Meet the robinsons 2007 english subtitles

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meet the robinsons 2007 english subtitles

Review Date October 24th, by High-Def Digest staff The movie was Disney's 'Meet the Robinsons' -- a CGI-animated film that was not produced by the. Arabic · Meet the Robinsons idxsub, one year ago, 1, B. Arabic · Meet. The. . AC3[Eng]-aXXo - English - with italics, 3 years ago, 1, KB, Meet the Robinsons: A Netflix Original. Meet the Robinsons. 7+ 1h 34m Audio: English [Original], Spanish, English - Audio Description. Subtitles: English .

Jump to any scene with the tyrannosaurus rex -- take note of the crisp scales, the nicks on its claws, the imperfections in the grass beneath its feet, and the fabric in the bowler hat on its head.

In fact, throughout the film, clothing textures not only showcase the filmmakers' extraordinary eyes for detail, but they reveal the proficiency of this transfer. The Bowler Hat Guy makes for an excellent demo reel of every texture the film throws at the screen, from his pants legs and cloak, to his oily eyebrows and mustache. The only minor issue if you can call it that is that the visual look of 'Meet the Robinsons' is intentionally softer than that other CGI animated features.

Scenes that take place in the present are filtered with a sepia-toned haze that's designed to artificially imbue the picture with a filmic quality. By contrast, the future scenes really pop and leave the film feeling a tad disjointed.

meet the robinsons 2007 english subtitles

Likewise, the filmmakers employ some visual tricks to toy with depth focus. The effect isn't entirely natural and distracts on occasion.

meet the robinsons 2007 english subtitles

To be fair, the "issues" are certainly not a fault of this transfer. I only mention them because at times they make the film just a wee-bit less impressive than other CGI-animated films currently available in high definition.

Still, it's hard to imagine anyone being genuinely disappointed by this visual pleasure of a transfer. The audio may not exhibit the booming aggressiveness of other high-def CGI offerings like ' TMNT ,' but the dynamics are still quite impressive. Bass tones have an earthy rumble and treble whizzes are clean and stable.

The crisp dialogue is naturally spread across the front channels and sounds nice and even. More importantly, the rear speakers are frequently used to open up the soundfield and create a convincing space.

meet the robinsons 2007 english subtitles

Pans are transparent albeit a bit artificial to my ear and directionality is incredibly accurate for an animated film. The bouncy score is rich and really makes the entire track sound more robust and complete. Here we finally have somewhat of a return to Disney's old style, where they make the audience laugh but also have a deep story with real-life problems and great characters.

And I am happy to report that the humor is actually made with wit! There are no fart jokes, no potty humor, and the sidekick characters don't annoy the heck out of you.

Meet the Robinsons

The first part of this movie, where we first see Lewis and Goob growing up at the orphanage, and then Lewis is whisked away to the future, is where all of my complaints lie. The beginning is very rushed, and does not give you a chance to really get to know Lewis or his feelings before he is whisked away into the future.

And once he gets there, everything remains rushed. You meet the entire Robinson family in only about two minutes, and it's slightly overwhelming to have that much thrown at you. But then the movie turns serious, the plot begins to unwind, and pace is much better.

The characters become deeper and more realistic, their motivations and personalities shine through, and the storyline becomes absolutely fantastic.

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By the end of the movie, you really feel like you have been on an adventure. The main character shows hope, he develops and grows quite a bit through the course of the film, and there is a very uplifting message, from Walt Disney himself, to keep moving forward.

So, overall, this is great family entertainment.

meet the robinsons 2007 english subtitles

The animation is quite good, much better than most other studios, but I don't think it's quite as great as some critics have made it out to be But for me, it was the story that made the movie. Combine the great story, witty humor, and fun animation, and you have a movie that is definitely a step in the right direction for Disney. The motto could not be better placed It is a close cousin to the first "Back to the Future," yet it feels completely original at the same time.

The 3-D animation works seamlessly within the story. It is not played for a cheesy gimmick like, for example, "Spy Kids 3-D" In fact, it is so well integrated into the narrative that you could almost take it for granted, so it's a good thing that at the heart of "Meet the Robinsons" there is a wonderfully entertaining story.

In typical Disney fashion the central character is a motherless and in this case, fatherless youth -- however this time it is not merely a device whose sole purpose is to leave him unencumbered to embark on his own adventure. In fact, his orphaned status and quest to find the mother that left him at the orphanage as a baby IS the point of his journey.

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But there's no room for sugary sap here, thanks to an almost unending stream of quirky characters and plot twists. Of course stories like this can't succeed without a great villain.

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In this case the filmmakers have managed to craft a bumbling villain who is simultaneously hilarious, sympathetic and just menacing enough to keep the tension going. This movie has all the seat-of-your-pants fun of a great amusement park ride and still manages to make you well The deft combination of love and laughs results in a movie that stays with you well after the lights have come up, leaving you wanting more.

It is rare nowadays for and entire audience of moviegoers to spontaneously burst into applause at the end, but that's what occurred when the credits began to roll for this film. We can't wait for the eventual DVD release -- hopefully in 3-D. The only movie available in my time frame allowed was Meet the Robinsons. I reluctantly bought a ticket and was pleasantly rewarded with a movie experience that reminded me very much of my childhood. When we got to go to the movies in the 50's and 60's, there were trailers, followed by the newsreel and then a cartoon before the main attraction.

meet the robinsons 2007 english subtitles

The non-three D version started with non-R rated trailers, followed by a Mickey Mouse cartoon loved it! It was very entertaining to sit back and relax and not worry about the good guys dying, the amount of slaughter that would be portrayed, or that there wouldn't be a positive message at the end. As an adult, there were enough references to keep me entertained and from the sounds of the kids in the theater, they were obviously enjoying this movie.

I would highly recommend it to all but the crankiest movie-goers, and I personally loved the quote from Uncle Walt at the end of the movie. Walt Disney was a man ahead of his time and I really miss his adventurous spirit and inquisitive mind.