Meet the greens reuse water

Reusing water for agriculture and keeping our urban areas green

meet the greens reuse water

EU cities and regions call for the proposed regulation on water reuse to be extended to green urban areas and suggest legal certainty formulas. The chart below shows how to use the Green Meeting Guide to meet various .. event, Meeting Strategies Worldwide Inc. replaced bottled water with reusable. and water use, health and well-being, pollution impacts, transportation, waste, be obtained in Credit Water Reuse toward meeting green enterprise criteria.

Our Ranch Systems weather stations combined with the Tule sensors have significantly reduced water use as well as labor. And with precision irrigation, the fruit quality dramatically improves. Electric vehicles EV are growing in popularity, making a winery's decision to install EV charging stations not only a sound environmental investment but an opportunity to attract eco-conscious consumers.

Wineries with EV charging stations are hearing the same story: A guest was in need of a charge, found that the nearest station was at a winery and decided to stop in for a taste while plugged in.


Not your typical gas station experience! EV stations are one small part of our entire sustainability initiative, but it's a really important part. We find that we're able to find customers for life. Matt was asking club members when they had last visited the winery and a few said they would come up more often — but their electric vehicles would require a charge.

Commented Bruce, "We wanted to do something besides black paving and white stripes. We asked ourselves, 'where is all of the water going that hits the pavement?

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The "pavement" consists of light-colored, permeable pavers to reflect heat, atop a foot of gravel, and a drainage system that carries water to three bio-swales. During the two large rain storms in December and February, there were no puddles in the parking lot and the swales filled and drained quickly. Though his efforts were ultimately stymied by Prohibition, a vision had already begun to take shape for future generations of his family.

Anthony says, "My father Tony grew up on that property in Texas and it planted the seed for his own vineyards and winery.

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We were one of the early adopters of reservoirs for rainwater catchment and drip irrigation. The reservoirs also provide habitat for birds and other animals. Read More Three Napa Green Wineries Explore a Commuting Partnership "It was just so relaxing - drinking my coffee and not worrying about driving," said Cynthia Sharp, office and green team manager at Cakebread Cellars, as she discussed carpooling to work with a coworker.

meet the greens reuse water

When asked whether she'd take advantage of an upscale, private bus service complete with WiFi and TVs to get to and from work if Cakebread were to offer it, she said: When the Trinchero family purchased the Sutter Home winery in they began a tradition of recycling that included purchasing, washing and reusing bottles from neighboring wineries.

Kevin LeMasters, VP of operations, says, "It was their way of recycling without even thinking about it.

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More than 30 landowners are voluntarily participating in this collaborative effort, and like the Rutherford Reach, they are helping fund the long-term monitoring and maintenance of the project.

The two mechanical engineers started making wine as a hobby in and helped establish Los Carneros as a premiere Chardonnay and Pinot Noir growing region.

meet the greens reuse water

Within a decade, ZD became a full-time venture for Norman and the family purchased property in Rutherford to build their winery. Conservation in Carneros The deLeuze family acquired its acre Carneros property from the Moon family in and immediately converted to organic cultivation. ZD's commitment to the environment is evident from the moment you turn into the property.

The long driveway is lined with abundant native flowers and plants, which serve as beneficial habitat for insects and birds that help control unwanted pests. Robert's Chevy Volt is connected to the electric charging station in front of the original home, which was lovingly restored in Read More Rutherford Restored The Rutherford Reach restoration project has been lauded for rapid accomplishments achieved through private commitment and public partnership.

The statistics are notable: Read More The Benefits of Biochar Biochar is a form of charcoal that is being tested as a soil amendment in several vineyards throughout Napa County as growers look to improve soil health, increase carbon capture and reduce nutrient inputs.

In addition to generating electricity for the Zoo, the structure supporting the solar panels will provide much needed shade for Zoo guests waiting in line to board Skyfari. Engaging lessons were also developed to encourage area students to learn more about solar energy. Cordless power tools, cordless phones, digital cameras and video cameras and two-way radios Nickel metal hydride: Cellphones, cordless power tools, cordless phones, digital cameras and two-way radios Lithium ion: Cordless power tools, digital cameras, laptop computers and cell phones Small sealed lead acid: Mobility scooters, fire emergency devices, emergency exit signs and back-up batteries Alkaline: Alarm clocks, calculators, flashlights, TV remote controls and remote control toys Lithium primary: We also tend to computers, copy machines, high-tech laboratory equipment and much more.

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How else would we get anything accomplished? Cell Phone Recycling Keeping up with the latest cell phone trends? Thanks to a grant from The Nebraska Environmental Trustwe have special recycle bins located throughout the Zoo.