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meet the jetsons dvd

The Jetsons is an American animated sitcom produced by Hanna-Barbera, originally airing in .. The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones (); Rockin' with Judy Jetson () . Warner Home Video released season 1 on DVD in Region 1 on May 11, ; upon its release, James Poniewozik wrote it's "as much about New . Find great deals for The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones (DVD, ). Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals on eBay for Jetsons DVD in DVDs and Movies for DVD and Blu- ray The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones [New DVD] Manufactured On Demand.

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Her favorite store is Mooning Dales. She is a dutiful wife who always tries to make life as pleasant as possible for her family. A student at Orbit High School, she is a stereotypical teenage girl whose interests include clothes, hanging out with boys, and revealing secrets to her digital diary that she calls Didi.

meet the jetsons dvd

He is highly intelligent and an expert in all space sciences. A mild-mannered and good child, Elroy attends Little Dipper School, where he studies space history, astrophysics, and star geometry.

Elroy loves his dog Astro and is always there to support him when George loses his patience with the family pet. Rosie is the Jetsons' household robot. She's an outdated model, but the Jetsons love her and would never trade her for a newer model. Rosie does all the housework and some of the parenting.

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She is a strong authoritarian and occasionally dispenses pills to the family. Excluding a scene from the closing credits, Rosie appears in only two episodes of the original s show, but makes many appearances on the s show. Astro is the Jetsons' family dog. Prior to being a Jetson, his name was Tralfaz and he belonged to the fabulously rich Mr. Astro is one of George's best friends, next to his work computer, R. He is able to speak in a rough sounding English resembling dog barks and growls, a manner of speaking which voice actor Don Messick would later reuse for the role of Scooby-Doo.

He has the ability to express his emotions by changing color. This character was introduced in the s version of the series, but didn't appear for the third season except for one cameo or any of the movies. His company was founded in Newfoundland in He is a small man with thinning black hair and a bad temper, and is the main antagonist of the series.

meet the jetsons dvd

Spacely always comes up with ideas to bring in more business, but they backfire. George, whom Spacely has known since childhood, [16] gets blamed for most things that go wrong. A series' running gag involves his kicking George out of his office shouting, "Jetson! Spacely is sometimes helped out by Uniblabthe company's robot assistant. He owns Cogswell Cogs company and causes a lot of trouble for Spacely and George.

The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones (DVD, 2011)

To a lesser extent Cogswell is another of the series' antagonists. He and Spacely are always finding ways to bring each other's businesses down. Cogswell has often tried to steal Spacely's ideas and make them his own to gain an advantage only for it to backfire on both bosses. There they meet The Flintstones and the complications begin to unravel for everyone. Somehow Fred Flintstone seems to find a way to make it work out for him as a benefit as he enlists the help of George Jetson for a job-related issue.

These characters bond and experience a side of life they never knew existed before while attempts are made to fix the time machine and ultimately bring the Jetsons back home.

Things could always become just a wee bit more complicated for everyone involved in such a decidedly odd scenario. This naturally just makes the story even more exciting. Don Nelson and Arthur Alsberg must have had great fun writing the script as they utilize so many of the tried-and-true ideas of a time travel story that any sci-fi fan will get some kind of enjoyment out of.

It's wonderful to see how each family must deal with the consequences and benefits of being placed in a different time. The writing remains consistently funny while the characters manage to always stay true to what audiences have come to expect. The film also benefits from some nicely timed visual comedy from director Don Lusk. The animation featured in this film was almost as good as the work found in the original television productions.

While there are some minor tweaks made to emphasize a slightly more modern look for the animation, this is a surprisingly faithful attempt to recreate the look and feel of either series. The character designs are strikingly familiar.

It was wise of the creative team to make the story come to life with such a properly guided creation.

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It comes as no surprise that William Hanna and Joseph Barbera were executive producers. There are few reasons to find complaint with the animation at all. Some may consider it slightly less enchanting than the original series work was but those were expertly crafted productions and it is always hard to even try and live up to such high ambitions.

There is a similar appeal in The Jetsons as well, especially with the always entertaining and interesting ideas used to represent a future society with flying cars, homes that are way up high in the sky, and all the gadgets and gizmos that help make everyday life a bit easier to manage. Society was already heading into a tech-heavy future at the time of the premiere of the series but today things are heading in that direction even more quickly than before.

It goes without saying that this is the kind of special film that fans of both series would look forward to seeing with at least some level of heightened anticipation.

meet the jetsons dvd

The prospect of having fun with both series is simply too good to pass up. I am delighted to say that this is a TV movie I loved watching for the first time many years ago and it was equally enjoyable to revisit.

meet the jetsons dvd

Don't miss out on this release if you are indeed a serious fan of these classic Hanna-Barbera shows. There are certainly many elements to love and ultimately appreciate in The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones.