Meet the vamps playlist youtube

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meet the vamps playlist youtube

This would explain why now, three years since Meet the Vamps, and two years since Wake Up, we feel like we're meeting The Vamps all over. thevamps. Badminton, Tangerines & Presents! Watch on our Youtube channel now!! thevamps. New diary, out now! Link in our story, thank you America! ❤️. Explore Eva Poul's board "Youtube Video Lyrics" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Music, YouTube The Vamps Songs, My Music Playlist, Music · The Vamps . The Vamps - Can We Dance (Official Video) Vamps Band, Meet The Vamps.

Named in with a single letter so they'd be first in the record store racks, A are best known for their effervescent, harmony-drenched stadium-punk sound and incendiary live performances, culminating in top 10 hit " Nothing ". With years of experience playing the world's biggest festivals and arenas, they decided to try and bring the YouTube experience into the live arena -- and Hello World was born. Hello World is designed to be an immersive show with performance stages big and small, a beach, a bookshop, even a spa.

Something's going on "Maybe it's us getting old," says Adam, "but we've always been looking for that new punk, and we thought this might be it. The Hello World bill includes Alfie Deyes and Zoella, the YouTube power couple at the heart of a bubble of online personalities sharing flats and relationships and, above all, making videos together.

People over the age of 18 might be mystified by the appeal of make-up hauls, lifestyle vlogs and daft challenges, but for teenagers this YouTube-centric world is a cross between reality show, soap opera and best friend, all served up in bite-sized chunks on their phone and laptop. Many of them they don't sing, dance, act -- they just, like, sit there talking. But as Jason points out, "You sit in a room with a top YouTuber, they've just got it, that thing, that star quality.

Humor and hugs turn a Syrian refugee into a YouTube star 3: Borrowing from the experience of going to Disneyland, Hello World is designed to be expansive enough to take the pressure off individual performers while giving each section the right level of intimacy for both talent and fans.

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The show includes both a 35ft-tall emoji house -- Hello World's version of the Disneyland castle -- and smaller areas where fans can draw on their heartfelt connection with their favourite YouTubers by joining intimate fireside chats, music performances, cooking demos and question-and-answer sessions.

We've built a stage around her feelings because she resonates with people who've got the same feelings, and that's amazing.

We've spoken to groups of fans who became friends while waiting at one of our meet-ups, which is really neat. The heyday of A: Mick Hutson To fund the show, the twins set off on a small seed round raising cash from angel investors.

Band The Vamps drive the internet crazy with star turn on Hollyoaks

It helps that these young stars are very much a going concern: When you're chilling out and listening to music around 10 o'clock at night, the tracks you gravitate towards tend to begin to become slower and sadder. Well, because that time of night is when you really start thinking about your life and the mistakes you've made, and you start getting in your feelings and need music to go along with your suffering.

meet the vamps playlist youtube

The Vamps' 10pm soundtrack consists of 5 songs about regrets and romantic screw ups. We start with the slowest of the bunch, "Paper Hearts," where lead singer Brad Simpson confesses to a former lover, "I've written you this letter like a hundred times to start a conversation that we should have had that night.

Nice of denial to join us on this fine, sad night.

meet the vamps playlist youtube

Now, we welcome good old memories to that party in "Sad Song," where the lover spills his regrets of not keeping in contact with the girl he loved, and apparently never stopped loving, as he recalls how happy she made him.

It isn't until we get to "Middle of the Night," The Vamps' collaboration with producer Martin Jensen, that we see the lover reach out to his ex in the form of a drunk call in the middle of the night when he can barely get his words out. Relationships are a good idea until they end and you end up writing songs like these.

While the first part of the night may be filled with somber thoughts and emotional outpours, post 2am hours are all about dancing around like you have nowhere to be the next day.


To help usher in this feeling, we have "Shades On," where the lover starts to move on from his ex, stating that he's feeling like a new man already. This newfound confidence is enough to get our singer back in the game in "It's A Lie," a tropical pop banger with Argentinian singer TINI, but it appears as though he'd ended up back in the mind of the girl we thought he'd just moved on from.

Can we all collectively deep sigh together for a moment?