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meet the blacks cast

Meet the Blacks. Add to my list. 90 min. Just when you thought it was safe to move to Beverly Hills The Black Cast. Andrew Bachelor, Mike Epps, Mike Tyson. Let's take a look back at the extremely funny cast that helped make Half Baked into Starsky & Hutch (), The Big Bang (), and Meet the Blacks (). Nov 11, Rick Ross has been cast in the upcoming Mike Epps-starring comedy The House Next Door. The film is a sequel to the comedy-horror.

I chose him because he had a sense of fairness in him that came across when the moment got heated and polarized. During the filming, I sensed that David Christensen listened to Hugh because of his compassion and his willingness to be honest with him about the experiences of Latinos in this country.

One of the things that Hugh mentioned after the filming was that he came to the filming feeling burnt out about diversity work and left feeling hopeful and energized. He came to see me after hearing I was interviewing for my film.


He told me that it was important to have a gay and Asian person in the film. I am not sure whether he suggested himself or led me to that conclusion, but he was perfect for the film. He has a way about him that is direct, yet persuasive - much like a lawyer, which he is. He has a keen sense of taking what seems very complex and making it into a simple, yet important point. I chose him because he would often console me on the phone when I felt alone and isolated as a man of color in predominately all white groups.

I felt that his role in the film was to represent my experience of many EuroAmericans — seeing something happen that was discriminatory, but not saying anything. Roberto Almanzan, Therapist, Diversity Trainer Roberto was probably the one person in the film that I knew the longest.

Danny Trejo, Rick Ross Cast in Meet the Blacks Sequel The House Next Door -

Roberto and I met during the time I was doing a great deal of group work with men. I instantly found him to be a kind and passionate Latino man. He had a way about him that made you feel comfortable and safe. In some ways, I always felt he was the elder of the group. The leader of the group wanted us to get started immediately, but Roberto stopped him because he first wanted us to process what it was like for us, as men of color, coming into a predominantly white, wealthy neighborhood.

I was astounded by his candor and willingness to risk revealing the truth so easily. It changed the whole course of the meeting and my impression of him from that moment on. To me, it was the turning point in the film, especially for the men of color.

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These days, Williams tours regularly with his stand-up routine, hosts a weekly podcastand frequently provides voice talent for animated shows like Skylanders Academy. Nice Guy" weed delivery service presents a major problem. The cops coerce Thurgood into wearing a wire to his next meeting with Samson, setting the stage for a final showdown with the kingpin and his army of female bodyguards.

He continued to act after Half Baked, and his Hollywood career now spans five decades of film and TV appearances.

meet the blacks cast

There's one big problem, however: Mary Jane hates marijuana because it ruined the life of her drug-dealer father. Thurgood's relationship with her starts to fall apart when she finds out he's selling weed, despite his good reason for doing so.

These days, True occasionally works as a tarot card reader in Los Angeles, but she isn't done acting. Along with several roles inTrue has been cast as legendary 19th century New Orleans spiritualist Marie Laveau for an upcoming biopic about the Voodoo Queen's life.

Laura Silverman - Jan Getty Images When Brian gets fired from the record store where he works, Jan Laura Silverman shows solidarity with the stoner by walking out with him. The clueless Brian immediately asks her to be his girlfriend, which Jan politely declines because she's a lesbian.

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This doesn't hurt their budding friendship, though — and Jan joins Brian as an unofficial member of Thurgood's stoner crew for the rest of the film.

Although you might be more familiar with her younger sister, comedian Sarah Silverman, Laura Silverman is an accomplished talent in her own right. Silverman is also a busy voice actor, providing voices for characters in everything from Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist to Metalocalypse. Sinceshe's voiced several different characters on the popular Fox animated sitcom Bob's Burgers.

Tommy Chong - Squirrel Master Getty Images Marijuana activist and comedian Tommy Chong makes a cameo in Half Baked as "Squirrel Master," a prisoner with a pet squirrel who takes a liking to Kenny and protects him from the other inmates. When Squirrel Master reveals that he's getting out of jail in a matter of days — removing Kenny's only protection from "Nasty Nate" — it gives Thurgood and his friends a new sense of urgency in raising the bail money to spring Kenny from the slammer. For Tommy Chong, his cameo in Half Baked was just the latest in a long career of weed-themed roles.

FromChong guest-starred on the popular Fox sitcom That '70s Show, but his role on the show was interrupted briefly when a controversial court case involving his son's glass pipe business landed Chong in jail for nine months in Although he's now well into his 70s, Chong hasn't slowed down a bit.

meet the blacks cast

In recent years, he competed on Dancing With the Stars even making it to the semifinalsvoiced characters in Zootopia and Uncle Grandpa, and appeared in a episode of Trailer Park Boys: Out of the Park. Willie Nelson - Historian Smoker Getty Images One of the most memorable parts of Half Baked involves Thurgood discussing the different kinds of weed smokers he encounters while running the Mr.

Among these is the historian, or "you should've been there smoker," played by legendary country singer-songwriter Willie Nelson. Nelson regales Thurgood with tales of the '60s, back "when weed was grass" and even the cops were getting high.


He's continued his acclaimed music career, releasing his 72nd studio album God's Problem Child in He's also a prolific author and has released a number of autobiographical and fiction books over the last 20 years. A longtime social activist and marijuana enthusiast, Nelson used the recent wave of marijuana legalization laws in different states to launch his own brand of weed called Willie's Reserve inand a chain of cannabis stores to sell it.

Jon Stewart - Enhancement Smoker Getty Images Comedian Jon Stewart makes his cameo in Half Baked as the "enhancement smoker," the type of person who smokes weed because he "thinks it makes every activity better. Ever seen one of those "on WEED?!?