I will survive meet the spartans lyrics to hello

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i will survive meet the spartans lyrics to hello

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As someone who has been on about a dozen job interviews and has served on nine search committees I have developed some pretty good ideas on effective strategies and ineffective strategies. I approach job interviews little bit differently than some people. The best wisdom I have ever heard is that if you are invited for a job interview, then the hiring committee believes you are qualified for the job.

This helps a lot. If you are invited for one interview, then most likely it will not be the only interview you have. The purpose of the interview is to determine if you fit with the culture and personality of the department.

If you try to be someone that you are really not and you get the job, then it is unlikely that the fit will be good and you are going to have a bad time.

How Not to Suck at Graduate School

I believe that I am interviewing my host as much as they are interviewing me. Both sides are doing the best they can to determine if there is potential for long-term working relationship. This mindset removes a lot of the pressure. Well, that is not going to work for you.

I will Survive Meet The Spartans (Version)

Just try as hard as you can not to be a complete jerk. Preparation Preparation is an enormous part of all professional activities. Preparation comes in three forms: I am surprised how many applicants for faculty jobs have read every single paper that every single faculty member in the department has written.

It is more important to review departmental websites and websites of faculty members. By doing this you can understand the role of students and what each faculty member values the most.

Identifying potential collaborators and co-authors is helpful. Also helpful is identifying a potential niche within the department that you believe you fill. More time should be spent reviewing the university than anything else. Understanding human resources, regulations for tenure, benefits, average salary, and other university-based issues are critical. Also critically important is the gossip pipeline.

Most fields that you will be applying for are fairly small. As such, your supervisor and other experienced people in the profession whom you know well are quite likely to have some contacts at the university where you are interviewing. You will find critical information such as: Gossip is part of your preparation. You need to determine how much this gossip reflects a dysfunctional system.

General preparation is what you typically do for any conference, presentation, or travel. Because you are generally travelling to job interviews you need to pack for all kinds of contingencies.

Stuff happens and you do not need the daily hassles of travel and being away from home to be the determining factor in whether you perform at your best in a job interview. Here is my list of things I typically pack for a job interview or any other travel: Laser pointers, microphones, and all sorts of things lose power at the most inopportune times.

Even if you are not responsible, it is good to be prepared for anything. Extra socks, shirt, necktie, and underwear. You do not want a spilled coffee to ruin your entire interview. Do not forget your medicines. A set of dry erase markers. They often come in handy for an impromptu opportunity to demonstrate your expertise. Familiar snacks for the airport or late night in the hotel. Eating a dicey airport burrito the day before an interview is usually a bad idea.

I typically pack almonds, a water bottle with built-in filter you can empty it when you go through airport security and fill it in the drinking fountain, no matter what the quality of the local water is likecandied ginger great for nausea and a delicious snackwhey protein powder easily mixes with water and is a convenient meal replacementand a favourite calming tea I prefer lemon and ginger.

A travel size Tide2Go or other travel size stain remover. Two large Ziploc bags. A bandanna or handkerchief. Check the weather forecast and prepare appropriately. Have a hard copy of your presentation with presentation notes. My best job talk occurred when the entire building lost power I am still not sure if this was a test. I worked from my paper notes and gave the entire job talk in the semi darkness without skipping a beat. Plus — bonus points for being a trouper, overall good sport, and clearly demonstrating mastery of your research.

The Job Talk or Colloquium This is the most important part of your interview. Many members of the faculty in the department will have their only exposure to you during the colloquium. Every department has a troll. That insecure person who tries to build himself up by asking you impossible or unfair questions. Everyone else in the department has already identified this person as the troll. In this case and only in this case, you are allowed to smack them down.

Quite often, other faculty members will apologize to you for the behaviour of that troll or congratulated you on how well you managed it.

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The troll seems to be a feature of every department and does not necessarily indicate that the department is flawed. Sometimes people ask good questions that you are not able to answer. But it is an excellent question that needs to be addressed. Maybe we can have a talk afterwards and see about how we can address this in future research.

Can you do this talk if the power goes out? Time the talk out. Know exactly how much time that your talk is scheduled for and finish well within the deadline. Never go over time in any talk ever. If it is possible for you, then ask and allow questions and interruptions in your talk. It shows that you have confidence and mastery of your material. However, if you prefer questions to wait until the end, then do not say anything. Most typically other faculty members will cut off anyone who interrupts and insist the questions wait until the end.

