Meet the fockers want a chimichanga

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meet the fockers want a chimichanga

Meet the Fockers () Quotes on IMDb: Memorable quotes and Honey, you want a chimichanga? . I don't like what I'm seeing from these Fockers. Several times, Greg Focker (Ben Stiller) calls his parents, Bernie (Dustin how he wants to make a chimichanga even though it gives him gas. Honey, you want a chimichanga? Roz Focker: I thought they give you gas. Bernie Focker: A little bit, but it's worth it. Roz Focker: Yeah, worth it for you, but I'm the.

I'm saying that I have seen that kid eat at least 15 boogers since he's been here and and I've got news for you, Jack, prodigies don't eat there own boogers. And I've got news for you. Prodigies don't come in 10th place every time either. It's just that I've never seen people celebrate mediocrity the way you do. Because we love our son? We hug our son?

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Let's get down to it. The truth is, you're so concerned about that Little Jack, but I think that it's the Little Jack in you that is crying out for a hug. The Little Jack in me?

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Jack, you have issues. I'm trying to understand why you run around with a rubber boob strapped to your chest. I mean, were you ever breastfed? My guess is no. Will you spare my the drugstore pyschology. Everybody just STOP, okay? Jack, I am not going to make any excuses.

I went to answer the phone, I was gone for a second, I came back, he let himself out of the playpen, he put on Scarface, and he glued his hands to the rum bottle. We use the Ferber method.

meet the fockers want a chimichanga

We use the Focker method. We hugged and kissed that little boy like there was no tomorrow. Is this not the most handsome young man you've ever seen in your life? Used to call him a young Jewish Marlon Brando. Can you believe I conceived him with one testicle? No really, it's true. Its been so effective I've been thinking of having it patented. Would you like to touch it? Oh come on, feel how soft it is.

meet the fockers want a chimichanga

I can see how soft it is from here. No feel it Greg.

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Just feel the breast Greg. The nipple is his. Its got a great lifelike Or what I imagine Debbie's breast might- might actually feel like Its nothing to be ashamed of, breast feeding is perfectly natural.

Dad thats not natural Wake up and make Greg a cappuccino! Shake a leg woman! You know I'm not that tired This cockpit's completely soundproofed. You should have seen the look on your face.

But you should never talk to a woman like that, you know that. Oh I didn't know they make 9th place ribbons. Oh, Jack, they got em all the way up to 10th place. No really, its true.

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I only have one because the other never dropped, its called an undescending testicle, its not uncommon. But look at him Imagine what he woulda looked like if I had two! Oops, forgot my own rule.

You killed an innocent creature of the sky? I might have clipped it Jinx has had extensive aquatic training. He would have known exactly what to do in the event of a submersion. Moses is perfectly trained. Repository - Movie Quote From Meet the Fockers -

Dad, he humps everything that moves Honey, he's just like his father I didn't have a monster crush Oh its not true? Then I didnt catch you doin a little baziga to her passport photo when you where what, thirteen?

Now matter how hard he tried, the mohel couldn't coax Greg's tiny little turtle from its shell. I think that baby might need a couple pulls on that knocker of yours, Jack.

No, its OK, were Feberizing him. You let him cry it out, this way he doesn't depend on coddling. On the other hand, the Continuum concept shows that a baby benefits from constant physical contact.