Meet the president yahya jammeh gambia

Gambian ex-President Yahya Jammeh 'stole $50m' from state - BBC News

meet the president yahya jammeh gambia

Jun 29, Yahya Jammeh, (left) former leader of Gambia, was a limo-loving tyrant . courtesy of President Teodoro Obiang, another old-school dictator. Dec 14, The UN's West Africa envoy says Gambian leader Yahya Jammeh must step To meet the January 18 deadline, he would need to appoint as. Dec 14, BANJUL, Gambia — One of the gentler techniques that Gambian President Yahya Jammeh has used to stay in power for the last 22 years is.

Search Toggle display of website navigation Exclusive: FP finds him holed up at a luxurious villa in another African kleptocracy. April 3, After his brutal, year reign came to a spectacular end in January, Jammeh was welcomed by Obiang, whose country is not a signatory to the statutes of the International Criminal Court.

Jammeh had lost an election in December, conceded defeat, but then refused to step down. He finally fled Gambia on his presidential jet on Jan. Earlier this month, the French publication Jeune Afrique reported that Jammeh had requested land to farm in Equatorial Guinea, something he had planned to do in retirement in Gambia, where he owned a large farm in his hometown of Kanilai.

They previously had a cordial relationship, with Obiang making a state visit to Gambia in Due to his result in the common entrance CE exam, he was awarded a government scholarship to Gambia High School in Banjulin His formal education ended after he received his O Levels in What actually makes him changed into the biggest violator of the human and civic rights of ordinary Gambian citizens is beyond my comprehension Capt.

He was part of the Special Intervention Unit from to and was an escort training instructor at the Gendarmerie Training School from to He was promoted to sergeant in Apriland to cadet officer in December In particular, Minteh recalled Jammeh's "ruthless and disrespectful encounter" with sergeant major Kebba Dibba, and when he "brandished a pistol and threatened to shoot" Captain Ebrima Camara simply on the basis of their ethnicity.

meet the president yahya jammeh gambia

On 1 Februaryhe had been promoted to lieutenant. The coup, which took place on 22 July, was successful and bloodless, leading to Jawara fleeing into exile. One result of the coup was that the European Union and the United States, the major donors of foreign aid to the Gambia, suspended their aid programmes until the country was returned to civil rule.

meet the president yahya jammeh gambia

Jammeh claimed the suspension of aid programmes amounted to " neocolonialism ". A Western diplomat who spoke to The New York Times said, "This is exactly the same phenomenon we have seen elsewhere, with the only difference being that so far there has been no violence.

meet the president yahya jammeh gambia

The Gambia had represented an anomaly in Africa as one of the few countries that had a functioning democracy prior to He banned all political activity, arrested two socialist journalists, and detained several of his Army superiors. He also confined ministers of Jawara's government to house arrest. In Novemberthe same month when Jammeh was formally promoted to the rank of captain, there was an unsuccessful coup attempt by several disaffected young officers leading in numerous deaths, but Jammeh remained in power.

The National Consultative Committee NCC was appointed on 7 December to review the transition process, and when they reported on 27 Januarythey recommended a two-year transition period. The same day as the NCC's report, two of the original coup leaders, Sabally and Hydara, launched an unsuccessful attempt to overthrow Jammeh as chairman.

Its report was published in March was put to a national referendum on 8 August According to Saine, Jammeh would "[enjoy] unrivalled political and economic power as a consequence of the new constitution. Inon 28 August, Jammeh was formally promoted to the rank of colonel and then retired from the army on 6 September, one month before the presidential election.

Gambia: The people who stood up to Yahya Jammeh

On the one hand, they were glad to see him go. On the other, they feared they were also saying farewell to the chance of him facing justice. Equatorial Guinea is not a signatory to the International Criminal Courtmeaning Jammeh is effectively beyond the reach of international law. The only way to get him back is for Obiang to hand him over voluntarily — not a likely prospect from a leader whose own human rights record is as bad.

With the fear of Jammeh now gone, new victims turn up here every day.

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It was the year of the Arab Spring, and Janneh was hoping to start an African equivalent. He also held US citizenship, which meant the American embassy got involved. After 15 months he was freed after an appeal by the civil rights activist Jesse Jackson. His spell in Mile 2 coincided with one of the darkest episodes of the Jammeh era, when the president abruptly ended a death penalty moratorium.

Jammeh claimed it was because Gambia was in the grip of a crime wave, but on the diplomatic circuit, the rumour was that he feared a coup was brewing, and thought human sacrifices would ward it off.

Revisiting Yahya Jammeh - REWIND

Ayesha Jammeh was 14 when her father — a relative of the president — was abducted in He had apparently made the mistake of thinking that his blood ties to the dictator entitled him to make occasional criticisms. My job is to be like a soccer coach, to harness that energy in a positive way. A chain of command leading directly to Jammeh will also have to be proved — seldom easy with dictators, who usually get others to do their dirty work on a nod and a wink.

His body was exhumed last year from a shallow beachside grave, after a tip-off from one of those now in the dock.

Gambia: The people who stood up to Yahya Jammeh | The Gambia | Al Jazeera

Lawyers for the defendants told The Telegraph it was not yet clear if any of their clients would point the finger at Jammeh to save their own skins. But the former dictator will find it hard to claim ignorance. Nor can he realistically claim that his henchmen were not acting on his orders: