How to flirt with older girls

How To Charm A Woman Who’s Older Than You

how to flirt with older girls

Popular culture portrays older women as cougars who run after hot the center of attraction in a party and help you flirt with girls of your age. If you are interested in learning how to flirt with older women read on. We have Those cute girls in their 20's are at a prime age for dating a wide range of men. It takes a certain bit of finesse to flirt with an older women, mostly because mature woman know what they want and don't respond to cheap stunts and gimmicks.

How to Flirt With Older Women and Get Great Results

Look handsome and decent A woman in her thirties or forties will not expect a younger guy to dress like a man in his thirties or forties. But she doesn't expect him to dress like a rebellious teenager either. Here are tips for guys in their twenties. Regardless of the type of underwear you have on, don't wear your pants below your underwear Prefer shirts instead of casual t-shirts Jeans are a safe fashion bet Avoid wearing extreme drop-crotch trousers If you are a guy who likes to accessorize, don't wear too much bling Don't wear your hair in eccentric hairstyles Compliment a woman to make her feel like sexy and young all over again.

Make older women feel attractive Older women in their 30s and 40s constantly battle body image issues. Just like men, age takes a toll on their bodies and they are looking for ways to keep fit and look sexy.

how to flirt with older girls

You can attract an older woman simply by giving her endless and genuine compliments. Don't be shy about being direct and tell her what you like about her attractiveness. Use the word Girl instead of Woman when you compliment her. Here are a few examples. I am the luckiest guy in this room because I am sitting with the hottest girl Your curves look perfect in that little black dress Wow you look sexy in those skinny jeans You should be a model for Victoria's Secret You are the hottest girl I have ever seen 4 Be polite and act like well mannered guy The typical image of a cougar portrayed in TV series and movies is that of a woman who goes to bars to seek out men, flings and one night stands.

Like most glamorous things that happen only in the movies, this sort of trashy behavior is generally not that common. Don't be a bad boy in front of an older woman. Be polite and well mannered around her if you want to attract her. She is looking for a young man who can show her a good time, but she doesn't want to get into trouble at the same time.

Be calm Being an alpha male and shouting your lungs out may make you seem macho in front of your other friends. It may even make you the center of attraction in a party and help you flirt with girls of your age.

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But this tactic may not work when you want to impress an older woman. Older women like young guys who are calm. They are unlikely to feel attracted towards the loudest brat because that is a sign of immaturity. Let an older woman take charge of a conversation Women love it when men take the initiative to start conversations whether it is a date or a casual first meeting.


But once you have broken the ice, judge the older woman's body language and let her take charge of the conversation. Women in their thirties or forties may have gone through bitter divorces and toxic relationships.

how to flirt with older girls

After all the mess, they may be looking for a man who can be a good listener. Show her that you can be the boy who makes her have fun and patiently listens to her at the same time. Make her happy by showing her the youthful side of life.

Make her re-live her bygone years. Remind her of her youthful days Spontaneity generally dies down as people get older.

You can attract an older woman by giving her a chance to re-live her youth.

how to flirt with older girls

Be spontaneous and do the silly little things that she has not done since a long time. For example, even something as simple as randomly going out for ice cream at midnight will give her a rush which she hasn't experienced in a long time.

how to flirt with older girls

Any activity which includes spontaneity will get an older woman's heart racing, no matter how silly it seems. Show an older woman your chivalry Older women who have been through marriages and long relationships may have become strangers to chivalry.

Their husbands may not have been flirting with them, leading to a dip in levels of romance. Most of your male peers will focus on those girls that are just a few years younger than them. Which means that there is much less competition for the older women. As a result, younger women are highly selective about who they date while older women will actually give more thoughtful consideration, since they are not spoiled on choices.

how to flirt with older girls

Your presentation to her will never need to be flawless. In many ways, flirting and dating attractive older women is a more fruitful endeavor. Moreover, since this guide focuses on how to flirt with older women, here are two principles that you should keep in mind: Teasing and rapport is critical when learning how to flirt with older women No matter her age, you should be teasing the women in your life, because it is simply the best way to flirt with women. Teasing has the added bonus of pushing her emotional buttons and stimulating an attraction for you as a result.

How to Flirt With Older Women and Get Great Results

So call her immature. The better you get at teasing, the stronger the effects will be. Eventually, older women that are receptive to you will no longer be able to help themselves around you. In addition, rapport is also an important concept to keep in mind. You must build a comfortable connection between you and her. In other words, she must trust you and feel a connection to you. This applies especially if you met her through online dating.