Tin pei ling meet the people session in bukit

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tin pei ling meet the people session in bukit

She had a rough introduction to politics, but MP Tin Pei Ling has turned . and the following week, she went to his Meet-the-People session to help out. When the first case happened, it was in Bukit Timah, a distance away. Meet-The-People Session Social Service Offices Marine Parade Town Council Office Southeast CDC. Town Map. Ms Tin Pei Ling MP for MacPherson SMC. PAP Representatives information and MPS details.

It is widely speculated that the PAP could field a fresh candidate or redeploy a political heavyweight at Fengshan, but either way, the person will face a fight. Amid the heat of election campaigning to come, voters will evaluate the credentials of all the candidates to see who could best serve their interest. He says that PAP "probably have it clear in their mind who to put there, who would be able to hold on to the constituency".

Historic area an electoral hot spot The boundaries report has thrown up an unusual problem forvoters who will find themselves in the revived Jalan Besar GRC at the next election. That is because the new four-member group representation constituency will encompass the wards of five MPs.

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Mr Lui has not said where he will contest next, or if he will even be on any other GRC slate. The GRC's make-up could be further complicated if a new face is introduced into the mix. The PAP has consistently won more than 60 per cent of the vote there. But it saw its toughest battle in when what was regarded as a weak WP team, comprising businessman Mohammed Rahizan Yaacob, social worker Frieda Chan, polytechnic lecturer L. Somasundaram and senior research officer Toh Hong Boon, managed to secure The PAP's vote was reduced to just While residents were affected by the large-scale MRT breakdown last month, the impact appeared to have been lessened by the constituency's centralised location.

Sales promoter Lee See Ai, 56, who lives in St George's Road, took three hours to get home from Jurong instead of the normal 45 minutes. It wasn't very inconvenient compared to others. That his ward has been carved up brought sighs of relief from some as it could diminish transport-related anger in the GRC as a whole. In terms of local issues, there is also no lack of amenities or public transport options. According to retiree Tan Kok Wah, There are not many issues here.

tin pei ling meet the people session in bukit

Technical officer Goh Ker Siong, 50, says: I hope it can be redeveloped soon but, until now, there has been no news of it. Every Sunday, large numbers of workers from India and Bangladesh continue to congregate there. And, over in Geylang, residents of the HDB flats at Lorong 3, for instance, are irked by foreign workers who live in dormitories in the area, as well as by the noise and smell from local eateries.

Mr Tong, who oversees the area, says foreign worker dormitories can pose problems. This area is adjacent to the two HDB blocks where there are illegal parking, overcrowding, littering and noise. Dr Yaacob, meanwhile, says one problem for MPs is that of creating a sense of identity for a large GRC intersected by major roads and highways. He and his colleagues hold multiple Meet-the-People sessions and events across the various wards to ensure that every resident has a chance to meet his adviser, the minister says.

Another challenge is that some areas have large concentrations of Singapore's poorest residents. Dr Neo has 22 blocks of rental flats under her charge, while Ms Phua has a cluster of nine blocks in the North Bridge Road area.

The areas under Dr Neo and Ms Phua polled about 70 per cent of votes in the and elections respectively, higher than the national average of Both she and Dr Neo pioneered new services for their residents. Ms Phua created a senior services hub housing an activity centre, a rehabilitation centre and a group home within a block of rental flats. Besides setting up four senior activity centres since starting as an MP inDr Neo last year launched an after-school programme for low-income families in Jalan Kukoh called Catch Plus.

It's not just elderly people. Half of them are younger families. We wanted to make sure that the children get a leg up, too. At times, we can't give them what they ask for because their requirements are beyond us. But you still have to try to make their lives better, in whatever small way you can. He garnered a respectable Dr Yaacob, who is the anchor minister in the existing GRC, would not be drawn into commenting on the final line-up of MPs. The official announcement is expected as early as today.

Hot-seat days could return Bukit Batok is back. The scene of two close shaves for the People's Action Party PAP in and vanished off the electoral map as a single-member constituency in But under last month's boundary changes, Bukit Batok is born again as a singleton.

