Meet the cast of party down south

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meet the cast of party down south

The second season of Party Down South, which premiered last Thursday, has all of the cast members from season one reunited. But this time. The episode marathon follows the cast's most recent vacation in That is why “Party Down South” remains CMT's highest-rated . Meet CMT's Josh Wolf, Chelsea Handler Protege and America's Newest Late-Night Host. Party Down South 2 (–). Rate This. Meet My Dad, Brad Poster. After Bradley and Raven's Episode credited cast: Hunter Robinson.

Party Down South

You said you changed your phone number a bunch of times. Is there a reason? Okay, I grew up in Mississippi, born and raised. I went to high school there and everything else. So I decided to pick up Verizon and Verizon told me that they could not take another number from T-Mobile because they were gonna monopolize the cell phone industry.

meet the cast of party down south

I thought for sure you were going to tell me you were being stalked. Oh I believe you because I have Verizon. So, back to the show. Where are you guys this season, what city? Is that the south?

meet the cast of party down south

Actually the song says anything south of the Mason-Dixon Line. Can you tell me, in your words, what a redneck is? Do you identify as a redneck?

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Is it an insult in the south? I assume it means something different down there. A lot of times redneck is thrown around in the south as a person from the country. Well really all those terms are actually different. Wow, I had no idea. I watch it with my best guy friend who is a straight man and is very comfortable with his sexuality. Why is no one having sex with this man? Can you shed some light on this? It was kind of an overarching theme to the show.

The first season the only sexual interaction that was going on was Lyle and Lauren. Ryan Daddy brought home 4 and Murray brought home 4. Lyle brought home 3.

meet the cast of party down south

You may be in for a little bit of a shocker. Can you tell me anything? Actually thank God there was none of that. Is it this interview? I just got through with a job and was transitioning to go through this state to another job.

meet the cast of party down south

I need some diesel. I got a damn stalker out here. I got to leave. I was numb from the things that had been going on in my real life, and all of a sudden, I was in the house with everyone for a television show. I damn sure didn't expect to meet my new best friends, which is what happened. So, filming a reality show helped you escape from your actual reality for a bit, then? It was a blessing for me. That sounds funny to say a party show could be a blessing, but given my state of mind at that point, it really was.

I had been married under God and that marriage had fallen apart and I didn't know what to do with my life next. I grew up watching CMT, and it was exactly what I needed at that time in my life.

With the entire cast returning for the upcoming season, the first night of season one and season two obviously were different experiences in pretty much every way, right? The first time, we were literally trying to remember everyone's names while drinking heavily. We were all really nervous and just trying to figure out what the experience would be like. We didn't know anything about the filming process or anything about living in a house designed to film a show. For season two, we knew all of that, so we started partying immediately.

There wasn't anything to figure out this time, because it was a reunion, really.

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There wasn't a large gap between the finale of the first season and the premiere of the new season. What was life like for you, and for the rest of the cast, during the time between seasons? There was seven months between seasons, but we stayed in touch and we all stayed friends. But even though we live in different states, we've made it work because we really do love each other. During the break, I went back home to North Carolina, back to the same house I lived in with my ex-husband, and I said, "Oh, hell no," and I moved to Nashville.

I love it here.