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meet the soda popper

this will like a a rapid blaster but with a faster firing rate and slightly longer range Sub: Curl. Video: Meet the Meet the Soda Popper: The Soda Popper is a community-created primary weapon for the Scout. It is a broken .. Soda Popper promo, mostly used from Meet The Spy. Old version of.

You can't get any other object or get to sit on the lawn chair close to the bear. Talk to Myra about your Embarrassing Idol Glory. Use the voice modulator on Sam when the banjo is seen beside Sam.

Then click on the banjo. Sam hits the high note and the glass of water breaks. Now, talk to Myra about that picture in the Times. There was someone else involved. You can select any guest but the right one is Bessy the cow. The shocking ending is short circuited.

The Toy Mafia Episode 3: At the office, the phone rings while Sam and Max are playing. The Commissioner has a new case for the freelance crime fighting duo.

The duo has to rescue an undercover agent, a mole that has not reported in weeks. Check on Jimmy Two-Teeth, fence at his rat hole. Exit the office and go right to the end of the street.

Look at the tabloid and newspaper boxes. See that the gumball machine is filled with anti-depressants. Talk to Bosco aka Jean-Francois Sissypants. Learn about that the Toy Mafia is planning to deliver something in his store. His new invention will stop the delivery. The anti-delivery camera checks if anything is not in the database and if the item is not, it will be thrown out the store. Learn also that he is selling a miniature listening device for 10 million dollars.

Look around and exit the store. Talk to Sybil and find out that she has a new career — professional trial witness. Look around and take note of the webcam on top of the cactus left of the door. Look around the room. See the original meatball sandwich of Ted E Bears. Look around and see the one armed bandit right of the room.

Pull the arm and win; but no prize is given. See the casino pit boss come out of the back room door to check the winning machine. He whispers the password to the guard to go back to the backroom. Talk to the guard and learn only Toy Mafia with password goes through the door. Chuckles is the casino pit boss.

Play the machine right of Lovey the greeter. Read the sign right of the machine to learn the rules. Insert token to start the game. The aim of the game is to shoot 20 orange rats that are singing. Win a souvenir refrigerator magnet.

Talk to Cuddlybear, the dealer. Leonard and 10 million tokens - Talk to Leonard Steakcharmer, the card shark. Leonard plays Indian poker. Play some Indian poker with Leonard and see how it goes. Learn that when he has good cards he bets 10 million tokens to one of yours.

Hmm… Look around the room and then look up at the clown nose above the exit door. Use the ace of spades on clown nose. Get a military bug, the organic listening device. Go back to the casino. Guard — Use the bug on the guard. Then play the one armed bandit again. He has been watching the dynamic duo wrong game. Chuckles gives an offer that cannot be refused. To become one of the toy mafia, there are 3 things that need to be done: Lean on someone, whack someone and recover something. The witness to be silenced is Sybil Pandemic.

Chuckles wants it messy. Recover the original meatball sandwich. Nobody talks to Red E Bear except other members of the toy mafia. Look at the monitors on the right wall and see the office of Sybil in one of them.

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Look at the meatball sandwich display and the one armed bandit. The bandit is missing his arm. Talk to the Cuddlybear, the casino dealer outside the store.

Then tell him about the Toy Mafia. Bosco is now distracted. Use the Ted E. Bear magnet won from the Whack Da RAtz on he camera. Place the Teddy Bear box on the red-white checkered sale table. Cuddlybear enters and gives the thumbs up sign. Talk to Sybil in her office. She thinks it is dishonest to fake her own death. Check the webcam on top of the cactus again. Try using the cap gun on Sybil and see that Chuckles is watching through the webcam. Use the coffee cup on the condiments to get ketchup filled cup.

Place the ketchup filled cup back on her desk by clicking it on her or the desk. Use big gun on coffee cup. Recover the meatball sandwich: Go back to the office. See Leonard talking to Jimmy Two-teeth. Leonard is trying to fence the stolen meatball sandwich. After Sam talks, switch to Max and he will notice that Leonard is holding a cap gun. The cap gun is in inventory. The meatball sandwich was never out of the casino. It is in the prize slot of the one armed bandit.

Automatically, take the bandit arm. Go back to the Casino. Use the bandit arm on the one armed bandit machine. Use the machine and get the original meatball sandwich. Chuckles will have the bandit fixed. True Blue Toy Mafia Initiation: Sam and Max are now initiated to the Orso Nostra.

Chased by the Orso Nostra: The cars have now bulletproof tires. Time the shooting of the big sign hanging above the road. Talk to traitorous mole. The 2 freelance police fake being hypnotized by hypnobear. Test — Shoot the short one. Use the cap gun on Max. Watch Max get swallowed by the machine after being shot.

meet the soda popper

Sabotage the machine — Take the screwdriver from the table left of the door where the one armed bandit is taken apart. Use the screwdriver on the one armed bandit. Go to the back of the big machine to the hopper. Place the voice box on the hopper. Watch a hypnobear with the voice box fall off the assembly line.

