The green rv project meet

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the green rv project meet

For Vikki and Spenser, the The RV Project isn't a vacation or even a lifestyle, really. It's a means to be Meet Adventurous, Hilarious Vikki: How did your trip. May 11, Explore HERO Yoon's board "RV Project" on Pinterest. Sportsmobile offers 50 camper van plans or will customize to meet your camping/ travel. Bob Munro and his dysfunctional family rent an RV for a road trip to the Pop TV Picks Up Keanu Reeves Sitcom, Announces Projects With Kate Walsh, Will and attend a business meeting with the owners of a family company in a merging .

Recommend AH Battery Bank as a minimum. AC output needs to be connected in safe way.

What Can Solar Power Do For an RV?

Contact for example diagrams. I want to power lights, run my fantastic fan, charge my cell phone, laptop, use an electric kettle, run my electric blender, run the microwave for 5 min and watch 2 hours of TV a day. Recommend AH minimum battery bank, not included. A standard incandescent 12 volt RV light fixture uses 1 or 2 — 18 watt bulbs. If 1 bulb is used, and you had the basic system, you could run that 1 bulb for 12 hours just from the energy harvested from the module.

As in the basic system, the average daily output is based on the solar module being the only input you have. So one could use watt hours from dawn to dawn and be ok, mostly. There are many other variables to this, but for ease of understanding, this will get the job done.

If the module is flat x. Most are rated in Amp Hours; this is not a good way to measure usage or storage. Watt hours is more accurate as a guideline, Amp Hours of the battery x the nominal voltage of the battery.

Batteries can only be recharged a finite number of times, the more you take, the less times you can recharge them. SO, if you use watt hours from dawn to dawn and you have watt hours of solar input, it will take.

The hardest part of this is figuring out how long you will REALLY run the loads you want to power, then finding the amps or watts of 12 volt items to figure it out.

the green rv project meet

The solar guru explains that most of the time under sized systems just slow down the discharge of their battery bank. Which is fine for a weekend maybe, but the batteries are usually depleted when they are leaving. The information goes in depth and I mean in depth on the science behind solar in different lattitudes, months, usage numbers for appliances, battery capacity, and so on.

This implies that components need to be chosen for their ability to wring the maximum energy from the sun during daylight hours. Fortunately, technology in the three critical areas of battery, solar panels, and solar controllers has come a long way in the last few years.

the green rv project meet

But there will still be some lifestyle and operational tradeoffs. Necessarily, that will imply a certain lifestyle … which may cause the numbers to change from time to time. Using a factor of 1.

This implies the use of high efficiency solar panels placed in a way that minimizes shading by roof components such as the air conditioner, roof vents, and TV antenna.

The RV Project

Absorption 3 hours and equalization 2 hours cycles would require an additional 5 hours solar or shore power. When batteries are chronically undercharged, plate sulfation develops to reduce both capacity and battery life. Unfortunately, the modified sine wave produces eddy current resistance losses for all AC inductive loads transformers and motors. Most AC loads are inductive with power factors varying from 0. From the above chart, a charging cycle of approximately Ahrs will be required, where the bulk charging cycle is done by the generator, while the much longer absorption and equalization cycles are done by the solar array.

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A continental breakfast coffee and a muffin 2. Daytime activities while the solar array charges the batteries 4.

Two hours of evening satellite internet 5. An hour of home-theater radio sometime during the day 6. Two hours of evening TV 7. Three movies a week 8. Cooling and air movement using windows with the Fantastic Fans 9. Miscellaneous housekeeping power requirements Minimal cooking for lunch sandwiches and dinner Wheaties.

Data for maps and charts are provided by NASA [http: For example, in June, the average insolation in Portland, Oregon, is 6. Using the above definition, the peak sun hours for those two examples would are 6. Thus, a W panel located in Portland, Oregon, could supply Our cell panels are rated at The 45A TriStar MPPT solar array controller will be configured to use these values to dynamically adjust the load so the maximum power is always transferred, regardless of the variation in lighting.

This effectively extends the hours of usable sunlight, and to some extent compensates for cloudiness, shading, and panel orientation.

the green rv project meet

MPPT is an industry standard acronym for Maximum Power Point Tracking, which allows the use of more cells higher panel voltage for lower cell currents smaller cell size to produce a better form factor for RV roofs. For example, a panel rated at Watts can use either 40 cells Walter, an elderly blind Dachsund, Roger a very sweet and much younger Dachsund and my new best friend, and the lovely white mixed breed Bella.

Paul took us on a tour of his home, lovingly redone with his handiwork. A little background here. Paul is a man of many talents. So his personal touch with woodcraft is all through the house. Next, we got a tour of his property including the mobile sawmill and his large and enviable wood shop. After that, we sat down and got to the business of ship talk.

the green rv project meet

On his wide screen TV, Paul displayed the data they collected and we discussed scenarios and what could have been missed. To say I was in awe of the accomplishments of this team of very technical people would be an understatement. He was very laid back and easy going, eager to answer questions and to ask a few of his own.

Until his wife Rosie came home, and we were all happier. Rosie is just like Paul, welcoming, sweet and was very engaged in the conversation. We had agreed to meet for supper and followed them to a lovely restaurant on the Tennessee River called the Boathouse.

Over about the next 3 hours we continued to talk, share information and just get to know one another. I can say that Greg and I have a couple of new friends in Tennessee, and am so proud to have met them both. So what came out of this meeting?

the green rv project meet