Meet fun shaundi on the ship

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meet fun shaundi on the ship

In this video we play through a Meet Matt On The Ship The Warden Stomp thingie , and cause some general disorder like a mothaphrikkin pimp. Side Missions: Fun Shaundis Side Missions Fun Shaundi's first side mission, Shaundi's List Something to Prove Meet with Fun Shaundi on the ship Blazin. If you return to the ship, your homies will give you side missions that require you to complete open Complete all of these activities for both Real Shaundi and Fun Shaundi to unlock this trophy. . Fist Meet Ground –Bronze.

Afterwards, speak to him to start the side quest, Campaign Trail of Destruction. After completing this, you will unlock the side quests, Executive Orders and The Simulation Recognizes. If you have been completing a number of the open world gameplay activities, then you may find that a lot of these objectives have already been fulfilled. If not, simply follow the objectives of the quests. Upon completing all of the objectives for these three quests, you should unlock the unlimited super sprint power, an outfit, the Dubstep gun, and unlocked: Do everything you can for your Veep -- Quests, Loyalty Missions Access the weapon cache and select the Dubstep Gun from "Special".

This gun is awesome! Once this is in your arsenal, head to an area with aliens and kill at least 25 aliens with this gun in order to work towards Experimental Tech Kill 25 enemies with each of the best toys.

There is a challenge record that identifies how many overall kills you have completed with this weapon, but for this achievement it has to be alien kills, so this isn't very helpful.

If you are satisfied you have killed at least 25 aliens with this gun, then head back to the gateway and select the Abduction Gun. Again you want 25 alien kills to work towards this achievement.

Saints Row IV (AU) Walkthrough

Once you have unlocked these guns, I would suggest heading to the gateway and equipping them to knock out this achievement. You will need to get plenty more kills with these guns for their challenges, but they can be any enemy and not just aliens. I will remind you when the gun becomes unlocked during this walkthrough. Onto the main quest, so select Breaking the Law.

The aim is to hack the stores, which is done by a playing a mini game where you have to link pipes from left to right. Some are fairly easy while others can be more challenging.

Follow the waypoint to the objective and before you get a chance to put your hacking skills to use, you will need to take out the cops and then aliens and their portals. Finally, sprint after a CID and tap when close enough to destroy it, once done the quest is complete.

Another two collectibles are now added to the game, Text Adventures and Zinyak statues. Both of these are scattered across the map. By this point, you should have obtained over two hours of game time in the simulator. Confirm this by going to Extras and then Stats and see the total time played. If this reads over two hours, then head to a plastic surgery shop and change the sex of your character. After playing for an additional two hours as the opposite gender, you will unlock: Head back to the ship and approach Kinzie, press and then speak to her again afterwards.

Again, you may have already completed a number of these objectives already, but if not, just work through them and hand in the quest, which rewards you with Blast Damage. Now lets head back to the main quest line, so select Breaking the Lawn. Follow the objectives and complete another training area and you will net a new power, Blast Element - Fire.

Head back to the Hub, select quests and pick up Ghost in the Machine. Head to the waypoint and then make your way to the Hotspot.

Steal the Bounce Rifle and use this to kill the aliens. Once the Hotspot is cleared, interact with three CID's and, once you have one following, make your way to the waypoint on the rooftop.

Head to the power plant and follow the objectives. If you have exclusively killed aliens with the Bounce Rifle you should have racked up your 25 kills by the time the CID is fully uploaded. You will now have to kill a Warden.

Destroying it gives you the power Telekinesis.

meet fun shaundi on the ship

Enter the training area and upon completing it you will unlock: Download a new ally into a robotic body. Kill Aliens with the Telekinesis Super Power. Again, head to the waypoint to start a new activity, Mind over Murder, where you have to throw certain objects into their designated rings. After you have finished Mind over Murder, select the side quest Obey.

Head back to the ship and start off by pressing and then speak to CID. Complete several objectives, then head back to CID and complete the quest.

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You will then get Obey againso complete the objectives and head back to CID. You will then get the last quest, Obey one more timeso complete the objectives once more and turn it in to CID. Completing all of these quests will get you the Telekinesis - Life Steal, an outfit, and Telekinesis Element - Lightning, and you should also unlock: Do everything you can for CID -- Quests and Select the quest Zero Cool.

Follow the waypoint and into a Tron-style tank game. Finish the area, get on the bike and make your way to Matt's prison. You will be offered the choice of two doors, make sure you pick the red door first in order to unlock: Surrender when given the chance. You are now playing an old style RPG so select the following options: After watching a cut scene, you will complete the quest.

Now go to the Hub and select the side quest, Gateway. Head to Kinzie on the ship and speak to her. Again, you may have already completed the objectives, but if not, head into the simulator and complete them. In addition, I would recommend spending time to hack all the stores since it will save you time when jumping back and forth from the ship.

Completing all of these will give you a new Gateway as a reward. Once that is over with, its back to the main quest, Zero Cool, so head on over to the Hub and select it. Speak to Kinzie and now it's time to rescue Matt with the help of a Mech suit. Head through the alien ship, navigating from waypoint to waypoint. Rescue Matt who kindly equips the mech with weapons. After defending Matt for the second time, you will be rescued by Kinzie and its time to control the ship's turret.

