The 10 guys you ll meet in college

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the 10 guys you ll meet in college

When in college, you will meet numerous different types of guys that you will either love or hate. Here's everything you should be expecting!. This is the guy your mom warned you about before heading off to college. These are also the guys that every girl is obsessed with and secretly swooning over. 5 Types of Guys You'll Meet in College But these aren't like the guys you knew from high school — now they're older and more mature (or so we hope) They're college guys. 10 Ways to Prepare for Finals Ahead of Time.

The 10 Guys You'll Meet in College | Her Campus

You FaceTime every day and you cry at night because you miss him. One day, you realize how miserable you are and things end. Just know, he will always comes back. The Frat Guy Oh. This guy will enter into your life at least five times or more throughout your college experience. He will hit you up at 1 a.

the 10 guys you ll meet in college

He is so involved, driven, and obviously gorgeous. But, you go out and he bails. He has a meeting. This guy is basically a headache. The Cocky Athlete This guy loves your attention. He loves his muscles. But the question is, does he love you?

the 10 guys you ll meet in college

The cocky athlete is certainly quite the catch. He wears those cut off tank tops to show off the guns and rocks his Nike endorsed practice jumpsuit. His dreams of being in the NFL overpower your dreams of falling in love, I suppose.

He takes you to coffee shops and eccentric art museums.

the 10 guys you ll meet in college

You try to understand his poetry, not to mention his vocabulary. He seems so intelligent.

The 10 Types of Guys You Meet in College

Time to cut it off. The Musician The long hair, the white t-shirt, the guitar.

Six Different Guys You Meet In Engineering

He is hardcore on stage and a teddy bear backstage. This guy writes songs about you and serenades you with his acoustic guitar.

The 10 Guys You'll Meet In College

He only wants status and he wants to get it quick. Only then will he act humble, only after he gets everything that he wants without giving back to anyone that supported him. Everything tends to be very calculated and manipulated to be in his favor.

He wants to be perfect, he wants to make everyone happy, but the only thing this is doing is making him the least happy out of everyone. This causes him to have a lack of confidence and the only way he feels he can get his self-love back is if he proves to himself he can do anything and everything. Nothing is too much of a challenge for him.

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Nothing can stop him from doing anything. They practically seem like one person. This guy is always with his partner, they never do anything alone, even when it comes to going to parties.

The couple are always rubbing it in your face how happy they are together and they are generally just annoying about their love and how they met.

the 10 guys you ll meet in college

Have you ever seen this kind of person on your campus, we know we have! We would also advise you to stay clear of this couple since all they care about is themselves and themselves only.