Meet the teacher gift ideas

Teacher Gifts | The Top 5 Your Child's Teacher REALLY Wants to Receive

meet the teacher gift ideas

Aug 17, Here are a few back to school teacher gift ideas to help brighten their Slip your teachers a Starbucks gift card on meet the teacher night to. Unique Teacher Gift - Christian Teacher Daily Encouragement - Scripture Jar - Personalized Teacher Gift - Back to School - Meet the Teacher. Make teacher gifts together to ease kids into their new schedule, show teachers Are your kids nervous about meeting their new teachers? The team at My Kids' Adventures scoured the web for the best teacher gift ideas.

Then she turns them into Wordles and applies them to clipboards with Mod Podge. Her students love the daily reminder of all the nice things their classmates think of them. She buys presents like puzzles, games, STEM labs, etc.

Back to School Teacher Gift Ideas

Tic Tac Treats These fun and funny candies are an easy gift to throw together for any group. The labels you see here are available on Somewhat Simple. This will make you a very popular teacher! Kindness Posters Have you seen our kindness posters for the classroom? They make a great gift for kids, too.

First laminate them to help them hold up long term. Then let students choose their favorite to take home.

You could consider pairing it with a kind message, too. Sometimes just hearing positive things is all the gift students need. Get the free posters here. Stamped Pencils Pencils are always a necessity in the classroom, and stamping them makes them extra special. Pencil Candy Staying with the pencil theme, this is one that is oh-so fun if you allow the occasional chocolate or candy in your classroom.

DIY Ornaments These are ornaments you can make for your students. Or you can have them help you make them. Unknown This could be an ornament or just a nameplate students can use anywhere.

If you need bulk Scrabble letters, good news! Punch Balloons Your money will go far when you give your students a gift like punch balloons.

meet the teacher gift ideas

Even better, let them blow them up and use them for a designated time frame in class. Preferably at the end of class, so then you can send them home at the end of the day! These little jars are total gems. Learn how to make them from All Things with Purpose. They can hold little treats or just be a gift by themselves! This is one of our favorite winter treats—and a healthy snack option.

Thank-You Note We know that a simple thank-you note is often the best holiday gift for teachers. Well the same is true for kids, too!

25 Back To School Teacher Gift Ideas

Knowing that their teacher sees them for who they are can make all the difference for some kids. Here are some printable thank-you cards to save and print for free, including the one above. Dough-lightful Treat Small cans of play-dough are extra cute with this free printable tag! Snowman Bath Bombs Bath bombs are everywhere these days, and they are lots of fun to make on your own.

These would make great gifts for students or fellow teachers. Learn how to make these from Happiness is Homemade.

meet the teacher gift ideas

Holiday Straws You can find adorable holiday straws all over Amazon. Here are snowflake strawswrapping paper strawsand candy cane straws. You can either give these by themselves or add a package of hot chocolate or something else simple.

A great idea from One Creative Mommy. Sign up to volunteer. I always put my contact information on the list and offer to cut and prepare projects at home. I was sent home from Meet the Teacher with a stack of papers and asked to make these stars. I love that her teacher was willing to welcome me into the classroom community in the capacity that I was able to handle. Ask for the classroom wishlist. If your family is in a financially sound place, ask the teacher if there is a classroom wishlist or supplies that need to be purchased for the classroom.

Many times teachers purchase items for their classroom with their own pocket money. When parents who can help out — teachers are able to do more science projects, hands on art, and maybe even cook with the kids. Take pictures of the classroom. This may sound silly, but I like to take pictures of the classroom and print them out.

We can make a home-made book with them and use the images to spring board discussions. These pictures also come in handy when you ask your child what they did all day. I just take the class pictures out and ask her to point to the station she went to and have her tell me about it.

Find the Positives There is NO perfect school. There is NO perfect teacher.

meet the teacher gift ideas

I start at Meet the teacher by looking for the positives and making a mental note of them. Did they smile when your child walked in the door? Do they seem excited about the school year?

meet the teacher gift ideas

Is there something about the curriculum you enjoy? She is also the sweetest teacher and I feel like my baby will have many opportunities to learn and grow in a safe and caring environment.