The flintstones meet samantha vhs tapes

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the flintstones meet samantha vhs tapes

Paul Austin has let me use his character of Samantha from the Sam Series for this, too. a nice office chair, a couple other chairs, and even a small TV with a VCR. . "I met one of my two best friends thanks to Steph, but Joey deserves . because Danny and Jesse kept sending tapes and stuff to Jay Leno. This is a BNIB set of six Flintstone VHS tapes. The Flintstones: A page right out of History, The Flintstones Meet Samantha, The Flintstones Meet from eBay. The Flintstones () Love these cartoon remake movies, Popeye and scoobey were even . Cover art for the Flintstones Meet Samantha

Samantha learns she is pregnant. Trick-or-Treat Endora gets mad at Darrin and turns him into a werewolf. Junior Executive Endora turns Darrin into a ten-year old boy. Speak the Truth Endora gives Darrin a "truth" doll as a gift.

And Then there Were Three Tabitha is born. The Moment of Truth Darrin finds out about Tabitha's powers. Accidental Twins Aunt Clara turns the Tate's son into twins. The first appearance of Darrin the Bold. Twitch or Treat Endora throws a Halloween party for witches at the Stephens house. Samantha for the Defense Samantha defends Franklin on theft charges in the conclusion to this story.

Toys in Babeland Endora brings a toy soldier to life to replace her as a baby sitter. No Zip in My Zap Samantha loses her powers because she doesn't use them enough. Birdies, Bogeys, and Baxter Darrin plays golf with a hot-shot golfer to get his account. Snob in the Grass Sheila Sommers attempts to embarrass Samantha, but makes a fool of herself again.

McTavish McTavish, an old ghost, is ruining Ocky's castle tour business Samantha Goes South for a Spell Samantha gets zapped to the old south by a jealous witch. Is it Magic or Imagination? Samantha's slogan is selected by a large company. Samantha Fights City Hall Samantha fights to save a park in the neighborhood. I know it has to be rough. I really do love you. He was finally feeling comfortable not doing comedy all the time in relationships, though he still did some, of course.

Their lips were very close. Joey chuckled as he glanced over at the ten-year-old. Wendy stood beside him with starry eyes. Justin, however, suddenly frowned. Justin sat next to him, and Wendy naturally climbed into him lap, as she would if he was reading a story.

I mean, who would I get to play me? Or your mom; nobody can top her. It won't happen that fast. You like seeing your mom and I in love, but you've got lots of emotions right now. The girls were the same way when Danny, that is, Michelle's dad, started dating. I want you to know, nobody can replace your dad. I wouldn't dare try. I know he was very special.

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But, your mom and he agreed they could see other people if one of them died, just like Michelle's parents before Pam died. They did that so there could be more love spread around, so if someone was available, you could have a man of the house again. I'm sure your mom's told you, but you're important, and it wouldn't be right for anyone to come into the family unless you're all comfortable.

And, hey, you love me, right? You're the best," Justin said as they all embraced. Joey rose, and asked Suzie how he'd done. Hey, it's really two great families. And, then the way you've helped Steph with Samantha.

She saw the Tanners as her real family, and felt most comfortable with Joey as a father figure. She was glad to be able to take a break from her time as a professional ballerina to visit, and to hear about this while here. He didn't bring it up, as it was when Samantha still went by Sam, but he remembered the bond they'd formed even in her first grade year, when they went to visit Becky's parents' in Nebraska.

They'd sat next to each other on the ride home, and they'd discussed how one might do a cow voice for a cartoon; there had been so many other famous animals, but almost nobody had heard of a cartoon cow. I'd slowed down a lot even before my first appearance, when I got on because Danny and Jesse kept sending tapes and stuff to Jay Leno, and then there were some crazy circumstances. It's sort of like that time Sylvester looked out the window as the family drove off, and said, 'Heh, they forgot to put out the cat.

Look, just put on some music. He later told himself that he should have known his comment meant impending doom. Annoyed, but entertained," Jesse remarked, holding up a finger. Although I still wonder if anyone older than ten enjoyed half the silly songs you played. Stephanie's my mother emotionally, but all the encouragement you gave really helped. From helping me with my first ballet recital to even letting me babysit my first time.

Stephanie and her friends were seniors in high school, and had given most of them this hectic year to Michelle and her friends. She finally tried to give Samantha one of her babysitting jobs so she could take her mind off dancing a little bit; her schedule was getting rather crowded, too.

