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The Warriors Movie Site - The Warriors Logo The Warriors Movie Site - The Warriors first gang that The Warriors encounter as they flee the big meeting in The Bronx. The Lizzies are an all-female gang who seduce Vermin, Rembrandt and. The Warriors is a American crime film directed by Walter Hill and based on Sol Yurick's The trio manages to escape the Lizzies' subsequent attack, learning in the process that everyone believes they murdered Cyrus. . For the big meeting at the beginning of the film, Hill wanted real gang members in the scene with. The Lizzies are a fictional New York City gang in Following the meeting in Van Cortlandt Park, the Bronx, which saw the death of Cyrus, the leader of the .

So it came together within a matter of weeks. I think we got the green light in April or May and we were in theaters in February So it was a very accelerated process. Hill was finally able to include this type of scene transition in the Ultimate Director's Cut released for home video in [5].

Casting[ edit ] The filmmakers did extensive casting in New York City. The director was impressed with Beck's performance and cast him in The Warriors.

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Hill initially wanted a Puerto Rican actress for the role of Mercy, but Deborah Van Valkenburgh's agent convinced the film's casting directors to see her and she was eventually cast. The filmmakers wanted to cast Tony Danza in the role of Vermin but he was cast in the sitcom Taxi and Terry Michos was cast instead.

the warriors meet lizzies logo

While there were white characters in Yurick's book, none of the central characters or protagonists were white: At one point, Waites threatened to report the working conditions to the Screen Actors Guildforcing Paramount to provide a second trailer for the eight Warriors to share. Such a critical scene would take careful planning. But Hill was insistent. He would later demand that his name be removed from the cast altogether; he remains uncredited to this day.

Baxley put the cast through stunt school because Hill wanted realistic fights depicted in the film. The entire film was shot on the streets in New York City with some interior scenes done at Astoria Studios. They would shoot from sundown to sunrise. The film quickly fell behind schedule and went over budget. While they shot in the Bronx, bricks were tossed at the crew. Actor Joel Weiss remembers that filming of his scene at Avenue A was canceled because there was a double homicide nearby.

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For the big meeting at the beginning of the film, Hill wanted real gang members in the scene with off duty police officers also in the crowd so that there would be no trouble. Orphans The Warriors encounter The Orphans after their subway train gets halted at Tremont due to a fire which has broken out near the station. The gang has around 30 members who are armed with knives and razor blades and are neither smart nor tough.

the warriors meet lizzies logo

The Orphans think they are a tough gang after one of the gang members, called Apache, shows a newspaper clipping that talks about one of their raids. The Orphans initially let The Warriors move through their territory in peace before Mercy tries to stir things up after asking The Warriors for one of their vests.

The leader of The Orphans, Sully, then makes an ultimatum to The Warriors and asks them to take their colours off before walking through their territory.

the warriors meet lizzies logo

However, they get wasted after Swan throws a molotov cocktail at a nearby car, which explodes, taking out at least one of The Orphans. According to the video game, Sully owns an auto repair yard. They are a gang with plenty of strength and stamina and are a very distinct gang due to their striking appearance and mute nature. The video game gives the leader of the gang the name Cobb, presumably after baseball legend Ty Cobb. He wears a black outfit and has a double bat. The Lizzies take them back to their apartment where they tell The Warriors to relax and pick any girl that they want.

They attempt to shoot The Warriors as they try to escape but are a lousy shot giving The Warriors enough time to break out of the apartment. Punks The Punks hang out in a subway station in Bowery, Manhattan dressed in brightly coloured outfits with dungarees. The leader of the gang wears roller-skates and is armed with a flick knife. The Punks follow The Warriors into a bathroom where they fight. They are a solid gang with good fighting skills and manage to take out a few of The Warriors but are eventually beaten.

She takes a shine to Swan and walks with him on their way to Coney Island. She talks about her life as they walk through a subway tunnel where they share a kiss. Swan instantly regrets this and ditches her.

They meet up again right before the fight with The Punks where they make up. On their arrival back to Coney Island she takes off with Swan and the other Warriors. Deborah was raised in upstate New York and attended the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn where she studied various aspects of entertainment from acting to puppet production with Jim Hensen and Kermit Love.

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He uses his spray-paint as a weapon in the fight with The Punks before he gets taken down and has to sit out the rest of the fight with Mercy.

Despite being the only member of the gang to suspect The Lizzies, he is also their only casualty after one of them cuts his arm with a switchblade. He also learns from The Lizzies that The Warriors were framed for the murder of Cyrus and correctly deduces that every gang in the city must be looking for them. Marcelino sadly passed away from cancer on November 21st, Read our tribute to Marcelino here.