Meet the people heavens to murgatroyd wav

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meet the people heavens to murgatroyd wav

"So Joshua made a covenant with the people that day. .. For three months "Son of a Dragon" attended The Army meet- ings and left in tears before the close each time. One Splay, attracted by the sound cf drums (and tambourines, .. lllgropping down upon Load jjjj'aris: jlS|Saw the heavens All with col. lo w,.stc in a. hundred obscure wavs. " I uMp.\i;.\r,LK in importance. Th" re-ople of New Zealand havehardlv.:•- .. for this column must reach the Office bi You and I must find Murgatroyd, .. Good heavens!. The frequently repeated suggestion that the phrase was said by Bert Lahr's character in the film Meet The People isn't correct. [I know, I've watched the film.

No one came near the island all next day. He dozed in the morning, and in the afternoon he took all the gear out of the dinghy and carefully restowed it so that it would be less in his way during the long row to Upnor. When the tide came in he floated the boat out to the edge of the saltings and anchored it there, ready for the launching later.

The meaning and origin of the expression: Heavens to Murgatroyd

A light westerly wind had brought more cloud and he didn't much like the way the weather was shaping, but at least the wind was fair and would give them a good slant out of the river without any need of the engine. Long before dusk he was impatient to get away. He watched the saltings uncover and the fringe of mud re-emerge around the island and the light slowly fade from the sky. As soon as it seemed safe to make a move, he seized the loaded dinghy by the bows and dragged it down the smooth, wet slipway to the water.

meet the people heavens to murgatroyd wav

The ebb was well advanced and the tide was racing down against him. It would be a hard row. Out in the middle of the river he could see the moving lights of the ships, but here he was all on his own and could concentrate on his rowing without worrying about other traffic.

He pulled with short, stabbing strokes, as he had seen experts do against the tide, grunting a little with the exertion. An hour's steady rowing brought him to a point where the river narrowed and took a sharp bend to the left. It was very dark now - much darker than it had been on the previous night.

meet the people heavens to murgatroyd wav

He could only guess the time, but already he felt as though he had been rowing for hours. His hands were stiff and blistered and his shoulders ached abominably. His only consolation was that the adverse tide was beginning to slacken-he had no longer the feeling that every stroke was a battle.

He sought refuge from tiredness in a child's game, counting his strokes and resolutely refusing to turn and note his progress until a hundred had gone by. When that palled, he switched his thoughts to Kathryn, wondering if she had managed to get through her heavy schedule and whether she would be waiting for him on the bank.

Slowly the distance lessened.

meet the people heavens to murgatroyd wav

Little by little he closed in on the Upnor shore, working his way in until he could see the outline of the thickly wooded hill behind the anchorage. A final spurt brought him into shallow water, and suddenly his oars grated on stones.

No sound came from the beach-it looked as though he had beaten Kathryn to the rendezvous. He still had to find Witch, though, and as he gazed around he realised that the turquoise hull wouldn't be easy to pick out in the darkness. Peter had always kept his boat well to the east of the con- gested Upnor moorings, but now other people seemed to have had the same idea and the congestion had spread.

On all sides dark shapes loomed up.

Heavens To Murgatroid - Electromagnetic

With a new sense of urgency he began to row from boat to boat. For twenty minutes he combed the eastern anchorage. At first he felt no uneasiness - he knew more or less where to look and it would only be a matter of time before he found her. But, as he continued the search without success, anxiety grew.

"And speaking of which": Heavens to Murgatroyd!

There was no doubt about it - Witch wasn't where she should have been. Either Peter had changed her moorings or - ghastly thought! Thoroughly alarmed now, he extended his search to the western end. One thing was certain: Spray was much too small to make a long passage, and in any case there was no way of getting back to her tonight. His mind was just beginning to grapple with new and in tractaDie probrems when, glancing over his shoulder as he pulled away from a small racing yacht, he saw the outlines of a hull that seemed familiar.

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A moment later his eager fingers were exploring the bows, fumbling for the embossed letters that should be there. He mopped his face with his wet sleeve, breathing hard. As it turns out, the first time the phrase was used was not by Snagglepuss but was from the film Meet the People, starring Lucille Ball. In the movie, the character called "the commander" uses the phrase 'Heavens to Mergatroyd,' and the actor who played the part was you guessed it Bert Lahr. OK, but where did the writers come up "Mergatroyd" in the first place?

No doubt, as any director of a musical would be, Herzig and Saidy were influenced by Gilbert and Sullivan. In their comic opera Ruddigore, Sir Rupert Murgatroyd, the first Baronet of Ruddigore, persecuted witches and one of his victims, as she was burned at the stake, cursed all future Murgatroyd Baronets to commit a crime every day or die in agony.

So, every baronet since had died in agony once he could no longer continue a life of crime. In the opera, no less than ten of the characters were named Murgatroyd, most of them ghosts. But where did Gilbert and Sullivan get the name? Well, it is old English name, originating in Yorkshire, and East Riddlesden Hall righta restored manor house now owned by the National Trust in Britain, was the home of a wealthy clothier named James Murgatroyd.

To close the loop, Ruddigore, the opera, was performed at East Riddlesden Hall on at least one occasion. Why and how this developed into the phrase 'Heavens to Murgatroyd' in Meet the People is a bit of a mystery, but it may be nothing more than a tip of the hat to the comic genius of Gilbert and Sullivan.