Kingdom hearts meet sonic the hedgehog

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kingdom hearts meet sonic the hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog and Kingdom Hearts crossover fanfiction archive with over 91 Sonic but things get crazy when she meets a mysterious boy named Riku. This is the first crossover comic i'm doing! (More is coming! X3) Kingdom Hearts X Sonic the hedgehog! Page 1. Kingdom Hearts meets Sonic the Hedgehog. Disclaimer: I don't own Kingdom Hearts I and II or Sonic the Hedgehog. I own myself.

One day, before dawn, that was the goal of three of these kids. As sunlight broke across the beach, revealing the silhouette of the giant tree on the adjacent island, the first of these three arrived at the raft they had planned to use to cross the water.

kingdom hearts meet sonic the hedgehog

He had spiky, brown hair and deep blue eyes. He looked around then sat on the raft with his head in his hands. He hadn't slept the entire night, and he started to wish he had. He closed his eyes and let the sounds of the waves relax him.

He rolled over to see a red-haired girl kneeling down and smiling. Weren't we supposed to meet here at dawn? We talked about this yesterday, Sora! Now let's go before it gets any later! Try to keep up! We've still got a couple miles to this race! I brought you on this mission so we could infiltrate the doctor's desert base together, quickly, and under the radar!

He looked in the sky to find the blue plane he was expecting to see by then. He pushed the button on his earpiece transmitter. Have you shut down the doctor's security yet? Shadow then looked at Sonic and told him, "The security is offline, but only for a few minutes, so we have to do this quickly.

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Last one in is a rotten egg! Sonic ran up the wall of the base to the roof, where he looked around for a way in. After a minute of searching, he found an air vent, which he opened and entered. He crawled around the ventilation system for some time until he found a way out of the tightly enclosed space. He kicked out the vent, and stepped out, only to find Shadow already inside. Shadow looked at him motioned him forward, not before smirking. Sonic chuckled, and the two hedgehogs quietly walked down the hallway of the base.

Sonic was the first to break the silence. We're supposed to break in, which we already did, and kick Eggman's butt, right? Then we can focus on finding Eggman, and arresting him. He cared more about stopping Eggman's plan than whatever G. Sonic then heard an electric, high pitched voice in Shadow's earpiece. Shadow stopped walking and listened. When Shadow looked up, Sonic asked, "So, what did Tails have to say?

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Sonic looked at the door and found a keypad to the right. He raised his fist above his head, and brought it down strongly on the keypad, smashing it in. The pair walked to the lights to find the Chaos Emeralds circling each other in a glass tube. Shadow curled his fingers into a fist, and punched the tube, shattering the glass. The door closed and latched behind them, and a screen turned on along one wall of the room. If it isn't Sonic and Shadow!

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kingdom hearts meet sonic the hedgehog

Xion and Sonic got in trouble with G. With no tedious heart collecting, defeating heartless, and recon. Read to see her reaction to Sonic his friends.

What if Sonic and a girl named Evelyn is a keymaster too? Read to find out. Two heroes with the same goal must team up to defeat the darkness and save the ones they hold dear. Kingdom Hearts by theblackchaos reviews Ezi is a girl who's friends with Sonic and the gang but ends up trapped on an unknown island and becomes friends with a boy named Sora.

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Together, they go in search of their missing friends and make more on the way. Xehanort is plotting once again to take the hearts of light and open Kingdom Hearts once more. Will he succeed or will Niko and Sapphire be able to stop him?

Thanks to Create For Monty who paired with me on this!