Keep on eye on the ship's health in the top left, however this part is pretty easy. Eventually you will complete the quest and unlock: Head to Matt on the ship and press when you meet him. After that, speak to him. You will be given a number of objectives to complete and once these have been completed, return to the ship to speak to Matt. Again, this will lead to two further side quests, The Turn and The Prestige, both with similar objectives.

Finish these up and for your troubles you will receive the very useful Collectible Finder, an outfit and Blast Element - Mind Control. To utilize the Collectible Finder, go to your map and use the D-pad to head down to collectibles. This will only show the collectibles on your map as well as being highlighted when you are walking around. Whilst still on the ship, select Loyalty - Nytefall. Head to the waypoint to begin the mission. Upon entering the simulation, you will have to fight a Warden and after defeating him, you will receive the Stomp power.

Once again, enter a training area and complete it. Now that you have this power, you will want to use it to rack up alien kills to unlock: Kill Aliens with the Stomp Super Power.

Head into Matt's fantasy simulation and fight some zombies. After defeating the zombies follow Nyteblayde. This part sometimes bugs out so if you find Nyteblayde starts driving towards the law, stopping at green lights, etc.

Otherwise, follow Nyteblayde till the end of the quest and unlock: Do everything you can for Matt -- Quests, Loyalty Missions Go to the waypoint which begins a Super Power Fight Club activity where you need to defeat three waves of enemies. After completing this, you will finish the quest. After completing it for the first time, just start the activity again and in round two, stay out of the green circle and continue to kill the enemies using whichever super power you need to work on.

meet fun shaundi on the ship

Just make sure you finish the fight club otherwise those kills will not count. Using this method can easily rack up fifty kills for two minutes of work.

In the Hub, select Back by Popular Demand and head to the waypoint to go into a plane simulation.

meet fun shaundi on the ship

You are here to rescue Johnny so just follow the waypoints through the level. After the cut scene, head to save Shaundi by again following the waypoints once more. Find the smallest gaps to jump over the green areas and you will end up in a nightclub. Keith David Talking to Himself with Julius. You know, some folks say I remind them of you.

Yeah, I get the same with you. I don't see it though. Fun Shaundi trying to flirt with Matt but Matt turns her down out of fear about how the actual Shaundi might react.

What are you doing after this? You wanna smoke a bulb? Maybe see where things go? She doesn't have to know. Older Shaundi knows everything. And Matt fanboying the hell out of Roddy Piper, which creeps him out.

You were probably my favorite wrestler of all time. I even had one of your action figures. I had another of myself too, homemade, not professional of course. I'd pretend we were tag team partners and we'd obliterate our opponents with devastating moves. As our co-op finisher you would throw me over your head and I'd land on the opponent and deliver a massive suplex in midair.

Then you and I would go have a tea party with Mr.

meet fun shaundi on the ship

Fluffykins and Penelope Rabbit. Because Keith isn't the actual President. CID refuses; he normally does favors and requests only when being paid. For Fun Shaundi's ex, I will make an exception and just say, "Piss off. Especially since his Large Ham moments seems to remind most viewers of his Deadpool persona, whose brand of Crosses the Line Twice Screwball Comedy would fit right in with the Saints Row-verse.

Some of Nolan's dialogue is different from the subtitles, but what he says makes it even funnier. Don't forget about the block button! I have a block button? I labeled it for you. I don't pay attention to these things. I can't read, okay? Pretty much all of the 's world, from the Boss's goofy walking animation to the cheesy laugh track. Can I get porn? The effect of the Dubstep Gun is that everything in the vicinity, along with most aliens, starts immediately dancing.

Kurgan, Saint of the Row

A fully upgraded Dubstep Gun causes the world to turn into bluish-purple wubs of explodey goodness for about two minutes. Even the corpses dance if you have it aimed right on them. There's the part where the Dubstep Gun is unlocked Assuming you haven't unlocked it from Keith's first sidequestduring the return to the '50s simulation where the Boss needs some Loophole Abuse with the "No Weapon policy" enacted by '50s Cyrus: You gotta give me some kind of weapon!

I'm telling you, the simulation is locked— starts getting excited Oh, oh, wait a minute Music gun it is Music to my ears Not what I meant by "music to my ears"!! The Inflato-Ray's effect is also giggle-inducing. They then explode after a beat. The simulations the Boss and their homies are trapped in are tailored to mirror their worst fears, their most bloodcurdling nightmares, the thoughts that make them scream at night and reach for their blankie for comfort.

So, what does the Boss of the Saints consider terrifying beyond all reason? Zinyak realises his mistake a little too late: I should have realised that a prison of peace would never hold a sociopath like yourself. Actually, the whole discussion is hilarious, not just the following part: No, I get it.

If you look around the Simulated Steelport, you'll notice just how all the advertisements are changed to Zin propaganda, including the sexy ones for Technically Legal and Tits N' Grits. They keep the sexy female bodies but have horrid Zin heads instead. You help him live out his Nyteblade fanfic. The Boss's reactions are killer. The Boss' reaction to finding this out as well. Their voice just sells it, like they plan on hurting Matt when they exit the simulation and aren't afraid to admit it and the following conversation with Matt trying to justify putting the Boss into his fanfic.

Well, with the world gone, it's up to the fans to keep his legacy alive! It has a rich mythology and, like any good series, it's as much a part of the creators' love as it is the fans'! I actually sympathize with you. Oh no, I don't; I just want this conversation to end and I'm just acting like it.