The doctor and donna meet again fast

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the doctor and donna meet again fast

In the episode "Forest of the Dead", Donna meets a man, Lee McAvoy, been perfect to have that guy come back and meet Donna in a real setting. Fast forward to "The End of Time", Wilf repeatedly talked to 10 about the. Aug 9, One of the recurring themes that the modernization of Doctor Who has The Brave Investigator: When The Doctor and Donna first meet up again after the technobabble explaining the whole situation at breakneck speed. [After Donna appears in the TARDIS]: The Doctor: You can't do that! I wasn't. . Donna: Am I ever going to see you again? .. Oh, that came out a bit quick.

In the distance, a smoking spaceship lay in a blanket of blue-green grass. A striking figure in velvet chatted with the locals, surveying the scene with satisfaction. What will become of the pirates? Where will you go? He seemed to age a century as his eyes lost their spark. He had been running for years, avoiding the Time War as much as possible. He had no wish to get involved, but it was becoming harder and harder to escape such a large catastrophe.

Refugees had fled across the universe, bringing tales of devastation and Daleks until the word was as feared as the creatures themselves. It was a miracle that Earth and her closer colonies had not been affected so far, one for which the Doctor was tremendously grateful. The Time Lord ran a hand through his hair, missing the longer curls he had worn for decades. He had spent too long aiding the refugees of the War, when they'd let him, and it showed.

The romantic, energetic, sharply-dressed adventurer of days past had given way to a hardened drifter, one who travelled alone and daren't return home.

As his thoughts turned increasingly bitter, the Doctor almost missed the opening of a time fissure directly in front of him. He was well-versed in the theory of fissures, although he had not seen one like this before. Eagerly, he pulled out his sonic screwdriver. He did not recognize the voice, or the name who was Jack? That voice belonged to another Doctor!

He had crossed his own timeline before, so this wasn't as worrisome as it should have been. Then he remembered that the Time Lord had already recognized his voice, and threw caution to the winds. He'd never seen this fez before in his life. Why was it whizzing around his personal timeline, and what was he meant to do with it?

For a moment, the Doctor looked back at New New Milan, now glowing in the morning light. He had no further business here; might as well search for something to do. With a mental shrug, he put on the fez and jumped into the portal. Meanwhile, in sixteenth-century England, the Tenth Doctor was struggling to identify the real queen—and his betrothed, how had that happened? Step away from her, Doctor. It was not helping him at all! A compliment that cannot be extended to yourself," the first Elizabeth snarked.

The creature has captured my exact likeness. This is exceptional," the other commented. A Queen would call it impertinent. But then, you have the advantage. A tear in the fabric of reality. A bright red something, in the shape of a fez. Before the Doctor could answer, a man came through the portal, crashing into the forest floor.

He was lanky and odd-looking, with barely-there eyebrows and an unfortunate chin. The Doctor put on the fez. I've never seen it from the outside. It's like a special effect! The Tenth Doctor, about to make a joke about their relative sizes, stopped short as the portal sang again, and yet another man fell through. Both Doctors recognized him at once, and went to help him up, more out of friendliness than any real need.

Eleven did the same. Nine and Eleven watched, mystified, as they kissed the Tenth Doctor in turns and then left. The older Doctors dashed forward to help her stand. Rose raised her eyebrows, admiring the view. Jack broke free of Nine's grip and shook the stranger's hand eagerly.

This one lied," he joked, pointing to Nine. Loving the outfit," he finished, grinning. The lack of recognition in her face was painful for Ten and Eleven to see, although they could not blame her for it, as she hadn't met them yet in Ten's caseor at all Eleven. I don't think this thing is done yet," suggested the oldest Doctor, straightening his bow tie. And Rose," he added suddenly.

The sincerity in his tone gave her pause. It didn't take long before it activated again, only this time it was just a voice coming through. Physical passage may not be possible in both directions. Hang on, fez incoming! Clara and Kate had no answer for him.

Nine groaned, his head falling into his hands. The blonde wrapped an arm around her leather-wearing Doctor, watching the other Time Lords with no small amount of suspicion. She still didn't quite believe that they were her Doctor, although the one in the waistcoat was quite handsome, and the one in pinstripes had great hair. As Ten and Eleven argued about polarity, the fissure flashed again, and three more people came through.

the doctor and donna meet again fast

The first was a man none of them recognized. The two women, however, were another story. River had said nothing so far, standing beside the man and Jenny and inspecting them all in turn.

When eyes turned to her, she grinned. It was the same size and shape as Eleven's, but with a purple light. Well," he amended, brutally honest, "some more than others. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? It seemed to struggle this time, making a strange whining sound until four more people landed in the clearing.

Two of them looked impossibly familiar. As soon as she was standing, the grown-up Rose looked around the clearing, her eyes widening as she saw the Ninth and Tenth Doctors. The assembled Doctors caught the glint of wedding bands on their fingers.

