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painted on abs meet the spartans pit movie review and see our movie rating for Meet The Spartans. legendary warriors as preening he-men with painted-on abs who greet other men gag involves Leonidas kicking various overexposed celebrities into the pit of. Meet the Spartans (Unrated 'Pit of Death' Edition): Sean out with a mixture of scatology, phallic humor, painted-on six-pack abs, disco songs. Meet the Spartans - Unrated Pit-of-Death Edition. is not-so-subtly pointed out with a mixture of scatology, phallic humor, painted-on six-pack abs, disco songs, .

If the bankers are the spear- heads of a credible battle, who then is the enemy? Even though the reference to the Spartans stresses bravery in a just cause, there remains the silent implication of the histori- cal fact that all Spartans fell in this battle.

Certainly, the author wished no such fate for these bankers. Oxford Uni- versity Press, 3. Harking back to Greek antiquity is phantasmatic and mythologiz- ing when the reliance on a legend like that of the Spartans is used to assess a current sensibility. Structuralism, Linguistics and the Study of Litera- ture London: University of Illinois Press, History, Culture, and Difference Cam- bridge: Cambridge University Press, 61— Book 7 ends with this important battle which marks the advent of the Second Persian War as well as the death of Leonidas I, who reigned as King of Sparta from to bc.

Vintage, ; see also Anuschka Albertz, Exemplarisches Heldentum: Macmillan, ; George J. Cherf, and John C. Myth and Reality in B. Last Stand of the Oxford: He now came to Thermopylae with the appointed three hundred he had selected, all of whom had sons. The killing of the Persian messenger, which Herodotus actually relates back not to Xerxes, but to his predecessor Darius: When Darius had previously sent men with this same pur- pose, those who made the request were cast at the one city into the Pit and at the other into a well.

painted on abs meet the spartans pit

Ephialtes, son of Eurydemus, a Malian, thinking he would get a great reward from the king, came to speak with him and told him of the path leading over the mountain to Thermopylae.

In so doing he caused the destruction of the Hellenes remaining there. I, however, tend to believe that when Leonidas perceived that the allies were dispirited and unwilling to run all risks with him, he told them to depart.

For himself, however, it was not good to leave; if he remained, he would leave a name of great fame, and the prosperity of Sparta would not be blotted out. Ribald Humor and Sandal Aesthetics: Gender and Genre Houndsmill: Routledge, —; Christopher Frayling, Spaghetti Westerns: Gehring, Parody as Film Genre: Leonidas nodding in assent: The broad array of spoofed objects transcends all restriction of space and time.

The Greek setting remains the outer framework from which the plot evolves, but the many contemporary references all stem from a different historical time and a different cultural and geographical space, namely current American popular culture and politics. Again, this accents the point that parody focuses on having fun with a given structure or text.

In Meet the Spartans, the mes- senger rapper Method Man is kicked into the pit as well. Politicians such as George W. Bush face the same ordeal see Figure 2. He marveled at the sight and took note of their numbers. When Xerxes heard that, he could not comprehend the fact that the Lacedaemonians were actually, to the best of their ability, preparing to kill or be killed.

What they did appeared laughable to him see Figure 6. But this opens an even wider-reaching network of intertextual and inter- cultural cross-references. In contrast, Leonidas of Meet the Spartans, is denigrated as lusty, yet hardly heroic macho with only a scraggly troop of thirteen morons see Figure 7. In Meet the Spartans, there is plenty of crotch to pay attention to, albeit most phallic insinuations are meant in a ridiculing manner suggesting a dysfunctional heterosexuality.

The focus remains rather on the Spartans and their interactions with one another as well as the Persian enemies. This queering needs to be stressed, precisely because it exposes the peculiar gap in Paul Cartledge asserts the consistent fascination with the social practices of the Spartans, including their institutionalized ped- erasty between a young warrior and an adolescent boy, as part of a state- ordained pedagogical system.

On the concept of comic ridiculing as parodic tradition, Linda Hutcheon claims: Even in mocking, parody reinforces; in formal terms, it inscribes the mocked conventions onto itself, thereby guaranteeing their continued existence. This brings a reading of Meet the Spartans to a crucial moment that did not occur in this manner in Homosexuality as universal ethics on the one hand and yet based on a segregated gender notion on the other, obviously accounts for some of the ambivalences inherent in any read- ing of male homoeroticism in heroic genres, whether comic or otherwise.

Very quickly, however, the hero takes off his peplum in favor of more revealing costuming: Especially battle and torture scenes allow for a depiction of the male body as spectacle.

The peplum has this in common with other male genres such 23 Jeffrey Weeks, Coming Out: And yet, in the peplum such scenes remain the exception. The Spartans don't need armor because their abs are harder. The Giant Mook that Leonidas fights during the Immortals' assault takes this to an even crazier level, casually removing a spartan sword stabbed all the way through the muscles of his upper arm and continuing without any real sign of discomfort or impaired ability.

