequel to the original trilogy, concluding with a Cosmic Retcon that deletes the entire trilogy, and probably Origins: Wolverine and The Wolverine also, from the timeline.

That means its sequel, X-Men: Apocalypsewhile still taking place years before the original trilogy, isn't a prequel anymore if one wants to nitpick very much, it is still technically a prequel, since the ending of Days features the aforementioned retconned timeline set during the original trilogy's time period.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes to the Planet of the Apes film series. More like a Continuity Reboot. The third, fourth and fifth films of the original series were Prequels to the first two, however; the third qualifies as both a Prequel from the Verse's point of view and a Sequel from that of the ape characters.

Terminator Salvation is a bit of an oddball because of the series's heavy use of time travel. It is a sequel to Terminator 3: Rise of the Machinesbut a prequel to the events of the original The Terminator. Prometheus is described as a "semi-prequel" to the Alien series. Predator and Aliens vs.

tv tropes meet the parents trilogy

Requiem were also prequels to Alienbut in the wake of this new film, their canon it difficult to determine. Red Dragon is a prequel to The Silence of the Lambs. The novel had already been adapted to film as Manhunterbut the original version did not fit into the film series with Anthony Hopkins as Lecter.

The same goes for Hannibal Rising. The Beginning and Dominion: Prequels to the original film in two different perspectives of the directors; the former is the result of a complex Executive Meddling for the latter. The Legend Begins is the fourth and final film in the Tremors series and a prequel to the earlier movies. The Hobbit trilogy is set before The Lord of the Rings trilogy. This doesn't apply to the books, though: The Lord of the Rings was a proper sequel.

There is no Word of God and it wasn't marketed as such, but The Good, the Bad and the Uglythe last movie in the Dollars Trilogyis a prequel to the other two. Cube Zero is a prequel to the original Cube. The main character suffers the same fate as Kazan from the original, but since they couldn't get the original actor they're only vaguely implied to be the same person. The continuity in this series is already marginal at best due to having different creators for each entry who all had different ideas on what the mythology should be.

The Beginning is a distant prequel to the first Ginger Snaps featuring the apparent ancestors of the Fitzgerald sisters encountering a werewolf in a completely different time period. The western Nevada Smithis a prequel to the The Carpetbaggersa film about the movie industry.

Rise of the Lycans is the prequel to the Underworld series. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is envisioned as a five-film original prequel series to the Harry Potter series, both books and filmsat first exploring the titular fantastic beasts but later putting more focus to the campaign against the series' Predecessor VillainGellert Grindelwald.

The first is set in 65 years before Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stonewhile the second, The Crimes of Grindelwaldis set nine months afterward in Subsequent films are expected to take place between the year andthe year of Grindelwald's defeat. Chapter 3 is set before the events of the first film, showing what Elise, Specs, and Tucker were up to before they become involved with the Lamberts.

Bernie and Roz Focker, to the point that the level-headed Dinah is secretly jealous that they have such a successful sex life at their age. Jack has one near the end of the first two films, yet continues to give Greg hell in the sequels. Jack's Fatal Flaw — he would rather believe Greg and his parents, and everybody else who so much as saw his girls is actively and maliciously trying to do something and put him through utter hell to force him to tell the truth than accept that his son-in-law is just a Butt-Monkey.

The "circle of trust" system is also supposed to allow for an open inter-family relationship, but is becomes apparent long before Pam and Dina call B. Little Jack repeating the word "asshole". Jack always says that Greg's job is "male nurse" rather than just "nurse".

Even though Jack is one of the best examples of a Knight Templar Parent, his favorite song is the one that exemplifies childlike innocence: Pam's entire family, in fact, except Dina and Pam herself.

Even his cat is a Jerkass.

tv tropes meet the parents trilogy

The redneck cop in the second movie. The Lawful Stupid airline employees that Greg had to put up with in the first film. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Jack - he clearly loves his daughter and wants only the best for her, but his extreme Papa Wolf personality makes it difficult for her to have any successful relationships.

Jerk with a Heart of Jerk: That said, he does push it with how much he tortures and refuses to reason with Greg and his family.

Already Met Everyone

The "Circle Of Trust" and control-freak tendencies make it clear he's pretty difficult to live with. All 3 movies revel in being this. In the third movie, Andi Garcia drunkenly forces herself onto Greg while at his house, despite knowing that he's married and he objects.

She never gets her comeuppance for it; she doesn't even get fired, despite acting unprofessional for the entire movie. Jack in the first film never faces any real consequence for bullying Greg. The second film is better about this. You could say the two heart attacks in the third film are Jack's karma.

Archnemesis Dad

He would at least have to learn to keep his composure and temper under control from that point onward, or risk a third, and likely fatal, heart attack. Denny, Pam's pothead brother, never gets any comeuppance for framing Greg for smoking marijuana in the first film.

In the second however, Dina mentions that he was sent to military school, so it seems that karma caught up with him off-screen. Jack, who dotes on Jinx like crazy. The "kindhearted" part is extremely debatable to say the least, though.

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This describes Jack Byrnes to a T. The Koshers - er, Fockers, oh damn.

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The airline employees, particularly the one who makes Greg wait until his row gets called for boarding The redneck cop in the second film. He is following the standard list of what to do if an officer pulls someone over and the driver turns hostile—the problem being that this means he won't listen to what Jack, Greg or Bernie have to say when they try to explain themselves and pretty much brutalizes them when they turn "uncooperative" which is when they try to insist and raise their voices, otherwise remaining peaceful.

Let Her Grow Up, Dear: Pam's mom is definitely more supportive of her relationship with Gaylord than Jack ever will be. This scene was heavily used to promote the film. Jack places his thumbs on Greg's wrists as an impromptu lie detector in their last major scene.

tv tropes meet the parents trilogy