While they had once been identical, eight years of human life in Pete's World had left their mark on the Metacrisis. There was silver in his hair, and laugh lines the other Doctor didn't have. It was impossible to miss the resemblance to Ten, or the Metacrisis, though the little boy had his mother's smile. Why have you pulled us through? The Tenth Doctor snorted. That's normal, to argue with yourself, isn't it? Does the Moment mean anything to you lot? Nine, Ten, the Metacrisis, and Eleven recoiled in horror.

I don't remember ever taking so many, Doctor, and some of them are far too young! Before the War Doctor could say anything else, every Doctor in the clearing held out a sonic screwdriver. They're scientific instruments, not water pistols! Before they could get down to business, a group of soldiers appeared and encircled them.

I would have the Doctor's head. The Ninth, Tenth, and Eleventh Doctors, having sprung to their feet with the soldiers' arrival, now pointed their sonic screwdrivers at them. What are you going to do, assemble a cabinet at them? Am I talking to the Wicked Witch of the Well?

Would you mind telling these prattling mortals to get themselves begone?

Donna Noble - I'm nothing special.

Or I'll turn you all into frogs! What happened to the other one?

Did you say the Tower? Breakfast at eight, please. Will there be WiFi? The Tower is not to be taken lightly!

It was a large room, but with so many people it felt a bit cramped. Let's start with the youngest and work our way up the Doctors, then companions and friends, eh? Tell us where you were before you came here, and don't worry about paradoxes; you won't remember anything we say or do here when this is over.

The battered warrior took his turn, looking sadly at Eight. I stole the Moment, and was about to use it, when the portal appeared. She wanted us to see what would happen if we used her to end the War, and she made sure that none of us would remember this, until him," he finished, pointing to Eleven. Where would I pick up a new regeneration cycle? We met Jack a few days ago, saved London from the Chula ambulance, and had a few more adventures since then.

I had a bit of a Martian misadventure, and then I came here and somehow proposed to Queen Elizabeth. The Ninth Doctor was looking at Rose with shock, and perhaps admiration. That she would do such a stupidly brave thing in order to save him was beyond his comprehension. He held her tight, not noticing the pained glances Ten and Eleven were sending their way. Bad Wolf creates herself, and scatters clues throughout time and space before rescuing us from the Daleks," the Metacrisis Doctor picked up the story.

Ten lost a hand in a sword fight just after regenerating, and when a Dalek shot him, months later, he poured his regeneration energy into said hand, which my brilliant best mate Donna touched, creating an instantaneous, two-way, human-Time Lord biological metacrisis. That's how I was born. Then the Daleks tried to destroy all reality, I destroyed them, and the Oncoming Hypocrite over there decided that I was too dangerous to keep, and stranded me in a parallel universe with Rose.

And how was any of that Rose's fault, for you to abandon her like that? You don't know what was happening. I lost Rose and Donna on the same day, so do not judge me without knowing all the facts. They'd forgotten he was there. So she's back home with Wilf and her mum now, and she doesn't know that she saved the world. John Noble looked sick. How are you here, and who are the kids? I did what any sane Time Lord would do, and asked her to marry me! That clone is Jenny, whom I thought dead until today, but since she came with you, I guess you found her alive and well.

Nice one, older self. Sandshoes here took a lethal dose of radiation for Wilf Mott—lovely that you named your son after him, well done—and after saying goodbye to all of our living companions, regenerated into me. You never know what the new taste buds will go for! Then the portal appeared, and I jumped through, leaving my companion back in the twenty-first century.

I am your thirteenth regeneration," the man in blue told them all. I was born on Trenzalore, after centuries of defending a town called Christmas it in his body," he explained, pointing to Eleven.

I won't tell you all just how I received a new regeneration cycle, but after today, I've a feeling you will know. You just won't remember," he finished practically. The curly-haired woman at his side cleared her throat. Some of you have met her, and most of you have not. This is Professor River Song, an archaeologist, assassin, time-traveller, and the most ridiculously complex woman you will ever know.

The three of us were on a picnic celebrating my birthday when the portal opened. Rose, Jenny, and Jack wandered over to the Noble family, saying hello to the kids and trying to ignore the commotion. In another corner, Twelve rubbed at his temples as River patted his back soothingly. They're worse than teenagers! What is the point of it all?

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We're in a bloody cell and all you can do is bring up mistakes you've made in the past! Now let's work on saving England from the Zygons, and if you can't do it without insults, you don't talk at all. You were at the Tower of London in the future! I'm leaving a message for Clara. Meanwhile, Eight was busy scanning the door with his screwdriver. We all remember what you did, what we did.

How ironic that he, the Time Lord who avoided the War as much as he could, would be the one to end it! Do you know why? Because I haven't forgotten. You just bury it in the back of your mind, like a child.

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The man who hates what he's done so much that won't even look in a mirror. The man who regrets what he's done enough to try to save a Dalek fleet, no matter how futile the effort. The man who pretends to forget, because he can't ever move on.

