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I opened the door and stepped inside.

Rabbi Aaron Krupnik, Congregation Beth El Voorhees, New Jersey

I had been here before once, but then the Stepbrothers weren't here. As I got inside I followed the music to the studio where I expected them to be. I hesitated as I was about to open the door, I wanted to turn back around and get out, but it was time I thought about myself! I brought my hand to the handle and gently pushed it open.

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I leaned towards the doorframe as they finished the routine. He turned around and looked at me, "Alexis? I nodded and took a couple of steps towards them. It felt good to be back in a 'crew'. Although the Wasabi Warriors wasn't really a crew, it felt kind of similar. Smooth and I have been working on a routine, solo for the two of us. We're performing to the weekend. Anyway, we're showing the other guys today. As the music started, I heard the door open, but I didn't bother to look, as the choreography was starting.

Imagine them doing this routine or something similar… watch? Why is Alex dancing with…him…? As we finished, I looked up to see Jack walking towards me. Wow, I haven't seen Alex in months. It's hard to believe we split up… "Jack? I quickly shook them off, "What's up? Jack looked at us, we broke up when we almost weren't able to see each other more, but I never told him I started going out with Smooth… What's that supposed to mean?

Why would he say that? And why is his arm around Alex's shoulder!? How could I forget the guy…? It was hard to get the words out, and it really bothered me. I bit my bottom lip as he exited. Why did it feel so bad to just let him go? When practice was over, I had made up my mind.

If Rudy had something important to say, I would have to be there! I grabbed my bag and strapped it over my shoulder, "I'll see you guys tomorrow! I had called the guys and asked if Jack had talked to them, and it was only Eddie he hadn't visited yet.

I quickly jumped onto my skateboard and raced down towards the mall. I needed the details. Sure I could text him, but it would mean more if I told him. As I got to the mall I hurried into Mrs. I closed the door behind me, "But, it is Rudy we're talking about," I smiled at them. I turned around to see Frank coming in.

I rolled my eyes at him, he can be so annoying! We're talking," Jack said and turned back to Eddie. He threw the punch and Jack caught it, of course.

What I didn't expect though… "Aow, I probably shouldn't have done that," Jack said looking at his hand. I had totally forgotten that he hasn't been practicing for months! Frank grabbed Jack's wrist, but then I broke in. I kicked up my right foot, to make Frank drop his grip and brought my hand under his, twisting his arm backwards to stop him. I swallowed hard, as I hadn't told any of my friends. He tried to pull his arm back, to no use. He lifted an eyebrow, "You what? He eventually calmed down, so I finally let go.

Angrily, he turned around and walked to the door. I rolled my eyes at him. I looked down and scratched the back of my head, "I, eh, I joined the Black Dragons," I mumbled embarrassed.

They would probably hate me for it! They were the only dojo in town! We didn't want anything to do with them! The expressions on their faces made me feel like I was pushed into a corner. It was incredibly difficult to find the right words to explain myself.

I couldn't even look at them! I joined the dojo that split us all up! Somehow, I couldn't get anything out. Every time I tried to speak, my voice died out or my tongue twisted. I rolled my lips and took a deep breath. I once again tried to speak, but I couldn't. I just couldn't get a single word out. I clenched my fists. If they had tried harder to stay connected, none of this would've happened! All of us could've been friends still!

He was about to storm out of the studio, when I grabbed his wrist. You guys were always busy and karate changed my life — I couldn't just quit because the dojo was switched out! If I needed an excuse, than that is saying a lot! I walked past him and out of the door, "I'm gonna have to reconsider tonight," I said as I excited. Maybe it wasn't worth it anyway! I stomped into my house and closed the door behind me, restraining myself from slamming it shut.

I stepped out of my high tops and hurried upstairs. I roughly pulled open my door and closed it behind me. Throwing my bag onto my bed, I leaned backwards meeting the door. I brought my hands to my head, folding my hands together as I slid down the door and sat on the floor.

I let out a small groan and inched towards my desk. Ok, so maybe it was a loud groan, but I just came home from yelling at the guy who used to my best friend! Who used to be my boyfriend! Been chillin' in boiling oil," I complained and pulled open the top drawer. I rummaged around in the junk drawer and pulled out a picture.

