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lin the moment we meet taipei

THE MOMENT is a series of multi-disciplinary arts programs for which we have Artists from Tainan: Wan-Ting Wang, Jam Wu, Wei-Wen Fang, Huang-Ti Lin, . especially in view of our expanded connectivity and reach globally, we chafe at. Nearest airport, Taipei Songshan Airport (TSA) We Meet Taipei Hotel Some rooms include flat screen television, complimentary instant coffee, . Ximending Shopping District - km; Shi Zi Lin Mall - km; Snake Alley - km. Everything with the topic 'Taipei' on VICE. "The Moment We Meet" by Hsin- Chien Huang focuses on the staring contests and chance Tao Lin is everywhere: his books are on the bedside table of everyone with a fringe, his reviews (lauding.

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Hsin-Chien's New Media Art ProjectThe Moment We Meet

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The weaving of strand, fabric, and textiles accompanied everywhere in the world the development of human life and civilization. Insofar as it was pictorial, realism of the land and humankind were valued. Fabric intertwines an infinite possibility within a simple latitude and longitude to form a universe, but traditional weaving did not often explore these potentialities. Going beyond conventional methods, Chin Chih Yang uses weaving to discuss the harm we do to our earth.

lin the moment we meet taipei

Using recycling materials, for Pollution Solution in this exhibition, he chooses cans with shiny metal and dramatic labels or brand names, cutting and reworking them into a big blanket, and then twisting them to fit his message. And in a more direct piece, Mathematics of Light, thin, silky metal threads cut from cans are formed into a thicket equipped with flashing LED lights and join a small video that depicts factory chimneys polluting with endless exhaust.

In Yang's oeuvre, he deals with the environment, social justice on Wall Street, religion, and natural disasters. Whether he uses beverage cans, manikins, video, or unexpected lighting, his art always addresses issues of current concern.

To be in harmony with the environment, artists like Hiroshi Jashiki blend emotional and intellectual effort to reach greatest simplicity, sharing some methods with artisans illustrating scenes from daily folk and personal experience.

Magnificent artistic works are often produced. They result from facets of reality, the enthusiasm of the romantic, and some are strong fantasies depicting linear nature with a charming rhythm.

Jashiki has been working in textile design; so naturally, he takes fabric as material for his work and experiments with color by way of textile software, creating both realistic and highly abstract motifs to create a romantic feeling.

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In paintings, curtains, triptychs, and screens, Jashiki is influenced both by Japanese Okinawan handweaving and modern digital textile design methods. Nice South France 03, a six-panel folding silk screen, is another sample of his fabric work taking inspiration from nature; the artist reveals the azure mysteriousness of the ever-changing ocean. The waterscape can be viewed from both sides of the mounted silk, light passing through the transparent screen bringing out a rigorous and impulsive feature.

Diderot championed a reconciliation of reason with feeling so as to establish harmony, insisting that discipline is also essential to creating sublime work. The artist thus discusses a way to interpret the relationship between body and fabric The harsh metal stainless steel and sterling silver wire in "Model" is suggestive of a corset straining a fetish in space, and gives an ambiguous clue.

In "Parts of a Whole," fig 2 made inshe deftly uses fabric as a medium to address the weaving of individuals into the larger whole that is society.

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Her square, cloth lightbox hanging from the ceiling demands both appreciation from a distance as well as close scrutiny. It adumbrates the concern that runs through many of her works — the relationship between the individual and society. For this piece, he smashed a 3D print sculpture to fragments then gradually sewed it back together to form a complete face.

His work is less open to the outside world but more personal and profoundly investigates the self. Theatrically projecting light onto a resewn face casts up an iconographic great man, and alludes to a fake or self-content social situation. In the brave new land, fragility morphs into apparent dominance. A formidable stitch fabric book Atlas demonstrates both technique and manual expertise.

The prototype of a landscape was captured from a painted wall in the New York City subway. Processing these images, he stitched together the fabric book by assembling digital pigment prints on silk fabric. These urban and nature landscape application to an unaware delaying motion video piece. The projection where the artist intended to project the contraction with the rush crowd nowadays we experience in the urban and his preferences.

In another example of highly sophisticated conceptual fiber art, Catherine Lan has confronted the artificial and the intimate. She uses synthetic fur to transmit feelings at once organic, feminist, as well as exotic, in her series of "relief paintings" accomplished by cutting fur to form new topographies of forests, mountains, and even streams. As the viewer changes position or strikes the cut faux-fur, so too the fabric alters color and texture, resulting in interactive scenery.

lin the moment we meet taipei

In another installation piece, Rest Inside Me, Lan creates a fetishistic, exotic phenomenon — a hanging chair, covered with faux fur. The artificial fur, the cradle-like chair, the festive lighting, and the enveloping music all give shelter and reference the womb. Or from a different perspective, the work speaks to the need to break away from the hectic importunities of quotidian life, to deny imposed societal values, and take the time to rest and to focus on personal balance.

Awareness of the essence of life is difficult. For Steven Balogh, memory is barbed wire, looped around and around, layer on layer, and surmounting a high wall to recall a refugee camp. Fiber to Balogh brings art to hard metal as in Peacock in a Trap where he arranges golf clubs in a cage-like structure, with the heads of the golf clubs signifying peacock feathers.

A restructuring process to a new form, constructs and might not destruct. The reweavings we take reflect a new perspective on making from traditional methods, new imagination leading to an unpredictable result. In this exhibition, fiber art elides into a subtitle, thereby, seemingly into a line, thread, fabric, or something else. Her works address questions related to science, ritual, land, urban areas, and the surroundings.