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She is upstanding, unselfish. She cares for her family, however, through her deception, she often hurts them. After winning the lottery, she adopts a new Dynasty resembling look, however, her taste "leaves a lot to be desired" as one character puts it.

She has extramarital affairs with her brother-in-law and even her gardener who is 20 years her junior. David Braithwaite[ edit ] David is the patriarch of the family.

He has been having an affair for some time with his PA.

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He loathes his younger brother Graham who has an affair with Alison. Virginia Braithwaite[ edit ] Virginia is the eldest daughter, she is wanton, feckless and usually entirely selfish. She is closest to her mother and has the confidences of both her parents. She is an open lesbian and has an ongoing relationship with Tamsin and an on and off affair with Megan. She works as a mechanic on-and-off and studies at the University of York.

She is described by sister Sarah as being her 'chain-smoking, screwed up dyke of a sister'. Sarah Braithwaite[ edit ] The middle daughter, Sarah is immature, needy and promiscuous. She becomes pregnant with a neighbour in series one, marries and divorces him in series two and has an affair with a teacher in her sixth form in series three.

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She is often the only daughter not to know family secrets as one parent usually entrusts Virginia with the truth while Charlotte's investigative nature usually uncovers the truth. Charlotte Braithwaite[ edit ] Charlotte is the youngest daughter, still in her teenage years, she is a gawky loner. She is a quiet child and usually finds out secrets through her inquisitive nature. She is occasionally capable of sociopathic behaviour.

Megan Hartnoll[ edit ] Megan is originally the neighbour of the Braithwaites and lives with husband Mike. She is spiteful, manipulative and a constant threat to the happiness of the Braithwaite's, especially, Virginia with whom she has an affair. She is electrocuted in the fourth series. Mike Hartnoll[ edit ] Mike is the husband of Megan and is strongly attracted to Alison.

While Alison feels sorry for him because of his loneliness, the rest of the family find him an annoyance. He is self-pitying, self-righteous, self-indulged and prone to making long drunken diatribes.

As David describes him, he is the sort of man who you invite to a party in the hope he can not come. Graham Braithwaite[ edit ] Graham is David's brother. After Alison and David split, he lies to Alison telling her he's separated, and the two begin an affair.

When she finds out it's adulterous she leaves him, but he refuses to leave her alone and his behaviour becomes obsessive.

Alison falls pregnant with his baby and she and David try pass the baby off as theirs. Graham however finds out. He is devious, calculating and manipulative, yet intelligent and articulate which enables him to deceive others easily. This alone is a remarkable accomplishment; I mention it here not because the lack of men is what matters in this movie, but because men are, truthfully, what The Women is all about.

It's a strange affair, in that way, but luckily for everyone,The Women is also a tremendously enjoyable romp. Join Chris and Courtney as they unpack an hilarious comedy of cheating and divorce and back-stabbing gossip, with a dose of sultry Joan Crawford to boot. The Chilean film tells the story of a transgender woman who loses her lover to an untimely death. The tragedy leaves her to face her lover's family, the police, and her grief, all while struggling to hold her personal life together.

Courtney and Chris contemplate the difficulty of transgender life, and the innate political dynamic of simply trying to live a trans life in the world. So stay tune for that. In this penultimate episode of the Chick Flicks arc, Chris and Courtney The Witch 0 May 14, Woulds't thou like to live deliciously? And I think we all know the answer: Delicious, witchly, eternity plz. In this week's Chick Flick, The Which, first-time director Robert Eggers provides a masterclass in period detail, and his directorial precision pairs beautifully with intricate and devastating performances--chiefly from Anya Taylor-Joy--that left both Chris and Courtney in awe.

The Witch also gives Chris a chance to nerd out on Puritan history and religion, an opportunity he always welcomes. Also on the episode, a conversation about Donald Glover's 'This is America: Set It Off 0 Apr 30, Journey back to with Chris and Courtney as they revisit a complex action-drama that investigates race, systemic violence, police abuse, income inequality, gender and sexuality.

Also on the episode, the hosts review rave, really about two Janelle Monae videos: Both singles appear on Monae's new and inspired album, 'Dirty Computer. Lady Bird 0 Apr 16, This year, Greta Gerwig became the fifth woman to ever be nominated for a best director Oscar.

In this episode of Double Exposure: Unanimously beloved by both hosts, Courtney and Chris dive deep into WHAT exactly makes this movie such a darling of critics and viewers alike, besides, of course the immense talent. Also, what's the story with Lady Bird's comment at the end about God and parent-given names?

Eh, hopefully someone will tell us. Written and Directed by Niki Caro, the film tells the story of a year old Paikea, born to be the next chief in a Maori village, but for one problem: Pai must face-off against the rigidity of her grandfather, a struggle that encapsulates the Maori conflict around gender, tradition and modernity.

In the episode, Courtney and Chris discuss feminine leadership, movies for kids vs. Also, Courtney speaks whalish.

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Frank Oz's horror-musical-comedy, about an alien plant named Audrey II that eats humans in a flower shop on skid row, is based on an off-Broadway show, which was based on the Roger Corman movie. The whole thing is hilarious and ridiculous and holds up amazingly well 30 years later. In the episode we discuss the what separates this campy horror musical from Rocky Horror Picture show, CGI effects vs.

Also, we remember Stephen Hawking, and ask a question as unanswerable as the origins of the universe: Writing jokes or astrophysics?