You do not want to appear brittle. Open your talk with a compelling discussion of why your material is important. Immediately after this skip ahead to the most complex aspect of your methodology or analysis. You are trying to make the case that your research is interesting and important, but also can blow people away with its complexity and your mastery of technique.

Remember you that you are not trying to communicate the details of what you do, you are trying to communicate your own awesomeness.

i will survive meet the spartans lyrics to hello

This places your job interview outside of your control and that is never a good idea. But for purposes of this talk I will be using a lecture format. Thank people for coming to the colloquium. A large turnout indicates how interested the people are in your position. Before you begin the talk, go to the bathroom. Check yourself in the mirror for spinach in your teeth, crooked neckties, missed belt loops, sweatiness, smeared make up, and other signs of being disheveled.

You are putting on a show. Make it professional show business. Interviewing You will be interviewed by administration, groups of faculty members, individual faculty members, and others.

Here are some tips: Have a lot of questions prepared. I have upwards of 50 to 60 questions written. I then divide those questions based on the audience. For example, I may have five question written for the dean, five questions for the program director, five questions for students, and so on. Some of those questions will be specific to this university and program based on your homework, and other questions will be generic and asked at every job interview you do. Ask the same question to multiple audiences to gauge for differences in perception.

Request to meet and interview or at least have lunch with a faculty member who recently received tenure and promotion. Ask them about that process. Prepare for the inevitable stupid or predictable questions: How do you manage stress? What are your weaknesses? How do you manage work-life balance? What you add to our department? Request to have extra time interviewing with students. This is a simple method to ensure that you are perceived as student friendly.

So if the preliminary itinerary has the students meeting with you for one hour, ask for 90 minutes. Students are also the most honest and will give you the most information.

This is not the time to negotiate salary or anything else. Once they make the offer, then it's on. Even if they say, how much money ya want? Don't go for it. Say, "Given the data on salary in this department I am sure we will be able to negotiate a satisfactory salary or start up costs, summer salary, course release, or whatever. As a heads up, after they make the offer -- a good salary starting point for your first job is the median departmental salary for assistant professor.

Meeting with Students Students can be surprisingly scary and snarky during this interview. This is especially true if you are about the same age as most of the students. I find that the best strategy in working with students is to spend the vast majority of your time listening and asking them questions.

Students frequently know about the weaknesses of the department and are not afraid to tell you some important gossip. Mostly, students are the barometer of the department. You can tell if they have been neglected, subject to abuse, or are legitimately unhappy with the direction of the department.

When you actively listen to their concerns you will automatically be perceived as more competent than someone who gives long-winded answers to simple questions. Mealtime and Off Hours The rule of all job interviews is that you are always being interviewed. Even at lunch, dinner, and at receptions you are being interviewed.

Be unfailingly polite to wait staff, administrative assistants, janitors, taxi drivers, and everyone else. Assume somebody is watching. Unless you have allergies or dietary restrictions, be flexible.

There may be a reception or something that looks a bit like a party in your honour. It is not a party. You are being judged at all times.

So mingle, pretend to have fun, and do not drink too much. My rule is to have one drink and nurse it all night. If you do not drink alcohol, than that is okay.

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This is often when candidates for jobs appear to be stressed and otherwise make unguarded comments. You may be exhausted, but stay friendly and positive.

These are also times when people are looking to see if you are a colleague that people want to hang out with or generally will be a pleasant co-worker. When you are exhausted, this is the time to be a listener. How do you manage it? The only universal rule is to be composed. Horrible and inappropriate questions. Questions about significant others, family, and children are typically out of bounds. Women are far more likely to be asked these questions than men.

It is perfectly okay to say that you prefer to keep your personal life personal. You can answer them if you want to or if you think that helps you. My preferences is not to discuss personal life. Of course he meant, articulate for a black woman with a PhD in quantitative psychology and expertise in nonlinear modelling.