Take the altered Teddy Bear from floor. Use the altered Teddy Bear on Harry. Pull the lever beside Harry and watch what happens. This is secret agent Chuckles. The factory has been destroyed.

Repeat, the factory has been destroyed. Abe Lincoln Must Die! Thanks is sent to Emily. At the office, Sam and Max are playing with the organic listening device on the phone. The Commissioner is actually on line and has a new case for the freelance crime fighting duo. They have to stop the President of the United. He is enacting crazy new laws which include mandatory gun registration.

Meet the Soda Popper [SFM]

Look around at the 9 hole, the submarine's periscope at the pool and talk to Jimmy Two-Teeth. Take the boxing glove by the pool. Read all the signs around the White House. Talk to the secret service agent by the door completely. Agent Superball would not let you in. Look at the presidential storage on the left of the main door.

Then check the phone right of the main door and learn the phone number. Go back to the office by clicking on the Desoto. Visit friends first Sybil: Enter Sybil's office across the road. Talk to Sybil and find out that she has a new job - professional matchmaker. She herself is having difficulty finding a date. She is looking for a tall older man with a good career. Ask Sybil to find dates for the duo by submitting an application.

Answer her questions and learn who the ideal soul mates for the heroes are. Look around the office and then exit the building. Go to the other end of the block and talk to Hugh Bliss standing at the Esperanto Bookstore.

Learn about his book, Emetics. Get him to do a magic trick. Take the Free Home delivery sign while he's gone. Check the 2 newspaper boxes. Enter the store and talk to Comrade Vladimir Boskovich aka Bosco. He is working on a satellite missile defense system. Learn that you can buy truth serum that cost one hundred million. The smell comes from the weenie rotisserie Hot Weenies. Look around the store and then exit. Gain entry to the White House Office: Go to the office and then look around at different items.

Turn the TV on and watch the President talks about his plans. Listen to the answering machine and hear the President. Use the phone and call the White House now that you know the phone number. You can select any of the dialogues but be sure to use the 'please hold' selection on Agent Superball. Ride the Desoto to the White House.

See Agent Superball on the phone. Enter the main door. Watch the President during his TV newscast. Sam realizes that the President is hypnotized. See the President's bodyguard stand beside him. Look around at the Oval Office. Talk to the President. He mistakes the duo as interpreters for a dignitary that will be arriving. Talk to the bodyguard and realize that he is Chuckles, the Toy Mafia pit boss. He never leaves the President's side. Try looking at the War room door and get kicked out.

Enter the White House again. Time to interpret for the President.

meet the soda popper

He wants Federal funding for his Mt. He is trying to kick the soda habit and have been carbonated free. Talk to the President and be ready to interpret. Then select any dialogue but finally select "What's a guy gotta do to get a drink around here? Now, he needs to go the bathroom. Select any dialogue but in the end select "Where's the War Room"? Chuckles escorts Whizzer out. While Chuckles is gone and the President is alone, use the boxing glove on the President. Chuckles is not upset about the loss of his robot President.

Run against Abe Lincoln Abe Lincoln: See the robotic Abe Lincoln arrive at the White House lawn. He announces that he is running for president during the emergency election caused by the death of the President in the hands of 2 interpreters. Sam answers the phone and gets a new assignment. Someone has to run against Abe Lincoln to prevent the nefarious guys from leading the nation.

Max got the job because of his qualifications. Talk to Chuckles, sitting on Abe Lincoln's left shoulder. The secret service men are now the press people. The debate starts and Sam is the unbiased moderator. Ask him about all the topics. When asked about his Family Values, Mr. Lincoln states that he's been faithful to his wife for 7 score years.

He looks at the cue card to answer questions about tax plan and religion and schools. Click on the cue cards and see that you can change what Mr. Lincoln's answers are going to be. Gather posters from all around. Go to the office. If you haven't yet, go back to Hugh Bliss and get his 'Free home delivery' card. Go to the posters on the wall behind the parked Desoto. Take the new military slogan, 'Give me all you got' poster that dropped from the wall. Go back to the White House.

Win the debate - With all the posters collected, change the top cue card to get the damaging response from Lincoln. Place the 'Free Home Delivery' poster from inventory on top of the cue cards on the stand.

Ask Lincoln about issues and then select toxic waste. Place the 'Two wrongs don't make a right' card that is already on the cue cards stand on top. Ask Lincoln about issues and then ask about stand on religion and schools. Place the 'Give me all you got' cue card from inventory on the top. See Lincoln move down the polls. Click the organic listening device on Lincoln.

Lincoln starts a short campaign speech. Pick up the organic listening device. Take a Lincoln campaign flyer from the podium right of Lincoln. Sybil - Go to office and enter Sybil's building. Lincoln's flyer on her dating service box. Sybil thinks that Abe Lincoln is her perfect match. She gives her phone number and asks that Abe calls her. Office - Go back to the duo's office. Use the organic listening device on the phone and call Sybil. The bug will respond to Sybil's questions.