I looked at the picture and felt a small smile appearing on my face. It was from China, when Jack and I had attended the junior championships. Jack, Rudy and I were in the blue and red uniforms, Jerry, Eddie and Milton were in the wedding costumes and Kim looked, well, normal.

I smiled, "Nah, its fine Milton… Just a bit worn out I guess," I answered and grabbed from tape from the roll on the desk. I tore of a piece and attached it to the picture, before I stuck it to the wall over my bed. I didn't even bother change, nor was it late…but I felt like sleeping. I slid through all the songs on my phone, I used some time to get through all of them, but none of them really appealed to me. I got up and turned on the radio instead.

Sure I would want to see Rudy again, but it was obvious the guys…strongly disliked…what I chose to keep doing!

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I heard the soft piano playing nicely and found myself stepping onto the middle of the floor. I quickly found the rhythm and began performing some simple steps. The rhythm began building up slightly and the steps turned into a dance. I lost the firm stance and my balance, as my ankle went weak. I found myself spinning onto my back with a small thud as the lyrics kept going.

In confusion, I pulled my hands over my face. I don't know if I like it… "Alex, are you coming? I'm perfectly fine sleeping! I lifted and eyebrow as I was slightly confused of why I was sleeping on the floor in my normal clothes…again… "It's Are you coming to Falafel Phil's? I rubbed my wrist across my eyes, "Coming where, why? He rolled his eyes at me.

Of course, they were gonna meet him at seven. He looked slightly worried, but hurried out as he only had eight or nine minutes to get down there. I really didn't like it, without them…! Quicker than lightning I opened my cupboard and changed out of my clothes, finding something more appropriate. I don't think I've ever gotten ready that quick, because I was headed out the door only two minutes later.

I mean I had been sleeping, my hair and make-up was a mess, so I had to touch up! She slid into the booth next to Milton. Their voices faded out when they save his…big…transformation.

He was not slim anymore, to put it like that… "Wow, you look eh…" Jack began, not knowing what to say. Tonight is the night to remember all the good times, so order anything that you want! Believe it or not, I could it a horse," Rudy smiled brightly. They all got out of the boot, "Guys, this was great! And you might not have me, but you've still got the dojo and more importantly; each other!

One last time…wasabi," Rudy held out his hand. And the others joined in with smiles, "Wasabi! Still they couldn't get themselves to open it and turned back to Rudy. The six walked out of the tavern and strangely, they were going their separate directions. Even Milton and Alex went separate ways as she had forgotten something at the dance studio, where she was teaching the classes. After paying Phil he had visited the Black Dragon and things were nothing like he expected, "You've never lied to me before!

You've lied to me before! I want my dojo back," Rudy stated as he stood face to face with the new sensei and his students.

Once again Jerry broke out into laughter at 'Judy', which earned him some glares from the others.

Kickin' It (2011) s03e03 Episode Script

Cause I have everybody but Taft, do you have a Taft? You're one of my star students! We were gonna get married! Alex smacked a hand to her forehead as her friends gave her weird looks. While Kim, Rudy, Jerry and Eddie all looked surprised, wondering who it could be. She shook her head, "No idea," she replied quietly with a small shrug. They all turned to Milton, who was her brother after all. They quirked their eyes open in shock. Alex turned around as she heard Jerry yell.

She looked at them with an eyebrow pushed up. Alex's POV I took a deep breath and calmed down again. I guess I easily get fueled up about people talking about the direction I chose to go after the dojo broke up. I mean, I've befriended the people in the Black Dragon, I'm part of an epic dance crew, I've a super sweet boyfriend, everything's great!

It's just that…I think it was even better before. And I don't like when people talk about it, it just feels like, I don't really know, but it's not a good feeling… "Ok, well back to business. Since you guys need to get back into shape within a week, Milton and I know someone who can help," I said calmly and looked at Milton.

He nodded, "Yeah, we'll call our aunt Jillian and she'll help you," he agreed, and the others chuckled. I rolled my eyes, wow, am I gonna laugh when they meet her, "What is she gonna do? Knit us a scarf while we do sit ups? Oh well, when the time comes… I Polyvore chuckled as Jillian was running the guys out. Rudy was running for his life at a treadmill, Jack was doing pushups, Kim was on a treadmill, Jerry was climbing the stairs fast forward and Eddie was biking for his life.

