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The Berenstain Bear Scouts and the Terrible Talking Termite - Berenstain Bears Bear Scout Treasury () [compilation: Giant Bat Cave, Humongous Pumpkin, Meet Bigpaw, Save That Backscratcher] The Runamuck Dog Show (). Paperback, pages Published February 1st by Scholastic Paperbacks ( first published April 30th ) original titleThe Berenstain Bear Scouts Meet. Dogs large and small will do amazing tricks, and Dr. Hairball, the vet, will judge. The Arfo .. Come along as the Berenstain Bears meet everyday heroes -- firefighters! When the Bear Scouts meet Bigpaw they can hardly believe their eyes.

Hoist by His Own Petard: When Papa breaks his promise to not attempt to get more Wild, Wild Honey in the s cartoon episode "The Great Honey Pipeline" via building the titular pipeline, Brother and Sister get several of the other animals they know to not only return the honey to Queen Nectar and her hive, they use that same pipeline to send the smell of skunk spray towards Papa the next time he tries to get honey; Papa later gets forced to sleep in a tent due to smelling bad to ensure that he learned his lesson about not breaking a promise.

Too Much Vacation has the Bear family going through several mishaps during their vacation to the wilderness. While practicing with willing volunteers, he accidentally puts Lizzie Bruin into a trance as well, allowing her to remember events from earlier.

These recovered memories allow the other cubs to, with the help of the police, take down a shoplifting ring that's been causing a lot of trouble at the mall.

When Brother and Sister complain about not being allowed to watch TV for a week in Too Much Television not as a punishment, but just because Mama felt the family needed a break from itPapa lectures them about being good sports — and then finishes with "Now, if you'll excuse me, there's a sports show I want to watch.

In the Big Chapter Book The Berenstain Bears and the Dress Code, one of the teachers turns up at the Bear family's house to drum up support for a scheduled meeting for a debate about the dress code.

Brother happens to be present and asks about the band concert that was previously scheduled at that time. When the teacher brushes off his concerns by claiming the debate is more important and the concert will be rescheduled, Brother storms up to his room in a fit of temper. The narration tells us Brother and the rest of the band want the concert a school-sponsored event to be over soon so they can move on; the hypocrisy of the teachers disrupting school events for their own desires which they had claimed the cubs' fashion choices had been doing so angers Brother that he goes from being a mildly annoyed but overall neutral party to a ringleader of the kids' side of the debate who is ultimately indirectly responsible for their win.

Hypocrite Has a Point: In Get the Gimmies, Papa Bear despairs over the increasingly bratty behavior of Brother and Sister, who keep wanting all manner of toys and trinkets. Later, his own parents gently remind him that he acted much the same way when he was a cub. Nonetheless, they understand his fear of his children becoming Spoiled Brats and help him curb their behavior.

In The Berenstain Bears and the School Scandal Sheet, the cubs who are working on the titular scandal sheet are clearly breaking the rules and doing things that upset and even harm the school staff but said school staff basically ignored any and all of their desires when it came to writing for the school newspaper with such actions as forcing one of Brother's agemates to review books for first-graders and write a poem with a word that's nearly impossible to rhyme and ignoring Ferdy's suggestions for the science section.

The cubs only went with the unauthorized newspaper because they felt ignored, something the adults admit was wrong of them. I Can't Hear You: The babysitter tells him to turn it down, but he tells her that he can't hear her because the music's too loud.

The fourth book, Moving Day, explained how the family moved into their tree house. The PBS animated series adapted this one as well. Ferdie Factual, in his debut episode, at first. But the last straw comes when she's initially unable to blow out any of her birthday candles and her friends tease her with saying she'll end up having six cubs when she grows up, and she begins to cry, sadly telling Mama all the mishaps that occurred to her throughout the party.

But she cheers up when the others remind her she hasn't opened her presents yet, and by the end, Sister gets to learn the true importance of birthdays. It's the Best Whatever, Ever! He grumbles that they were supposed to be having fun, but it turns out that Sister and Brother were having fun and thought that he was too, showing him the pictures of his antics during the vacation. They put a smile on his face and he decides that he was looking at things all wrong, deciding that it was, indeed, the best vacation ever.

I Was Quite a Fashion Victim: How the kids thwart the school's new dress code; display a slide show of the adults wearing absurd '60s and '70s clothing. Jerkass Has a Point: In "Forget Their Manners", Papa who has suffered most from Mama's "Politeness Plan" rightly brings up that you need to have common sense along with good manners "If you let everybody cut in front of you at the checkout, you'll be in line forever.

He perfectly demonstrates the latter by politely interrupting a customer at the supermarket to inform her that she has a leaking bottle in her shopping kart.

Brother, Sister, Cousin Fred and later Lizzie Bruin form the Bear Detectives, solving mysteries from a missing pumpkin to empty jars of honey. Deconstructed at the end of The Drug Free Zone. The Bear Detectives expose drug dealing in Bear Country; while the police thank them for their help, they also berate the cubs for getting involved.

