Meet the press sunday dec 30 2012

Senate negotiators search for deal to avoid 'cliff' | The Daily Republic

meet the press sunday dec 30 2012

By [email protected] on Dec 30, at p.m. in the Senate were hoping to reach a deal to avoid going over the cliff on Sunday. . keep the pressure on Congress to act, including taping his appearance for "Meet the Press .". Get the latest Meet the Press news, celebrity gossip, episode recaps, casting updates and more at This Sunday-morning public-affairs institution is network TV's oldest program, but it's Sep 5, PM EDT Jul 2, PM EDT. Sunday, Dec 30, °C. e-paper India and China must reach out and sort out problems: Jaishankar Even their victories are celebrated by the media.

Mike JohannsR-Neb. She said she was horrified that the last few days before her retirement would be spent on "a complete meltdown. Lawmakers believed, back then, that these cuts were so big, and so broad, that even this gridlocked Congress would have to come back and figure out a better solution.

On Sunday, it looked as if they were wrong. On Capitol Hill, Sunday's events revealed a new -- and troubling -- dynamic in these negotiations. It had been assumed, beforehand, that the most difficult part of averting the fiscal cliff would not be striking a deal. Instead, it would be passing that deal through the fractious, GOP-led House. On Sunday, however, it seemed that the Senate, and the Democrats, would also be an obstacle.

meet the press sunday dec 30 2012

Reid said in the afternoon that Democrats were unwilling to respond to an offer that McConnell had delivered to Reid's office Saturday evening -- nearly 19 hours earlier. Aides to McConnell said this was done out of frustration, and their belief that Biden was slow-walking the negotiations.

Marco Rubio tweets that GOP didn't support Social Security changes

McConnell presented Reid with his first proposal Friday evening. Democrats then waited until 3 p. Saturday to respond and, after a flurry of activity Saturday evening, went dark after receiving McConnell's latest proposal at 7: Most, if not all, of the GOP proposals sought to change the measure of inflation for Social Security, senior Republican aides said, adding that Democrats had not indicated until Sunday that it was a deal-breaker.

I want everyone to know, I'm willing to get this done, but I need a dance partner. The Democratic aide, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss private negotiations, said Democrats had shown flexibility over the weekend on the major sticking points involving taxes. They had not ruled out maintaining the tax on inherited estates at the current low rate, as Republicans prefer. And they had been open to a deal that would allow taxes to rise on many fewer wealthy households than Obama had proposed.

In exchange for those items, Democrats said, McConnell continued to insist that Democrats put cuts to Social Security benefits on the table, noting that Obama had offered to do so as part of the big deficit-reduction package he had been negotiating earlier this month with House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio. I felt why should sports not be an option for me. I tried everything in school, including shot put. I just started shooting as a hobby.

meet the press sunday dec 30 2012

I was studying medicine and I needed something lighter so I took up shooting. My brother is now into academics and he is a geek. People say you have won so much. But I look at everything as a new start. The expectations are very high now, people have also asked why do I lose in the final. I am happy to win a silver.

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The journey to the final is one thing and playing the final is another thing. I am not here to perform or win medals. The first time I picked up the pistol, I loved it.

Every time I go to the range, I try to get the same feeling. I always try to improve my performance: My goals have always been short term.

So our conversation is mostly about the next day, the next match, the next game. You never know where you are tomorrow so need to focus on small goals. In shooting, it is very important to be aggressive. But no matter what your emotion is, you have to be in the present. You cannot think of the medal or outcome, or a bad shot that you just fired: Keep doing one shot at a time, one breath at a time: It would be wrong to say there is no aggression in shooting.

Specially when you are in the final and your scores are being announced, you need that aggression. People don't see it on our faces but the struggle that goes on inside is tremendous: Yes, the times have changed now.

When I started shooting 12 years back, things were very different.

meet the press sunday dec 30 2012

When I started playing, I had all the support. I have to be thankful in the way that there has been lot of sponsors. But it has to start at the grassroot level: There is a lot of talent in villages, but they do not get the opportunities: Facebook How will you assure users that personal data will not be mined for political use?

Our terms are very clear on that and we have taken a number of steps that has made it much difficult for people to do that: We believe that the data selling was limited to the US and that people in India were not affected, says Richard Allan. Can users trust Facebook with their data? We employ some of the best security engineers in the world.

More than 15 days of persistant sadness, professional help is needed. And, families and friends should suggest that: Just be open to listening, says David Spiegel. At anytime when someone says they want to kill themselves, its a health emergency. The health minister assured me that mental health would be part of it: We need many more professionals for mental health.

If someone is abused as a child, the trauma stays on. There are many reasons people will keep such horrible events to themselves and not come out: There are many reasons victims take time to come out with horror of sexual abuse because there is a certain shame attached to it and victims wrongly end up blaming themselves, says DavidSpiegel at HTLS htTweets MeToo — Anonna Dutt AnonnaDutt October 6, I am ashamed of the way our country US has handled the entire Christine Ford issue: David Spiegel A person with depression will be worse if people do not listen to them.

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Their feeling of being underwhelming will get reinforced. The prevalence of anxiety and depression is low in India. Whatever means you can find to connect to people can be positive.

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But over-dependency on social media is bad: WHO just included gaming disorder as a clear disorder. People can become completely dependent on gaming. Similar thing can happen with social media, says Shekhar Saxena. Society is still not accepting that mental illness is just like a physical illness, says Dr Shekhar Saxena. Before I had a chancce to ask for permission, I saw a little girl in the corner. I photographed some of the others while seeking for permission, but I had my eyes on her.

The light was perfect, the background was perfect. And it changed my life, says Steve McCurry. There is such depth to culture: Steve McCurry I think of myself as a poet. You have to follow your heart. My muse has been in South Asia: Raghu Rai Art is not about beauty, it is about human expression, says Raghu Rai.

Click here to read the story behind the picture. The session will start at 2. Missoni When my designs are copied for cheaper imitations, I take it as an compliment, says Angela Missoni. I would like to go in and feel like I am being taken care of, says creative director Angela Missoni. We are going hammer and tongs at solving the problem: Karnataka CM I will be there in power for 5 years. My media friends predict that I will fall tonight--next morning.