The Persians go down easily. The gods saw fit to grace me with a spare. The Immortals look like ninjas with their black face masks and vaguely Japanese swords.

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The approach of the Persian army makes the earth tremble, and [captain guy] thinks for a moment an earthquake is happening. A number of the Persians.

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The Immortals are visualized as some undefined race of humanoid monsters with killer teeth. The Persian executioner is an obese, terribly deformed bald man with blades for arms. Every Persian soldier exists in this film to be killed by a Spartan. There's a reason why this movie is considered girl porn.

There's a particular shot with Leonidas naked from behind, which means you can see his very muscular butt. Most of Lena Headey's and The Oracle's attire reveal more skin than clothe it. At the end, Captain Artemis is speared by s Persian footsoldiers. He grabs the shafts, brings them closer to him, and plunges his sword into each spearman.

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Dilios, in his role of retelling the story as a morale-boosting tale. Ephialtes blames Leonidas for crushing his dreams of being a Spartan, despite the fact that Leonidas very patiently, and very kindly, explains to him that the reason that he won't let Ephialtes fight is because he can't hold his shield up, which will create a weak spot in the phalanx.

painted on abs meet the spartans pit

Never Was This Universe: While Dilios' tale could be counted as pure exaggeration for the sake of drama, the last shot show's that Spartan's do dress like that for battle and fight as he describe it, instead of the barely straining explanations more serious historical experts keep giving about how the movie should really be done.

Gerard Butler screams about half his lines in the film.

painted on abs meet the spartans pit

In the comic, Leonidas' dialogue is not drawn as yelling quite so often. Used in one of the scenes where the Spartans are fighting the Immortals. A Spartan rips off an Immortal's mask to reveal that they're not human.

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The missing safety railing around Sparta's well is asking for trouble. Off with His Head! Astinos and the Uber-Immortal. When asked about his one eye, he replies, "It's only an eye. The gods saw fit to grant me a spare.

Spartans were expected to be able to express themselves in a concise, forceful and witty manner, which is where we get " Laconic humour. What every Spartan is trained to be. Every drop of Spartan blood costs the Persians at least one man. Three hundred Spartans and Thespians versus several hundred thousand Persians. The Persians are overwhelmed in battle until the climax.

Neither Leonidas nor his men are under any delusion of returning alive to Sparta. Daxos the Arcadian is unnerved by the Spartans' axe craziness. Both the Spartans as well as the Persian forces like to charge into battle this way.

Are their abs really painted on in meet the spartans?

You have many slaves, Xerxes, but few warriors. It won't be long before they fear my spears more than your whips. Dilios summation of one part of the battle; Dilios: Those behind cry "Forward"! Those in front cry "BACK! Dilios' purpose in telling the story. The Captain completely loses it when his son is killed. Backed by the thumping anachronism of a track "Fever Dream.

The Immortals are the personal guard of Xerxes. Why are Spartans more of a threat than ten thousand troops from other Greek cities? Because the other troops are bakers, potters, bankers, and other civilian professionals who've been conscripted into militia duty. The Spartans are something that had never been seen on Earth before: Gerard Butler really went the Large Ham route with the role. He does the same for "Tonight!

The Captain is impaled by a Persian spearman and a couple of sword-wielding Immortalsbut he hacks at the Immortals then pulls himself up the spear to finish off its at this point terrified wielder. The Persians win in the technical sense but the tide has turned by the next battle. Ephialtes turns the tide of the battle in the Persians' favour by revealing a mountain pass that will allow them to outflank the Greek forces. The Persians also bribe the Spartan priests and a member of their senate to facilitate the Persian conquest.

The Immortals wear them. Rated M for Manly: While exaggerated to the point of absurdity, a surprising amount has at least a seed of truth in it: According to several accounts, when one of this units 10, soldiers was injured, killed, or fell ill he was immediately replaced.

It should be obvious why 10, disciplined soldiers with deep reserves equipped with light armor and skilled in close combat specializing in mass formation assaults was one of the most feared military units in the ancient world.

While not used during the invasion of Greece, the Persian army did utilize elephants in combat, always accompanied by handlers from their region of origin experienced in training them.

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Alexander the Great's historians make many mentions of their use as mobile siege towers, and he considered the best method of handling them to be essentially the manner depicted in the film- exploiting elephant's tendency to panic in battle to scare them off cliffs or through the ranks of soldiers behind them. At various times many historical armies also attempted to field other creatures, like rhinos, with about as much success as depicted in the film. The "sorcerers" wielding grenades actually reflect a real weapon of war in use at the time.

painted on abs meet the spartans pit

While true " Greek Fire " and explosives would not be introduced until the middle ages, accounts of clay "grenades" filled with burning substances like oil, tar, and sulfur date back as far as records of Assyrian sieges in the 9th century BC.