The cubs get warned that messing with drug dealers can be dangerous and is not like finding a missing pumpkin. Lizzie's big putdown in Trouble with Friends: The adaption of "Get the Gimmies," along with the moral expansion, takes out the tantrum scene, for one example. In fact, as a whole the series seemed to tone down a lot of the quarreling and screaming that was commonplace in the series; this is easiest to notice with Mama, who would scream at the cubs for doing something as small as not cleaning their room, yet in the series her tone is only mildly stern following Sister and all the other girls trashing Lizzie's house in "The Slumber Party".

All three animated incarnations, though the specials and Nelvana series hide it a little better than the '80s series. Specifically, in "The Messy Room" episode, in a scene where Mama looks across her cubs messy room.

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Said scene is replayed, with Brother and Sister saying "Hi, Mama! Lampshaded when Freddie and Lizzy are borrowing Sister and Brother's clothes. The artwork shows their closets have twenty of the exact same outfit.

Similarly, "The Trouble with Grownups" plays with this— since everyone on the show usually only wears one thing, when Brother and Sister portray Papa and Mama, they dress up in their standard outfits, which makes it instantly recognizable who it is that they're portraying. The reverse becomes true later when Mama and Papa dress up as Sister and Brother. The series has been around since The '60s.

In one of the novels, the former vice principal becomes acting principal and establishes a school dress code, and the students hate both the new principal and the dress code.

So they study the rules and on the very first day, decide to piss off the acting principal by doing just this, and intentionally declaring that they are not breaking any rules. Queenie, who isn't that malicious; her bad traits are that in her first appearance she excludes Sister due to being Innocently Insensitiveand she occasionally goes out with Too-Tall. Brother opts instead to catch the infinitely cooler Space Grizzlies!

Well, that's her name, anyway Queenie's mother is upset when her daughter is sent home from school for wearing a miniskirt, since Queenie was inspired by the outfits her mother wore as a cub. She calls the principal and asks why Miss Glitch, who isn't even Queenie's teacher, was allowed to do such a thing. Happens in the animated version of The Messy Room. Much of the episode has Mama screaming at the cubs and the cubs screaming at each other.

After a long drawn out panic attack of Mama threatening to throw away all the cubs' toys, Papa Bear walks in on the situation and fusses at the cubs as Mama had been doing earlier There are Christian Berenstain Bear books.

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This is not a joke. There is even a Berenstain Bears children's Bible. Yep, that's not a joke, either. More Hypnotizable Than He Thinks: While he's practicing with willing volunteers, Ferdy Factual claims he can't be hypnotized, but is easily put into a trance, after which Ralph has him act like the bear he most admires.

This gets some laughs when he starts acting like himself. Subverted with Too-Tall Grizzly, who also claims he can't be hypnotized, but appears to fall under Ralph's control easily; it soon turns out he's faking it in order to scare one of his gang who'd laughed at him earlier Ralph, for his part, figured out Too-Tall was faking as soon as he started talking while still in his "trance", but played along.

The book Moving Day flashbacks to before Sister Bear was born and the Bear family lived in a cave, before deciding to move to their split-level tree house in Bear Country.

In Too Much Pressure, Papa tries to warn Mama that the spark plugs of the car need cleaning, but Mama, who's already been running herself ragged trying to keep up with the cubs' busy schedules, cuts Papa off and drives away.

The Berenstain Bear Scouts Meet Bigpaw

This later leads to the car breaking down on their busiest day yet. In "Get the Gimmies" on the PBS series, young Papa Bear cried these to get his parents to get him a toy truck he wanted, though he ended up donating it to a boy in a needy family.

This trope gets passed around a lot but frequent holders are Brother, Mama and Sister; Lizzie has also gotten it when the conflict is between Brother and Sister. Mama is normally the level-headed one in the family, which becomes shocking in Too Much Pressure when she breaks down in tears due to being overwhelmed with taking Brother and Sister to their activities and the car breaking down. The series has a character reciting the opening rhyme in voiceover from the book the episode is based on.

Brother and Sister become this in an effort to both keep out of trouble and annoy Mama Bear into cancelling the Politeness Plan in Forget Their Manners. It backfires because not only does Mama not get annoyed, but they wind up getting into the good manners habit and start being polite without thinking about it. A mild version involving a school dress code. The kids adopt obnoxious new fashions, and due to an escalating power struggle between the acting principal who keeps making new rules and the kids using Loophole Abuseit looks like the school will be going to uniforms This is especially noticeable with Miss Glitch; the reason why the dress wars got started in the first place is because she overrode her authority and sent Queenie home for wearing a miniskirt, despite the fact that Queenie wasn't her student and didn't talk to Principal Honeycomb about it.

