Meet the press president obama 2008 vs 2015

A History of President Obama’s 8 Years in Office

meet the press president obama 2008 vs 2015

Meet the Press is a weekly American television news/interview program broadcast on NBC. It is the longest-running program in television history, though the current format bears little resemblance to the debut episode on November 6, Meet the Press specializes in interviews with leaders in Washington, D.C., . Russert died on June 13, , of a sudden coronary. It is the deep irony of his presidency, and for Obama himself probably the The first iPhone was released during the campaign. remade the world with social media and an easy openness about gender?) In Citizens United v. By , a typical student will take standardized tests between. But since Election Day , the list of challenges facing the incoming President-elect Obama, welcome back to MEET THE PRESS. times are right now, they're nothing compared to what my grandparents went through.

Time magazine named Russert one of the most influential people in the world inand Russert often moderated political campaign debates. John ChancellorRussert's NBC colleague, is credited with using red and blue to represent the states on a US map for the presidential electionbut at that time Republican states were blue, and Democratic states were red.

meet the press president obama 2008 vs 2015

How the colors got reversed is not entirely clear. Russert testified previously, and again in United States v.

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Lewis Libbythat he would neither testify whether he spoke with Libby nor would he describe the conversation. Russert testified again in the trial on February 7, If I want to use anything from that conversation, then I will ask permission. Times wrote that, "Like former New York Times reporter Judith Miller, Russert was one of the high-level Washington journalists who came out of the Libby trial looking worse than shabby.

All the litigation was for the sake of image and because the journalistic conventions required it.

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It's our best format. I don't think the public was, at that time, particularly receptive to hearing it," Russert says. Those in favor were so dominant.

We don't make up the facts.

meet the press president obama 2008 vs 2015

We cover the facts as they were. Folkenflik went on to write: Russert's remarks would suggest a form of journalism that does not raise the insolent question from outside polite political discourse—so, if an administration's political foes aren't making an opposing case, it's unlikely to get made.

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In the words of one of my former editors, journalists can read the polls just like anybody else. My concern was, is that there were concerns expressed by other government officials. And to this day, I wish my phone had rung, or I had access to them. In Octoberliberal commentators accused Russert of harassing Clinton over the issue of supporting drivers' licenses for illegal immigrants. Russert held season tickets to both the Washington Nationals and the Washington Wizards [26] and was elected to the board of directors of the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York in A lifelong fan of the Buffalo Bills football team, Russert often closed Sunday broadcasts during the football season with a statement of encouragement for the franchise.

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The team released a statement on the day of his death, saying that listening to Russert's "Go Bills" exhortation was part of their Sunday morning game preparation. I get along well with John, and Mitch [McConnell] is a little bit more close to the vest.

meet the press president obama 2008 vs 2015

The conversations I have privately with Republicans are always very different than the public presentations that are made of them. Even when their leadership wanted to cooperate, the tenor of the Republican base had shifted in a way that made it very difficult for them to cooperate without paying a price internally. Probably the best signifier of that was when Chicago had the bid for the Olympics and a committee had flown to Copenhagen to make their presentation.


It was really strange. But at that point, Limbaugh had been much clearer about wanting to see me fail, and he had, I think, communicated that very clearly to his listeners. Fox News coverage had already started to drift in that direction.

By then, you realized that the attitudes that Sarah Palin had captured during the election were increasingly representative of the Republican-activist base.

meet the press president obama 2008 vs 2015

They may not have been representative of Republicans across the country, but John Boehner and Mitch McConnell had to worry about that mood. I have very cordial relations with a lot of the Republican members.

We can have really great conversations and arrive at a meeting of the minds on a range of policy issues.