Meet in the middle restaurant finder

5 Apps to Find Halfway Points to Meet with Faraway Friends

meet in the middle restaurant finder

Find restaurants near you from 6 million restaurants worldwide with million reviews Middle Eastern Restaurants Near Me · Seafood Restaurants Near Me . Find the best place to hold a meeting for attendees by inputting their US ZIP code . Show the nearest public place to the COG marker (restaurant, park etc. Quickly and easily find a place to meet half-way between two locations. Meeting a friend after work for a beer, or a client for a coffee.

Daily Commute Break up a long commute by checking out a new restaurant, running errands, or exploring a new spot on your way home. For that reason, MeetWays includes reviews to help you find the perfect spot for meeting up.

meet in the middle restaurant finder

Meyer and Scott J. The location, however, is perfect. Louis Post Dispatch "In the spirit of compromise and accommodation that we hope leaders of both political parties will exercise in the coming days, we share MeetWays, a cool and handy site that will locate a halfway point between two places.

Let's meet in the middle | Find places to meet your friends half way.

But where can you get together? Enter their address and yours at MeetWays, choose where you'd like to meet — coffee shop, pub? If you type in a keyword like "coffee" or "pizza," it will locate the nearest restaurant or coffee shop where you can see your friend for lunch, a business meeting or what have you.

Find the best halfway points to stop on your road trip.

meet in the middle restaurant finder

Everyone loves a good road trip but it can be hard to know where to stop along the way. MeetWays can help you find hotels, restaurants, and local attractions along your route and provide driving directions to each stop.

MeetWays: Meet in the Middle - Find a Halfway Point

Choose a great spot for lunch or fun local attraction to break up a long day of driving. Need a hotel for your trip? We can help with that too. Just enter your starting point and final destination with hotel as your point of interest. MeetWays will show you all the hotels in the area along with reviews, driving directions, distance, and travel time.

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What would be the halfway point between? Figuring out what would be the halfway between two locations is easy. Just enter the two addresses in our app above and we will find the midpoint that is halfway between for you. Add a point of interest if you want to meet at a specific type of location.

meet in the middle restaurant finder

Do you have an app for iPhone or Android? We are working on an app but right now our website is fully mobile ready and will work on any cell phone. If you use MeetWays often, we recommend bookmarking it or saving it as a shortcut on your phone homescreen. Or clams and razor clams served with several varieties of seaweed and an umami-rich foam.

meet in the middle restaurant finder

But Floreyn walks that line perfectly. Even dessert uses local, seasonal vegetables: This is very accomplished cooking that stays true to its Dutch roots. Dutch fine dining at Floreyn Read my full review of Floreyn or download my Amsterdam restaurant guide for more Dutch food recommendations.

meet in the middle restaurant finder

And wait for the best bit several of the dishes are actually properly spicy. Best Middle Eastern restaurant: Then move onto the grilled meats: But as the flavours are just as good, I wanted to include it anyway. Le Due Sicilie Speaking of Southern Europe, another fabulous find in my new buurt was Le Due Sicilie — a Sicilian restaurant presumably run by two people from the Italian island itself.

Then, in the evening, duck inside for a glass or several of wine they have an extensive wine list and a shareable snack not your average bitterballen fare. Whatever the time of day or your reason for visiting, this place delivers! Super-smooth coffee and dreamy cinnamon buns at Read my full review of or download my Amsterdam restaurant guide for more all-day dining recommendations.