She was incredibly composed and simply said thank you. She and I spoke about it afterwards. Unfortunately, she was used to it. I have a colleague who said that she was propositioned while interviewing. Honestly, that is too bizarre to comprehend. Her perspective is that any department that would allow such behaviour is not one that fits her needs. Recently, I talked to a colleague who placed his briefcase in the car of his host while they went to lunch. The car was broken into and his briefcase stolen along with his computer and his job talk.

Luckily, he stored a copy of his presentation in dropbox and was able to retrieve it and present the paper on a borrowed computer. The concierge at the hotel is your friend. They can help you if you forget a razor, a necktie, pantyhose, medication, or need directions to the nearest bar. Moreover, most hotels have a business office in case you need some printing or other last-minute updates. In Closing As a member of the search committee, I am typically looking for three things: I have argued against people who had incredibly impressive CVs and performed very well at the job interview.

But often I thought they had a little too much Tracy Flick, seem to follow the textbook of interviewing behaviours, or are generally a stiff. I much prefer the woman with a black belt in karate, the guy who skydives, the political activist dude, the person with many tattoos, and the lady who quotes Emerson. Who laughs, is creative, understand systems and politics of the Department, cares about students, thinks outside the box, listens, and is innovative?

These are the people who can drive a program in a department forward to the future. If they have research productivity and teaching skills, then I really want to hire a full human being. This is a great opportunity to present your research, your experiences, and yourself to a group of peers. Spend some time debriefing with peers or more experienced colleagues after you complete your interview.

You do not typically receive feedback from your host. However, you can always work to improve your presentation and performance. I always advocate being completely honest in all of your interactions during job interviews, but there is one exception: The people interviewing you are colleagues and not supervisors or superiors.

You have Googled yourself. And depending on your degree of shame, ego, and self-worth you may have felt guilty about doing so. But every employer, client, collaborator, romantic partner, creditor, and nearly anyone else who needs to know you has first started by exploring your online presence. As an academic or graduate student, your online presence is likely to be the primary tool that people use to investigate and judge your impact on the field of research and suitability for opportunities.

View your online presence through the eyes of people who may want to work with you. If your name is Zolton Murphy Lipschitz, then your online presence is wide open for you to develop. If your name is John Smith, then you may have difficulty having your presence appear within the first 20 pages of Google search results. I once Googled a prospective student and found out that she had the same name as a porn star I am sure that search got me on a special list at the university.

She then began including her middle name prominently as she developed her online presence. However, atrophy is caused by the body intentionally reducing the mass of unused muscles in order to improve efficiency. While cryogenically frozen, atrophy would not occur, so there would be no need to stimulate the muscles.

This is doubly egregious when you also consider that electro-stimulation would only prevent atrophy if the body's standard metabolic processes were actively maintaining the stimulated muscles.

Since the cons are cryogenically frozen, this wouldn't happen either. The museum has displays filled with working guns, ammo for the guns, a loaded cannon that is in no way kept from being used, and laughably useless security in the form of glass that isn't even bulletproof. The lockdown doors might have been immune to small arms, but that didn't stop the cannon. Arguably invoked, as San Angeles is so pacifistic that the mere idea of stealing these guns is unthinkable to someone of that time.

Only a psycho like Phoenix would actually go as far as to steal them. The city of San Angeles has less charm than a hospital waiting room, and physical contact between citizens has become an archaic practice, replacing "fluid exchanges" like kissing and intercourse with VR simulations.

Ask a Stupid Question A reporter is tactless enough to ask Spartan how he can feel justified in destroying a mall worth far more than the ransom of the hostages inside, right in front of one of them.

i will survive meet the spartans lyrics to hello

The response from the hostage, who also happens to be a little girl: Possibly justified, since nobody in San Angeles could stop him. Used abundantly by both Phoenix and Spartan, but most notably when Phoenix fires an automatic weapon at Spartan while he's confined in a vise, and still doesn't hit him — although that may have been deliberate, to prolong Spartan's torment.

This does backfire, though; Phoenix empties the magazine and finds himself having to devise an alternative method of killing Spartan. All s vehicles have autopilots, though manual is still an option. It becomes a plot point when Huxley is the only one present that can drive a stick-shift but not well because she watches a lot of old movies. It also leads to a darkly funny Oh, Crap! Luckily, the car's safety features are better than the autopilot.