And some residents are relishing the possibility of political tussles like those of two decades ago.

PAP's Tin Pei Ling at Marine Parade GRC rally, Apr 30

Retired paper salesman Gerry Chua, 58, who has lived in the neighbourhood for 30 years, recalls: They will be in the market, under your block, at the bus stop, everywhere! You won't be surprised if you one day wake up and were under the opposition.

The fight was so close. Opposition parties gave it a miss then. The next election was a walkover, and saw the National Solidarity Party get Now it's alone, it's easier to grab.

They ask 'Who's that? In the close-run poll, he won 48 per cent.

tin pei ling meet the people session in bukit

But the SDP's victory was short-lived. For clerk Mary Long, He was cleared of bankruptcy in As for the PAP, speculation is rife about who it will field. While some of Mr Ong's residents fail to identify him as their MP, those who have seen him in action would like to see him stay. A great number of the flats are about 30 years old, and Mr Ong has been pushing for the Home Improvement Programme in his ward, notes Ms Long.

Mr Ong tells Insight: I want to make sure our residents' living conditions will be looked after. He and his grassroots leaders, he adds, have been working the ground. Talk among party activists also throws up Madam Halimah's name as another possible candidate for the new SMC.

Associate Professor Tan feels that fielding Madam Halimah, who as a Malay woman is a "political double minority", will send a "powerful statement by the PAP and for multiracialism". Whoever it is has big shoes to fill.

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When Bukit Batok was last an SMC, it was under the meticulous hand of Dr Ong, who seven years after his death is still remembered as the "father of Bukit Batok" by older residents. Bukit Batok is mostly made up of public housing, with just over 4 per cent of residents living in condominiums. It just feels very good and makes it feel like this is worthwhile. These are the very positive moments.

Of course, definitely, compared with the first term Or when she says she is thankful that MacPherson residents have been supportive and "willing to see me differently". And so for that I am grateful.

tin pei ling meet the people session in bukit

She says she has said before how was the darkest period of her life. So sometimes these pop songs help. What also helped was putting the criticisms in perspective.

Lunch With Sumiko: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, says MP Tin Pei Ling

Even though she felt wronged and hurt, she realised that what she suffered was "really just loss of face issue, pride, reputation". I still have my family around me, whereas for other people whom I've met, they have real bread and butter issues, like losing a job and worries about how to feed the whole family.

She must have given some thought to this because she has a ready answer. I did not do anything wrong, nothing immoral, so I think I will probably find a way to talk to him. A blogger describes it as "the cheapest zhi char I've had in my life". I get there early and the friendly owner, Ms Helen Ren, shows me her collection of plants. The restaurant is named after her son's hippopotamus soft toy.

One of her husband's pencil drawings, of a plant, hangs on a wall, and he designed the shop sign too. I tell her I'm having lunch with the MP. What does she like to eat?

Ms Ren laughs and says in Mandarin: Ms Tin is, as Ms Ren says, very slim. What strikes you are her eyes, which are wide and bright and framed by well-groomed brows.

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She speaks clearly and thoughtfully and is warm and friendly. A middle-aged man who has finished lunch stops by to say hello. I ask when he leaves. Party activist, she says. I wonder how older grassroots leaders take to her. Thankfully we are women, so can touch.

Her easy bond with older residents could stem in part from how she's an only child who grew up in a household of adults. Her father owned a coffee shop in Ghim Moh with several shareholders. Her mother is a housewife. Her paternal grandmother, who died at the age of last year, and an aunt lived with them in Queenstown. Her aunt, who had suffered brain damage after falling into a canal when she was little, has special needs. Her father was involved in grassroots work. Because his English wasn't strong, she would help him translate.

When she was in her second year at the National University of Singapore, she met minister Vivian Balakrishnan and volunteers from his Ulu Pandan ward at her father's coffee shop.

He invited her to join them and the following week, she went to his Meet-the-People session to help out. That was the start of her grassroots career. When she was in her third year, her father had a heart attack.