Abe, is that you? Select 'I, Abraham Lincoln am that man'. Do you want to go out sometime? Select 'This is a date that will be remembered for centuries'. Where do you want to meet? Select 'I stand here on the White House steps'. What time should I meet you? Answer 'The time to act is now'. White House - Automatically see Abe Lincoln talk about family values. Sybil arrives and gets humiliated. Abe Lincoln's rating goes down. Max has been elected President. See an angry Abe Lincoln hypnotizes the viewing public.

Abe Lincoln must die! Max as President Oval Office: Max sits on the most important chair in the US. The 3 soda poppers are in the office. Agent Superball is guarding the war room door.

Check out the cool stuff on Max' new desk. Max can give million to any Historical Site. Look at the calendar and see that Max can change the official date to be today. Click on the camera several times and hear more of Max' diatribe. Get the War Room unguarded Agent Superball: Talk to the Secret service agent completely. Find out that he still take orders from Chuckles and would not let anyone inside the war room. He takes vacation only on Federal Holidays. Give Superball the red Secretary ribbon, making him a secretary.

Give him any Secretary of whatever name.

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He still would not leave. Go to the calendar and take the 'today' sticky note and place it on the Secretary's Day 26th of April. Talk to Secretary Agent Superball and Sam tells him to take his vacation. Now the war room is unattended. Try to open the war room door and find out that it will open only during war. Go back to office and to Sybil. Carbon dating machine - Talk to Sybil. Find out that she has a Carbon dating service now.

This is because she got a good deal on the carbon dating machine and she cannot afford to change the sign. She's having financial difficulties and needs to come into a lot of money. She uses the Carbon dating machine on the Tiki and finds out that it is years old. Her place can now be placed as National Register of Historic Places. She doesn't want to loan her Carbon dating machine. White House - Go back to the White House. Look at the President Discretionary Budget Book.

Click on Sybil Pandemik's office. Now she gets a 10 million dollars windfall. Sybil's office - Go back to Sybil. Enter and see that Sybil is gone. Take the Carbon dating machine. Hugh Bliss - Use the carbon dating machine on Hugh.

Go to Bosco's store. Bosco - Talk to him again about his missile defense system, truth serum and new weenies. Weenies - Use the carbon dating machine on the 'Hot Weenies'. The weenies are from the Cretaceous period.

Look at the President Discretionary Budget Book again. Click a check on Bosco's Inconvenience Store. Bosco - Go back to Bosco and talk to him again.

He says that he got the money. Sam asks for the truth serum and gets a bottle of Vodka. He can now make his missile defense system. Make war Soda Poppers: Talk to the Soda Poppers. Peepers - Talk to Peepers. He's the governor of North Dakota. He says that they can get along if they keep quiet and avoid another incident. Specs - Talk to Specs. He's the governor of South Dakota.

Find out that they, all three were elected governor of 2 states and the unpleasantness started. Note that Peepers is keeping the peace by saying 'nothing' and Max keeps on saying 'awkward'. Whizzer - Talk to Whizzer, the governor of West Dakota and find out why they are here. They cannot agree on the division of Mount Rushmore. They nearly went to war about the controversy.

The 3 Governors are on the edge of a war. Ask him if care for a drink. He says as long as it is not a soda. Give Whizzer the truth serum.

Team Fortress 2 - Meet the Demorai [SFM] video

Ah, Whizzer gets drunk. He tells all what the other Soda Poppers have said. Select "Got a headache, eh? Select "I'll hang you out to dry! Now that you have your phone back, you'll receive a call from the Commissioner who reports multiple occurrences of oddness in your neighborhood. Sam suggests heading down to the convenience store. Before you leave, you may want to pick up any items from the office that you can take along with you in your inventory.

Use the office door when you're ready to leave. Inventory items The boxing glove on the window sill. The bowling ball by the filing cabinets. Bosco's Inconvenience[ edit ] Items used When you get down into the street, you'll find Bosco's at the end of the sidewalk to the right.

When you get inside, you'll find that Bosco has an intruder he'd like you to take care of—Whizzer, one of the stars of The Soda Poppers. Knock out Whizzer Pick up the sample cheese at the front of the store. Put the cheese in Whizzer's crate while he's in the bathroom. Once Whizzer is knocked out, you'll get your first hint that the main culprit is watching you. There's nothing more to do in the store, so grab any inventory items you can find and head back out into the street.

For info raising money for any purchases, see the DeSoto section. Inventory items The street[ edit ] Items used Out in the street, if you didn't meet him already on your way to Bosco's, you'll find Specs, another Soda Popper with a penchant for painting. As he's another hypnosis victim of Brady Culture's, you'll want to knock him out as well. Knock out Specs Grab the spray paint from the hood of the car behind your DeSoto. Use the spray paint on the graffiti outside your office door.

Drop the bowling ball on Specs' head from your office window. Once Specs is down, you'll hear another voice-over from Culture.

The only inventory item you can pick up in the street was used to knock out Specs, so you should already have it in your possessions and can take a drive to earn some money. Hop into your DeSoto and hit the road. DeSoto[ edit ] Items used In the DeSoto you can move back and forth across the road and run into random motorists. You'll also be able to shoot your gun, shout on the megaphone, honk your horn or go back to the office.