The Moment is coming, and the Moment is me. You have to decide. Same software, different case! Scanning the door, implanting the calculation as a permanent subroutine in the software architecture, and, if you really are me, with your leather jacket and sandshoes and your dicky bow, and that screwdriver is still mine, that calculation is still going on. We may have had our differences, which is frankly odd in the circumstances, but, I tell you what, boys.

the doctor and donna meet again fast

We are incredibly clever. It was clearly a time-traveller, judging by the clothes and the vortex manipulator on her wrist. You've met them before, remember? I'm through being defeated by wooden doors and cages!

Why wasn't it locked? It's time I think you saw what's going to happen to it. To their surprise, Elizabeth ordered a Zygon to touch a glass cube, which led to the same Zygon appearing in one of the 3D landscapes that would be in the Undergallery centuries later. That's the Zygon in the picture now! Frozen instance in time; bigger on the inside, but could be deployed as—" "—Suspended animation!

The Zygons all pop inside the pictures, wait a few centuries till the planet's a bit more interesting, and then out they come. Except you add time, if you can picture that. Nobody could picture that. Forget I said cup-a-soups. It's not just the smell, or the unconvincing hair, or the atrocious teeth, or the eyes just a bit too close together, or the breath that could stun a horse.

It's because my Elizabeth, the real Elizabeth, would never be stupid enough to reveal her own plan. Honestly, why would you do that? So, backtracking a moment just to lend context to my earlier remarks," Ten said quickly. I am accustomed to taking precautions," the woman explained, showing them a dagger hidden under her skirts. The arrogance that typifies their kind. The future of my kingdom is imperilled, Doctor. Can I rely on your service?

John Noble and the Ninth Doctor held their Roses' hands a bit tighter than usual, while River and Jenny looked on in amusement.

He kissed his own wife instead. He grows out of it," Eleven said, and Nine frowned at him. The Tenth Doctor let go of the console as though it had burned him.

As the Eleventh Doctor set coordinates, an alarm sounded and Nine got a sharp electric shock. He and Ten exchanged glances. The Zygons are underneath it," Eleven told them. They followed us there in the Black Archive.

Together they save the world from the Adipose. She observes his improved emotional state, and belatedly accepts his invitation to travel with him. Unlike Rose Tyler and Martha JonesDonna is a grown woman when she meets the Doctor, and harbors no illusions of romance. She stands up forcefully to the Doctor when she thinks he's wrong, and stands by him just as forcefully when he needs her.

However, Donna has a maturity, levelness, and generosity of spirit that are new to him, and she greets Martha - and later, the Doctor's accidental daughter Jenny - warmly. Traveling with the Doctor to the Library, Donna meets River Song, and is surprised to find she is known.

Here she gets her first hint that her days with the Doctor could be numbered. Under threat from the Vashta Nerada, she is uploaded by the Library computer CAL; in this virtual universe, she meets and marries Lee, and they have two children together.

She still has glimpses of the Doctor, and begins to suspect her life is not what it seems, suspicions confirmed by a visit from the deformed upload of Miss Evangelista.

When the Doctor negotiates a truce with the Vashta Nerada and the Library downloads people again, she looks for Lee in the crowd, but misses him when his stutter prevents him from calling out to her. When Donna visits a fortune teller on the planet Shan Shen, she is infected by a Time Beetle, which causes her to make a different choice in her own past, turning right when she had previously turned left.

As a result, an alternate timeline is created where she never meets the Doctor. He is killed in his encounter with the Racnoss; without his intervention, the world is drastically changed from the world Donna previously knew. A meeting with a mysterious blonde woman saves her life: However, their lives are never the same. Work becomes hard to come by; housing is assigned; eventually, foreign nationals, like the Italian neighbors her family has befriended, are shipped to labour camps in a scenario reminiscent of Nazi Germany.

Donna's forceful personality is no help to her in this world. However, the mysterious blonde woman intervenes again, persuading Donna to travel in time and change her own fate for the better of the world.

Landing too far away, Donna allows herself to be killed, in order to persuade her other self to turn left instead of right and restore the timeline in which she meets the Doctor.

Donna Noble

Back on Shan Shen, the beetle falls away, and Donna remembers only the mysterious woman's last words: The Doctor recognizes the warning, and together they race back to Earth. In the battle against Davros and the Daleks, Donna witnesses a partial regeneration - in which the Doctor channels the extra energy into the dismembered hand he lost during his last regeneration, which Captain Jack Harkness carried around with him until the two were reunited.

A second Doctor grows from the hand, a part-human version with many of Donna's personality traits and a single heart, while Donna herself gets the Doctor's mind. Donna and the Doctor both know her Meta-Crisis mind is short-lived, but she resists as long as she can. She helps the Doctor return his companions to their homes, including persuading Rose to accept the Meta-Crisis Doctor as her Doctor and keep him with her in Pete's World.

Then, as the Time Lord mind burns her brain, they realize the only way to save her is to destroy every shred of the Doctor in her mind, including every memory of her time with him.

She begs him not to do it, but the Doctor can't let her die.