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the inbetweeners meet jay

Will, Jay, Simon and Neil will be making a return for a one-off '10th Birthday Jay from The Inbetweeners teases fans with “series four” reunion photo Bafta Breakthrough Brits | Meet the ones to watch in TV, film and gaming. Or Jay? And Mr. Gilbert? Take a look, friends. OOH, FRIEND. SIMON BIRD - Will Mackenzie. Believe it Since The Inbetweeners, Simon Bird's been fairly busy. The Inbetweeners is a BAFTA Award-winning British sitcom created by Damon Beesley and . Will, Jay and Neil are over-optimistically discussing the possibilities of one of the group owning a car, which leads to how many girls he has had sex with and so she suggests they meet up again soon to have sex themselves.

Both he and Will's 'dates' go badly, with Rachel smitten by another man, Dean, and Carli disgusted by Simon after finding out his shoes are soaked with urine and taken from a homeless person. Neil spends a lengthy amount of time trying to painfully urinate in the toilets with his cut penis, and is thrown out of the club after being suspected of masturbating ; consequently, the boys decide to go home. Although Jay is reluctant to help, Neil and Simon agree to participate when they hear of some of the potential activities involved, though are disappointed when Will merely signs them up for care work at a local retirement home to fulfil one of the first Duke of Edinburgh modules.

Will organises the home volunteering alongside his former babysitter Daisy, whom he is attracted to. He soon persuades her to go on a date with him after he volunteers himself and his friends to cover multiple shifts for her so that she can attend her closest friend's hen do.

However, Will later discovers that Simon has to spend time with his father after his parents have a trial separationand can no longer be part of the volunteering scheme. Jay agrees to cover Simon's shifts, but only if he receives payment for it, which Will reluctantly agrees to.

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Having stayed up all night to cover Daisy's shift alone, Will finds himself exhausted the next day and falls asleep in the common room at school. Jay and Neil take the opportunity to put hair removal cream down Will's trousers, causing his pubic hair to fall out in the shower later that day.

the inbetweeners meet jay

Will worries what Daisy may think of him if she does want sex and, following awful advice from Simon, quickly stuffs the wig of a female resident of the home down his underpants. After a pleasant dinner date, a tipsy Daisy tries to have sex with Will, but upon finding the wig, thinks that Will has no pubic hair because he is prepubescent and thus far too young for sex.

The next day, Will tries to explain the truth, but she is too embarrassed and somewhat ashamed to talk to him.

the inbetweeners meet jay

Eventually bored watching the elderly residents, Jay sneaks off to a room to masturbate, doing so over a picture of a resident taken when she was a young woman in a bikini.

We were good friends and had been working in TV as producers for a number of years, and it's fair to describe the number of successful shows we'd produced in that time as none.

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In the first couple of years we spent a lot of time together, mainly watching The Sopranosplaying PlayStation and weeping. It turned out that despite being from the other side of London, Damon had a remarkably similar teenage history.

He was more successful with the ladies, sure, and his mum was "fit enough to be a prostitute" as a close friend took the time to tell himbut our upbringings were remarkably similar, right down to the look of the estates we lived on and their relative distance from the M OK, his stories annoyingly involved him being more successful with the opposite sex, but as they usually ended badly I didn't hold that against him.

In the flat we talked about writing a sitcom while doing our normal jobs to a mediocre level, neither of us really thinking it would happen; partly due to laziness and partly due to the fact that we were scared it would be shit and people would laugh at us.

the inbetweeners meet jay

After about three years it took him meeting a woman and moving out before we decided to go for it. In a dramatic gesture, I quit my incredibly comfortable job to commit to writing, not realising that because we went away to a cottage in the country the first draft would only take us a week, leaving me broke and with a lot of time on my hands. It was an intensive week, though, and it produced what is many people's favourite episode of The Inbetweeners, Bunk Offwhere Joe Thomas's character Simon scrawls "I love Carli D'Amato" over her drive Damon did thisdrunkenly asks her to pleasure herself in front of him I did thisand finally vomits on her brother we made that bit up.

We spent the early part of the week discussing our characters' life stories, but by then we knew what our sitcom was going to be; we'd finally put two and two together and realised that if we were going to make other people laugh, we should start from what made us laugh the most.

the inbetweeners meet jay

Which was us and our friends being naive idiots at school. And, in my case, quite a long time after school. Could be seen as a negative, but at the same time if we got it right everyone had either been or had known a teenage boy. Also, we wanted to write about men.

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We loved and still love films such as SwingersWithnail And I and American Pie, all of which we liked to describe as "brilliant character studies" but actually are really just well-made funny films that are accessible. Someone once accused us of ripping off Fellini's I Vitelloni, which the snob in me wishes dearly was true but, sadly, couldn't be further from the mark; I don't even know how to spell it. If they'd said Animal House, however … So boys would be fine.

It was a world we both knew intimately. Our houses, despite being over 50 miles apart, looked exactly the same.

the inbetweeners meet jay

Disappointingly, Damon had grown up in a slightly larger house, but mine was in Surrey so I probably won. We wanted suburbia to be the fifth main character, its limitations and freedoms defining what the boys could get up to.

It also seemed likely that the millions of people in Britain who didn't live in cool metropolitan centres might appreciate seeing their world reflected for once.

Incidentally, the only bad "note" we've ever had from Channel 4 was a suggestion that we set it in central London and that the kids all take drugs and go to raves the whole time. We were forcefully told to "think about it". So we went to the pub and decided we'd rather not make it than make it like that.

The cast of The Inbetweeners: Where are they now?

At that time they were getting a bad press. Articles about hoodies and gangs were rife, the "mosquito" device had just been invented and hanging about on corners was practically a criminal act. Yet the same patronising guff about school days being "the best days of your life" was still being spouted.