John Spartan and Simon Phoenix. It's used as a plot point; Spartan notes that someone like Phoenix wouldn't hesitate to MurderDeathKill Cocteau, unless there's a sinister reason. Edgar Friendly's is very long and quite badass. Los Angeles,looks as devastated by violence as Sarajevo. Among other things, we see the Hollywood Sign in flames, as well as plenty of large swathes of city are burning. Phoenix's gang members have anti-aircraft capabilities and it's said that it's too unsafe for commercial airlines to travel into LAX.

It's gotten to the point that the police now have to drive around in Humvees instead of Ford Crown Victorias, and at one point in time, Phoenix had to be tracked by satellite surveillance. Cocteau, between andit went From Bad to Worse. Depending on whether you're the sort of person who prefers freedom to safety, Cocteau's future could easily be considered the "worse" part of that. Early on, Huxley expresses "what I wouldn't give for some action". Immediate cut to a freshly defrosted Simon Phoenix, ready to provide it.

Home of everyone who doesn't want to be a part of San Angeles, in the ruins of Los Angeles from the last earthquake. Simon Phoenix, the ruthless criminal whose escape from the cryoprison and subsequent criminal activities set off the plot.

Raymond Cocteau, founder of San Angeles, who is willing to enforce his Crapsaccharine World by any means necessary but is defenseless when the hero Spartan gets the drop on him, and when the much more dangerous Phoenix later kills him by proxy. Big Brother Is Watching: There are cameras everywhere in San Angeles, ready to catch a criminal on the move, and its citizens are more than happy to live with it.

You can find in the Underground City of the Scraps stuff you can't find on the surface city of San Angeles. Including otherwise banned real burgers Still doesn't stop John Spartan reckoning it's the best he's had in years.

Despite his reputation as a Destructive Saviorhe doesn't relish in violence. He can distinguish between psychos like Phoenix, and people stealing to feed themselves like Edgar Friendly.

Variant; Huxley doesn't get 90s slang, and neither does anyone else from San Angeles. Phoenix escapes the cryoprison by gouging Warden Smithers' eye out and holding it on a pen for the retinal scanner.

The SAPD notes that Phoenix is at an extreme disadvantage in the No-Paper Future ; all transactions are done using the chip implanted in people's hands. I never forgotten how my father and mother died serving the UNSC in my world, but I'll make sure they'll survive this time. Now, I don't care on how little life I have, I've never been a hero… all this time I am nothing but a mere soldier doing his duty.

But to the eyes of others I have become a demon in their eyes. We all share that burden, but it doesn't mean hope is lost. I'll always see you for only you. They or you may call yourself a man or a machine, but I love you, you primitive caveman.

New challenges and unstable alliances Lord Hood: I never once believed that you would be humanity's last hope and its destruction. But after seeing how you are willing I am confident with you; we can finally end this war.

Are you willing to offer a hand to humanity's stand? My duty is to protect humanity from any abnormal threat. Whether you and I are from other worlds, make no difference. I and my team have the firepower to end this. And with a will and a prayer, victory is guaranteed. In another area, the Spartan found himself surrounded by blue-armored Elites; each carrying an energy sword and the leader of the Elites looked down at him with a scowl.

Do you honestly believe that the prophets would really give you salvation? You were once warriors that defy those things and honor, you return to that way once again without the need of the prophets!

You dare come here to preach about nonsense, what you say is nothing but a quick way to end your pitiful life. The Elite then ignited his own sword as the rest inside the Covenant ship prepared to fire on him. The Spartan looked around not caring for his life, as he looked at the leader again. Have you ever once asked yourself why you are looking for the 'great' halo? Why bother collecting what was left of the Forerunner technology?

Do you honestly believe that killing all of humanity will prove anything? There are things about Halo, even the Prophets don't understand. What you say is heresy! Nightmares Revealed… and unpredictability brings paranoia Halsey: With all due respect, I don't think it is wise for him to meet him.

You did say he has deference to the Master Chief. Do you really think it be true to meet at such sudden agendas? I hardly doubt they'll get along. Halsey, do you doubt him on his reaction to Master Chief. He did show some affection to you when you first met him.

What could possibly go wrong? I wouldn't say that I distrust him; I am worried on how John will take it.