Mytrack meet the browns

Elissa Brown’s difficult decision (5/20)

mytrack meet the browns

I immediately began to imitate it in my track meets and it definitely helped me win a scholarship to LSU where I competed in the M, M. It was my first time qualifying in a track event to compete at the state meet, so I was so excited about that. My track coach asked me what I was going to do?. Three things the Browns do in large doses are church, family and track. "Running has "My mom came to two of my track meets. I'm a state.

Running track is one of them. I run in-door events when I can too.

mytrack meet the browns

But recently I got to participate in outdoor Regionals and competed in the meters and meter dashes. I won 1st place in both events and that qualified me to go to State. Elissa shows the medals she won for taking 1st place at the outdoor track regionals. The State Meet was the following weekend—the same days the softball Area Tournament started so, this put me in a difficult position to choose what I was going to do. It was my first time qualifying in a track event to compete at the state meet, so I was so excited about that.

My track coach asked me what I was going to do?

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  • Elissa Brown’s difficult decision (5/20)
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He told me to talk to my parents about it. I told my softball coach about it and she asked me what was I going to do. She let me know that whatever decision I made, she would support it.

mytrack meet the browns

Believe me, I thought about it long and hard because I wanted to compete against girls that were fast like me and see how it goes. Like I said, as bad as I wanted to go, it was an individual achievement and opportunity but I had been on the field all season playing softball with my teammates.

The junior decided to bypass State in track to play for her softball team in the softball playoffs. With the line we have doing a great job, I know that I am are going to get a couple of big runs during the game. I see so many holes before I even get the handoff. At the line of scrimmage, things are moving a lot faster so I have to stay true to my track and my reads and get my eyes where they need to be.

Running is a family affair for Browns

On if he expects to go to the Pro Bowl, given players may not participate: Obviously, that is definitely an accomplishment that every year I work towards and with hopes of obviously playing in the Super Bowl, and if not playing in the Super Bowl, being able to play in that game. There are some damn good receivers in this league that have pretty good years, and I was not at the top this time so I have more work to do. Now I have some things to work on, some things to learn from and grow, and I am going to be in it next year.

We showed that, and that happened in Miami, as well. For us looking at the season that we have had, we have two more games.

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We are looking forward to this one, and we will let the rest just play out how it plays out. It is not just the players. It is the coaches. It is a collective effort, and that is where it starts.

mytrack meet the browns

Obviously, the key part about this whole thing is you see the players and you always see them together and you see us out there performing. That is what you think of as a culture change, but it is also about the guys you are working with and guys that are in the building.

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All of those things matter. Somethings happen and we [have won] 4 of 5 so just little things like that. Not saying that that is the true cause, but I am just saying little things like that builds team chemistry and camaraderie with the guys. We have two games. You never know laughter. Honestly, I want to win, and outside of that, that is really all I can be happy about — just getting the two wins.