How hillary clinton did on meet the press

How Much Has Hillary Clinton Actually Talked To The Press? : NPR

how hillary clinton did on meet the press

Hillary Clinton discussed the life and legacy of Senator John McCain on NBC's “ Meet the Press.” This video file cannot be played.(Error Code. 'We didn't tell the stories of all Americans,' 'Meet the Press' host admits in the mainstream news media played down just how despised Hillary Clinton was in “If we sort of were straight-up honest and blunt about hey do we. Hillary Clinton downplayed criticisms about her use of a private email Meet the Press host Chuck Todd played Clinton a clip of Bernie I'm the one who's done it , and I did it because I thought it was the right thing to do.".

NBC's Chuck Todd: Media knew how 'hated' Hillary was in heartland and we 'underplayed' it

In addition to the ad we fact-checked, Future45 has run six others against Clinton. American Crossroads, founded by Karl Rove, has sponsored eight anti-Clinton ads and the Mitt Romney-affiliated group America Rising has released 10 ads attacking her, two of which also target Sanders.

Future45 has also sponsored one ad against Sanders. A fifth of its donations come from Wall Street. Todd asked her about the accusation that she's too secretive. Clinton repeated her acknowledgment that her use of a private email server was a mistake, along with her assertion that all of her work-related correspondence was sent using government-operated email servers, which would mean that all of those emails should be sitting in government files somewhere.

Has Hillary Clinton Actually Been Dodging The Press?

In any event, she said, all of her emails have been released. Ask everybody else who's in public office. I'm the one who's done it, and I did it because I thought it was the right thing to do.

We rate the claim Half True.

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Clinton says she had about 60, emails on her private server during the four years she was secretary of state. She turned over about 30, emails to the State Department, in paper form, for review and archiving.

how hillary clinton did on meet the press

While she did not keep up with the frantic media pace Donald Trump set for much of the election season, Clinton cannot be said to have ducked public questioning. She had indeed done interviews in the first seven months of the year. Clinton favored television above all other forms of media. Clinton gave one hundred interviews to national cable and broadcast network news programs in that period and also emphasized brief interviews with local television news stations.

She also frequently graced local radio hosts with her calls.

how hillary clinton did on meet the press

These interviews were not, however, all conducted by reporters or journalists. Nearly a fifth of the total, or 65 interviews, were conducted by people NPR did not classify as journalists or in settings that would be considered journalistic, even using expansive definitions.

how hillary clinton did on meet the press

Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill, who provided the database to NPR, did not take issue with the network's conclusions when they were shared with him. The range of those interviews includes some unlikely questioners, such as: Levine has a political talk show on Sirius XM satellite radio.

Neha Gandhi of Refinery 29, a lifestyle website aimed at millennial women, in conversation with Planned Parenthood chief Cecile Richards.

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You have tendencies of Libra. You're great at getting people along and creating harmony. And Trump granted interviews to the right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and the industry magazine The Hollywood Reporter, among many other outlets. Clinton gave 35 interviews to newspapers and magazines, averaging barely one a week, from the Times-Democrat in Orangeburg, S.

Clinton turned frequently to broadcasters and targeted publications who reach Latino and African-American voters, both key elements of the Democratic electorate.

how hillary clinton did on meet the press

A spot-check of interviews found most hovered between about three and eight minutes in duration, enough time to be seen on television screens and heard on the air, but short enough time to limit how deeply an interviewer could drill down. Tapper had complained of failing to land an interview with Clinton while two rivals did.

His state and his region are considered vital swing state territory. Notoriously, she hated doing Sunday show interviews. Betsy Fischer Martin, former "Meet the Press" executive producer Nonetheless, Delano had just three minutes the first time.