One of the pictures shown of her as a teen is her wearing a miniskirt that's extremely short. Papa and Mama Bear are not without their flaws. Papa can be oafish and Mama can be somewhat righteous. And both of them have been shown to lose their temper at times e. Also, The Trouble with Grownups is a virtual lampshading of part of this trope, although it examines the parent-child relationship from both sides of the fence.

Happens a few times during the s cartoon episode "The Mansion Mystery". Pet Baby Wild Animal: Kumquats are thrown at Raffish Ralph and Weasel McGreed when their plans are foiled at the end of the s cartoon episode "Save the Farm". Real Men Wear Pink: He uses what he learned from it to his advantage to dump Too-Tall Grizzly into a dumpster.

Honeycomb, the principal of the school Brother and Sister attend, is much more reasonable than his vice principal, "Bullhorn" Grizzmeyer.

Other episodes use some background music tracks from the early specials as well. The chapter book The Berenstain Bears and the School Scandal Sheet has classmate Queenie McBear put an unapproved article in a secondary and unauthorized school newspaper about Teacher Bob being seen having dinner with a pretty teenager, causing a fuss and an inquiry for unprofessional behavior.

Queenie's editor-in-chief Brother Bear angrily informs her that had she not gone over his head which ultimately led to them being exposed as the writers of the secondary newspaperhe would have killed the story on the spot - he knew full well that the girl in Queenie's photo was Bob's teenage niece, who was in town to visit him.

No matter what modern features may appear in the series, the family always drives a s-style car. The clothing styles tend to be evocative of rural America in the early 20th century. Candlestick telephones also seem to remain in vogue, but the series flip-flops a bit on that. Rhymes on a Dime: All of the early books under The Bears label, as well as all five of the animated specials.

Ripped from the Headlines: No Guns Allowed, in response to Columbine and other school shootings. And The Sinister Smoke Ring, which featured anti-smoking protesters, Brother briefly joining Too-Tall's gang and a moose mascot that might as well just be called "Joe Camel. Subverted in that none of them had malicious intent; it was just a prank by Papa Bear to scare the cubs during a camping trip, and by Scout Leader Jane and Mama Bear to get back at Papa Bear.

Mamie's Horseriding Academy by sabotaging the place in a bid to get it shut down so Ms. Mamie can't make her mortgage payment.

Mamie, one of the Bogg Brothers dresses up as the ghost of Billy Beechtree in a last ditch effort to scare them away, but he and his brothers get caught. The ending reveals that they were hired by a real estate development company so they could take over the academy, tear it down, and build a shopping mall.

However, the start inviting other friends to the party initially using the excuse " What's one more? It pretty quickly escalates to the likes of "What's a hundred more?

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The in-universe franchise Space Grizzlies. Star Warsmuch? He finds a number of good acts, but is desperate to find his "showstopper," the big act that will bring down the house. His showstopper turns out to be Too Tall, who has a surprisingly tender and compelling singing voice. While visiting a pumpkin patch, Papa learns that his selfishness debt that the legend of the terrifying Bigpaw is real and is on the move through Sinister Bog. On their own, Brother and Sister decide to go and gather no ifs, ands, or buts mixed nuts for Papa.

They set off into the woods and into Sinister Bog. Gathering nuts in a tree, Brother and Sister feel the earth trembling as Bigpaw approaches "Bigpaw". Terrified, the cubs lose their balance, and begin to fall from the tree. They are saved from injury, though, by landing in the enormous hand of Bigpaw. Instead of hurting them, Bigpaw gently places them safely upon the ground and the cubs immediately realize that Bigpaw is not a creature to fear.

Meanwhile, back at the village square, Papa has gathered members of Bear Country, rallying a group of citizens to seek out Bigpaw and "get him before he gets us". Mama thinks the bears are getting carried away and convinces them to use their heads and think things through "A Stranger's Just Somebody You Don't Already Know ".

Bigpaw has climbed a high mountain to take a nap and his yawn echoes through the valley. But the fearful bears interpret his yawn as a terrifying roar and Papa - seeing Bigpaw's giant shadow - assembles a mob.

Brother and Sister try to tell Papa of Bigpaw's kindness, but he doesn't listen. Up on the mountain, Bigpaw was setting in for his nap when he heard the sound of the angry mob approaching. Afraid of the approaching bears, Bigpaw built a tall stack of boulders to use as weapons against the approaching mob until Sister and Brother intervene, placing themselves between Bigpaw and the angry members of Bear Country.

Bigpaw holds back his tower of rock, gently picks up Brother and SIster, who explain how kind the giant is. Everyone celebrates and the Bear Family invites Bigpaw to Thanksgiving dinner the following day, at which time Bigpaw presents Papa with his favorite treat - mixed nuts "Thankfulness - Reprise". A storybook version of the film was published by Scholastic in under the title The Berenstain Bears' Thanksgiving.