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meet the beat alls references list

Having finally bested the Powerpuff Girls, the Beat Alls rushed to the top of the charts of the Most Wanted list. (Four rows of five photos each. Amazingly, "Meet the Beat-Alls" wasn't even the first episode of a hit cartoon the supersonic speed of "Beat-Alls." The ep's Wikipedia listing cites "about 65 Will there be any Beat-Alls references in the upcoming special?. called "The Beat-Alls". This episode has many references to The Beatles. How did you like Meet the Beat-Alls? I liked it. 94 . List of the Beatles references .

Individually we have failed time and again, but together we are victorious! I propose we join forces and merge into one supervillain conglomerate! Oh, we will be known as…the Silver Beat Alls!

Dialogue from “The Powerpuff Girls – Meet The Beat-Alls” | thingsthatmadeanimpression

We shall be known simply as…the Beat Alls! All four smile, and the scene around their faces fades to black. The faces themselves are half-hidden in shadow and in black and white. Cut to a group of screaming young girls. They run like sixty as an English announcer speaks. Yes, screaming girls everywhere ran screaming whenever the Beat Alls made the scene. The foursome come into view and walk single file along a crosswalk.

Individually, it had been a long and winding road.

Power Puff girls

They enter the National Trust Bank. Mojo has his laser cannon pointed at a teller.

meet the beat alls references list

Now give me money! She piles cash on the counter. Their rise to fame can be attributed to their ability to deliver hit after hit after hit. A crash shakes the camera; Mojo recoils briefly. Pan quickly to where the girls have just smashed through the wall and are ready to throw down. Pan back to the Beat Alls. With Mojo Jojo on blaster rays… Mojo: Better run for your lives if you can, little girls!

Meet the Beat-Alls

He fires, hitting the girls. He spits a beam at them. Princess accompanying Mojo on blasters… Princess: You say stop, but I say go, go, GO! She fires her blaster at them. And Fuzzy, the shy one… Fuzzy: He throws the rock and crushes the girls.

The tellers regard the scene with fear, and the Beat Alls take a bow with their loot. Thus the Brutish Invasion had begun. The girls are blasted and crushed several more times at other locations in rhythm with the next line.

After this last defeat, the camera turns up to show the Beat Alls leaning over a balcony railing and smiling down at their latest victory. Oh, and don't forget your plate of beans. Thanks for this, can't wait to dive in. I will gladly admit to loving the hell out of the Powerpuff Girls.

The video is a real treat especially for Beatles fansthe dubbing is clever, and it features about the most complex use of YouTube's annotation system I've ever seen. I guess his sister finally pushed him over the edge and now he's a serial killer or something. Too bad about that. Now I love Moko Dono as well. The City of Townsville! It was so full of awesome. BTW, I'm probably overthinking it, but throwing the rock on the girls seemed very reminiscent of imprisoning Sun Wukong under a mountain.

Kids have to buy something from Hot Topic, and Invader Zim can only be relevant for so long.

Moral Decay/Meet the Beat-Alls

At the time I first saw it, it seemed obvious to me that it was straight out of the rave scene, but maybe I was projecting. And it wasn't new management, this was pre-the CEO quitting over the Mooninite litebrites scaring a metropolitan city scandal. The Aughts were weird in retrospect I was a huge fan of SJ, but it never lived up to its potential outside of a few episodes -- of course, you can say that about any number of shows.

I think it might be. Thanks for the post! The Speed Racer episode runs a close second. Thanks for the reminder.

The Powerpuff Girs - Meet the Beat Alls (Full Episode) Part 01

It was great -- you can watch it in full here on YouTube. Now that I Have the youtube link, my contact list is gonna hate me a little more. If you are, that made two of us. Too much time watching thisimo. They shut down production of Dexter's Laboratory in order to make it.

meet the beat alls references list

And good as it was, it never measured up. My daughter is ten. I remember watching this. I also remember old school pirating a copy of it with a couple of VCRs. And I would bet money that tape is out in the garage somewhere. I've often wondered, driving past it, if somebody involved with The Powerpuff Girls came from those parts.