Meet the 2012 echoing green fellows

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meet the 2012 echoing green fellows

Meet the Echoing Green Fellows. Black Male Achievement Fellowship Finalists | Echoing Green. Through the two-year Echoing Green Fellowship program, they provide must meet the following criteria to be eligible for an Echoing Green. Vincent Cobb II, The Fellowship—Black Male Educators Convening (BMEC). Rashiid Coleman, The Fellowship—Black Male Educators Convening (BMEC).

It is our belief that when we invest in next generation leaders, we are really making a bet on finding and supporting transformative and disruptive leaders who will fundamentally change the way we address and solve social issues. So I think our focus on talent, as well as the patience and risk tolerance of our capital, continue to be differentiating factors for us.

meet the 2012 echoing green fellows

That is a piece of why I believe, now almost 30 years down the line, there continues to be a critical role for Echoing Green. How do you view the apparent growth in interest in social entrepreneurship? Yes I think that is absolutely right, Michael. We have seen this trend reflected in our applicant pool. What were the financial tools and other things you looked to as you set out to build this social enterprise? Motorcycle taxis, or boda-bodas, are the lifeblood of the economy in Uganda.

meet the 2012 echoing green fellows

They help people get through traffic, as there is pretty bad gridlock and underinvestment in public infrastructure, but they also help people get to and from rural areas where there is no public transportation or roads that a car or bus could navigate. I started taking motorcycle taxis inwhen I was 19 and working as a journalist here at the local newspaper The Daily Monitor. In talking to my taxi drivers I learned that the average motorcycle taxi driver does not own the vehicle and has to pay the owner a daily or weekly rate.

I was fortunate enough to meet a talented boda-boda driver who was able to get help so he could own his own motorcycle. He was able to build a house for his mother with the proceeds and savings from owning his own motorcycle instead of paying a landlord every day.

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That rang a bell in my head that everyone should have this opportunity. After finishing my undergraduate degree I came back to Uganda as a Fulbright Scholar to research media and public policy. I took part of my Fulbright check and then part of some stock that I used to own and bought a couple of motorcycles. I had an amazing experience doing my media work during my Fulbright year, but I also started investing in motorcycle taxi drivers. We hoped that if the money was repaid we would be able to recycle it and expand the offering.

Wecena services are an innovative pro bono IT model that allows French nonprofits to benefit from more than 1 full-time equivalent of IT professional skills each. Massive donations without cost can boost non-profit innovations. A couple of characters remaining What drew you to this issue? When and how did you come up with your idea?

meet the 2012 echoing green fellows

At 18, I was volunteering as a video team leader in immigrant communities and local youth organizations. Technology then video was used as a way to let poorer immigrant youth and richer local youth meet and connect. I then decided that both my volunteer engagements and my career would aim at bridging social gaps with the help of technology.

I have been employed in the IT industry for 10 years as an entrepreneur, manager and researcher. I have witnessed how deep the digital gap between the social and corporate worlds is.

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IT hardware and software can now be obtained free through used hardware donation and free software. But skilled time remains a very scarce and limiting resource for any innovative nonprofits. I have been trying for 10 years to find sustainable ways to drive my career towards fueling social innovation with technology. As a former entrepreneur, I have been monitoring market opportunities in this field. The French legal environment and the emergence of corporate social responsability as a shared concern among major corporations now offer a perfect opportunity for proposing wecena services.

A couple of characters remaining As specifically as possible, demonstrate the need for your organization. Use statistics and references [Compare the initial answer below with related comments from Sig ] [Edit: Beyond organizational support, IT is a must for scaling social innovation and driving progressive uses of new technology.

Most innovative nonprofits are limited in size and may not employ more than 6 full-time equivalents FTEwith a corresponding budget of less than kEUR. Buying a couple of FTE IT engineers would cost more than half of the annual budget of the organization which is not acceptable.

What a waste of brain power!

meet the 2012 echoing green fellows

A bit more than 18 characters remaining. What is the root cause of this problem? How does your idea tackle this root cause? Individual productivity is too low in such a context. The French tax laws allow wecena pro bono services to generate significant tax savings which would be converted back into money donations for supported nonprofits.

With this money, Wecena. Innovative nonprofits would us wecena. I should replace this paragraph with a summary from the result of our conversation here it was written before this discussion. What do you think?

Help Echoing Green visualize what your organization will do. She worked on the legal team that secured the release of the first two people in the country under the US Supreme Court ruling in Graham v.

After nearly half a century in prison, those men were released in the middle of the night from the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola.

Echoing Green Fellowship Evaluation Criteria

Kelly met them at the front gates that night, drove them home, and personally guided them through their transition. PinkThink makes cStyle Bracelets, an innovative wearable that teaches girls coding skills. Rose previously worked in strategy and marketing at Abercrombie and Microsoft. She also has a passion for education and sits on the board of an education non-profit, Wema Inc. Rose is a graduate of Harvard College. What started as a student research project at the Rice School of Architecture is now a quickly scaling solution that addresses many of the deplorable conditions millions of refugees suffer through on a daily basis.

Her goal is to even the playing field for older adults and narrow the digital divide. An avid reader and writer, she spends her spare time writing about young community builders in the Huffington Post, where she was invited to blog after cold emailing Arianna Huffington.

She started her career at PwC as a management consultant working primarily for healthcare clients. In her book, Job-IQ Stories: Mistakes, Miracles, and Meaningful Work, she tells about building a successful health marketing company.

She likes to inspire others to dream and create soul-full, authentic, and engaging life work.

3 D-Lab alumni among Echoing Green fellows: Who's Next? Meet the Fellows | MIT D-Lab

A baby boomer, Molly has climbed the career ladder and now wants to enjoy the view without falling off or losing the chance to bring value, work hard, and participate in community. He was with a small division of sailors that oversaw training and work necessary for damage control, ship stability, firefighting, and CBR warfare defense.

Phillip is also a 20 year Professional in the Baltimore City Fire Department and is committed to helping protect the community from disaster situations, including house and building fires, along with promoting an environment of public safety within the City of Baltimore. Phillip is the Owner and Operator of Jetseal Inc. These services include but not limited to sealcoating, striping, and crack filling. Over the years he has been very successful in building a reputable company with the increasing desire and drive to expand the business to the next level.

While providing customers with easy access to top chefs, Cozymeal is a meaningful source of income for chefs by offering better lifestyle than the traditional restaurant business. An online marketplace and sharing economy veteran, Samad has a long track record of successfully launching and growing online businesses. Noah is CEO of The Best Bees Company, a beekeeping service that installs and manages beehives for home gardens and city rooftops nationwide.

He partnered his book tour for The Bee: Noah earned his Ph. Best Bees proceeds fund research at the Urban Beekeeping Laboratory and Bee Sanctuary, a c 3 nonprofit organization. For more information, visit www. Self-heated and waterproof, the trademark coat doubles as a sleeping bag at night. This coat has changed workforce development and has evolved into a system of ending generational poverty through employment.