Meet the cast 13 alabama ghosts pictures

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meet the cast 13 alabama ghosts pictures

13 alabama ghosts and jeffrey picture - Google Search Ghost And Ghouls, Who will meet the hangman at the old Pauly Jail in Union Springs, Alabama?. Plus, meet the rest of the cast of the upcoming Freeform series, 'Good Trouble.'. Born in Hot Springs, Alabama, October 13, ; died September 30, , Los actresses and actors who were able to storm fortress Hollywood and get cast in Micheaux noticed her photo on the mantle, liked her looks, and felt that she He returned to the home to meet the daughter and discovered that she could type .

I always wanted to be a paleontologist or archaeologist when I was growing up. I didn't really consider music until my senior year in high school and then changed to theatre my junior year in college.

My great passion in life has always been history. I think that's why I loved the idea of this musical.

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When I moved from Texas, I used to hold up in the library and check out four books: I would read anything on the shelf as long as it was a real story - I was never into fiction as a kid - but those four were staples and 13 Alabama Ghosts and Jeffrey was my favorite.

I love taking history field trips on my own or with whomever doesn't seem to mind. I even visited some of the sites mentioned in the book; I have been inside Gainswood, I have seen the site of the Eliza Battle tragedy, I have been to the Huntington dorm to visit Martha, and I have seen the face in the window at Carrolton. The Cloisters is my favorite. Great, now everyone knows what a nerd I am What has been the most enjoyable part of rehearsing this show? The process has been great. They can make things work for them and for us so we get to see their ideas forming as a story, not just their interpretation of a story and music that is set in stone and delivered from MTI Music Theatre International with no wiggle room.

meet the cast 13 alabama ghosts pictures

Nothing has surprised me so far. They are all brilliant. The cast is brilliant.

Meet the Cast of RMTC's 13 Alabama Ghosts and Jeffrey: Scott Thorne |

It's been exactly as expected I don't know yet Well, I am originally from Worcester, Mass, but at the age of 10, my father decided to return to his southern roots and moved us to Hartford, Alabama.

What made it so special? I will say "Bill Sketoe" is an amazing and personal role. I have always considered myself a singer, so to take on this role where I had to rest on my acting, really challenged me. Also, the cast of that show was phenomenal! Anytime you get to play opposite Jan Hunter and Carl Dean, while being directed by David Garrett, you have to consider yourself fortunate!

What is your dream role and why?

Meet the Cast of RMTC's 13 Alabama Ghosts and Jeffrey: Leah Luker

My dream role is "Paps" in Big River. Of course, each time I see Wicked I tell myself, I could be fourth chorus guy on the left and be completely happy!

meet the cast 13 alabama ghosts pictures

I just want to sing that show! When I am not performing, my favorite thing to do is train my students to perform. I teach show choir at Homewood, and I love preparing the students to take the stage. This is SO rewarding. Also, I love to play golf and watch Auburn football!