Of course, Stephanie had protected her from so much, the idea kept bugging her, even though she knew the girl so well. Joey's wife was eight months' pregnant, and due in a couple weeks. Justin and Wendy were thrilled. They'd really accepted Joey as their new dad in a wonderful way. And, the whole family loved having Suzie, Justin, and Wendy in it.

the flintstones meet samantha vhs tapes

Stephanie babysat for them a number of times. But, this time, Justin — who was a bit old for a sitter anyway at fourteen — was at a friend's, so it was just Wendy. She finally figured Samantha could handle this one alone.

Could Stephanie handle the fact she was doing it, though? Joey and Suzie agreed that Samantha was ready to baby-sit a really well-behaved kid, where she didn't have much to do but keep her entertained. She wasn't ready to watch a toddler by herself yet, but Wendy was usually a breeze. Stephanie dropped Samantha off as the couple was close to leaving for dinner.

She and Samantha hugged, and then Stephanie just stood there, in the doorway, beaming as she gazed at Samantha. She breathed deeply and said, "I can't believe it yet. He said he could tell Stephanie just wanted to keep her young for a while longer. I mean, I'm just thinking about the fact that she's like my little girl. I mean, I've really raised her, and now, here she is…ready to be on her own, in charge of someone else…" Samantha laughed as Stephanie ran up to her and hugged her again.

As the young schoolgirl observed Stephanie, she looked at Samantha. She remembered helping her as they both served as flower girls at Joey and Suzie's wedding, and doing so many other cool things.

It had taken a while, but she'd grown to the point where she needed to be able to say confidently that she could handle something like an adult. Joey knew, from how much he'd kept acting like a kid — something that helped him with Samantha a lot — that adult responsibility was important to give.

And, having someone like Wendy in the family gave her that chance. I guess she likes to stand there and reminisce.

Stephanie liked that idea. Joey jokingly tried to squeeze out the door with Stephanie, and they were caught for a second before we got out. As they walked down the drive to their cars, Stephanie looked back to see Samantha and Wendy waving at the window. Samantha looked just about as proud as Joey had ever seen her. The best part was, he was part of that, too. Samantha and Wendy played a couple games, then had a snack while talking expectantly about the new arrival in her family. Samantha was in awe of the situation.

Wendy knew not to take advantage of Samantha, who had a hard time ordering anyone around. It was a great situation for Samantha. She could tell the query made Samantha a little sad. She put an arm around Wendy and said simply, "Your dad and Stephanie and all of them are my family.

At least, that's who I think of as family. It's just, well…" Samantha didn't know how to continue. She repeated things the way she'd always heard them when she felt sad.

Mom says it's okay to be sad. My birth dad died, too. Then Mom got married again. Joey never replaced Daddy. He's still in my heart, too. It's like that, except… Stephanie's the only one I've known who's like a mother.

She didn't have anyone to replace. But, I'm fine now, really," the sitter assured her.

the flintstones meet samantha vhs tapes

They drifted on to other topics. Samantha realized that Wendy had taken that rather well, all things considered.

Since she didn't have real memories of her biological father, who had died before she turned two, she could figure that Samantha wouldn't have memories at all of her parents. She figured they died when Samantha was a baby, instead of always neglecting her. She knew Michelle's mom had died when Michelle was a baby, after all. After a series of jokes with impressions — he'd done his "Wizard of Oz' bit the first time he was on, in — he walked over to sit next to Jay Leon.

I'm sure it'll change soon, though. No more imaginary friends, either. So, when you feel lonely, like I did with my family moving so much, you not only have your hockey-playing moose…" Jay laughed. But, that's okay, the same guy who does my dentures is making me a faake antler.

So, now, you said you imagine writers do this, too; do you think someone like Hamlet was Shakespeare's…" "No, I don't think you can do it as much with plays unless you have a series.

I think someone like Agatha Christie, who Steph, really likes, one or two of her detectives might have become like that. Of course, reading doe sthat, too, you enjoy a character like the Peanuts gang or Dennis the menace enough, then I think it's only natural to have adventures with them in your mind when you're young. I think as you get older, it helps you to keep that. I always told Steph, thik about what something's thinking, not just the people.

That's why she was able to write such a great piece about the cafeteria's meatloaf for the school paper, from the meat loaf's point of view, in seventh grade. See, if I'm a writer, say I'm going to write Popeye, for instance.

I would talk to him, ask him what he thinks should happen in the plot I've hatched, what he would do.

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If I keep that in my mind, as an imaginary friend, I'll be able to make him more like himself, and I'll know being a kids' cartoon he's going to do certain things. Some writers, when an idea that's extra graphic comes to them, they need a voice going," he said, changing to his Popeye voice, "'You do that to me characters and I'll shove that laptop down your throat. I want my imagination to be totally family friendly.

We've really had some great times together. No more trips to comedy clubs around the country, anyway. But, you know, there is something fun about being on stage. Your review has been posted.