She was scaring them so badly! Oh, and Milton was lifting some…well, pink, mini weights… "That's what happens when you don't train for three months," I snickered at Jack as I stretched out on the mat. Shouldn't she be pushing you and Milton too? I shrugged nonchalant, "Well, then I'll just enjoy the moment! I removed my left hand, placing it behind my back and started doing pushups with only my right arm.

And I could sense Jack was surprised. What can I say? I was accepted in to the Black Dragons, but Ty gave me something to struggle with! I never had such intense strength tests, but I pushed through stronger.

Although I'm gonna have to work really hard if I want to keep myself at this level! You got us back into shape," Rudy thanked my aunt as my friends were all ready for the challenge, "But eh, there is one last thing that I'd like to do and believe me, it's from all of us," Rudy smiled, most of us, he stepped in and punched Jillian in the stomach.

I broke out into laughter as he squirmed back, his hand in pain. I calmed down my laughter as he was in legit pain, but the black belt just punched the scarf-knitting aunt in the stomach and was in pain. You see the key to great, happy life is being in shape. Now, go get your dojo back! I walked into the dojo together with the others. We were ready to get this place back! I watched as Kim was fighting a girl from the Black Dragons. Her name was Cynthia and she was very good, still, I think Kim can take her!

We're behind with two losses and one draw, but with Kim, me, Jack and Rudy left, we can really win this!

They went toe to toe, but Kim pushed her out of the square with a sidekick. I entered a defensive position ready for an attack. Frank stepped in with a sidekick. I moved to the right with a roundhouse kick, which Frank dodged underneath.

I brought my leg directly into a front kick, but frank blocked it and sent a back hand at me. I'm stuck with these paper scraps and Jack had a hurling experience!

Eew, I'm almost happy I got stuck in this sticky paper, so that I didn't have to puke too! Yeah right, I would so not choose this paper over that! Kelsey, Donna and Grace are annoying the life out of me right now. I was heading for science when Grace tripped me.

Kickin' It () s03e16 Episode Script | SS

I lost my books and my glasses. Those girls are so self-centered, and of course all of them are cheerleaders! I can't even look 'em in their eyes, without freezing dead. I feel like the whole cheer crew is against me, everyone except Kim. I have no idea how they plan to humiliate me this time, but I'm not finding out. I continued to walk down the hall, it's unbelievable. Why am I so shy when they're around, oh that's right, because they humiliate me no matter what I do!

It's great for the school, a cheerleader caring about the unpopular geeks! I couldn't see their faces, but I'm pretty sure I know how they look!

Anyway, what they said striked my chest. How did I know it wasn't true? I speed up my walking and hurried across a corner. I feel so weak, why am I like this? Why can't I just man up? What does it take for me? I was on my way to the dojo. I didn't get far before I noticed lots of nuts, corns, and seeds were sifting out of my bag.

I was about to open my bag and look, but then it happened. I am going to kill the responsible! I was attacked by squirrels. I started running, but they ran in front of me and everywhere. I tried to avoid them as good as I could, but they kept jumping at me and attacking me. I was still trying to run, but it wasn't easy with squirrels chasing you! I heard a door open and Jack's voice. I catched a glance of the dojo and was relieved. Jack managed to chase them away, but it took some time.

I entered the dojo with scratches and partly ripped clothes. Not too much, but small scratches about… everywhere. I can't take it anymore, it wasn't Truman who pulled those pranks on you," he said nervous. I quickly let my hands down, I wouldn't hurt Eddie… if he has a good reason! That paper was so sticky I lost four freckles and half and eyebrow! He was kinda strange, but he did have a good reason so I won't kick his butt!

I feel sorry for him though. Then my brother started talking about poking… a bear…he is strange sometimes! It was full of paint daubs! Anyways, as Kim said it does explain a lot! Outside the dojo I saw Joan walking over to Kim. Unbelievable, that actually worked! You know that's just one reason Kim's awesome!

Jerry ran over to the dog once Kim gave us the sign. Seconds later Jack, Milton and I snuck over too. Milton did this wannabe ninja-roll while Jack and I walked calmly over. He passed the security lasers quite easily actually. He was awesomely good! If you want to see it, check it from the original episode Jack turned off the kill switch and we ran over to him.

He opened the door and just as Milton was about to walk inside, I stopped him. Jack jumped up his feet clutching the door frame. You've all seen it, right! That was so cool too! I've got to learn that! I saw Milton try doing the same, but he completely failed, sorry to say it!