How did the little couple meet each other

How did The Little Couple's Bill Klein and Jen Arnold meet?

how did the little couple meet each other

who-is-kate-the-little-couple Source: Instagram. 'The Little Couple's Nanny Kate Made the Move to Florida With the Klein "We are so lucky that Kate and Trey were able to join us in moving to Speaks volumes about the love you all have for each other," one fan wrote. Nov 4, How did The Little Couple's Bill Klein and Jen Arnold meet?. So by all accounts, The Little Couple on TLC should not be as do it together, just as committed to each other as the day they said their vows.

That meant that she could beat cancer, too.

'The Little Couple's Nanny Kate Made the Move to Florida With the Klein Family!

The company had previously claimed that Discovery, which owns the TLC Network that the series airs on, used unethical business tactics to steal the show away from it after the series started getting filmed in-house by Discovery.

There aren't a lot details about the raid because the search order for it was sealed by a judge. Fans will probably never know what happened, but it did lead to a lawsuit that left the show in a sort of limbo between seasons 8 and 9.

But it wasn't all rainbows and unicorns at the beginning. Jen admitted that she initially had trouble bonding with her new daughter. Part of the problem was the change of scenery: Zoey was born in India and had to adjust to life in the United States with people who were originally strangers to her.

how did the little couple meet each other

This was also around the time that Jen received her cancer diagnosis. Fortunately, Zoey eventually came around and is now a happy member of the family.

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Bill admitted that he spent much of his life as the target of bullies. But the bullying didn't end with high school: At one point, the bullying became so severe that Bill had to file a report with the police because the bullies were throwing things at him. This also eventually led him to feelings of depression and thoughts of suicide.

how did the little couple meet each other

Fortunately, Bill stood strong and rose above the bullying. Needless to say, Jen did not attend that college, but went to John Hopkins Medical School instead, where she excelled as a student. That made him the target of bullying and discrimination, which obviously, had to take a toll on him, especially when he was younger.

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It got even worse in college, when bullies would not just taunt him with verbal insults, but also began to throw things at him. In fact, if a camera gets in the way of what they're trying to do, they'll go, 'Move! Move, move, you're in my way. With all that exposure comes recognition — a lot of it. As Klein revealedit has actually resulted in many fans dropping by their front steps uninvited. I opened up the door while she was right there writing her note, and she fell over and all that stuff.

How did The Little Couple’s Bill Klein and Jen Arnold meet?

We've had people come on Christmas Eve and all sorts of occasions. Despite its popularity, the show's stars have endured their fair share of criticism — especially regarding their parenting. When Arnold and Klein first announced they were adopting not one, but two kids — 3-year-old William from China and month-old Zoey from India — they received a deluge of " comments on how crazy it is to be adopting two kids at once.

When Klein and Arnold started the 11 month-long adoption process for William inthey had no idea that they would also receive a call from Little People of America about adopting Zoey — they had actually put their names on the LPA waiting list four years earlier.

how did the little couple meet each other

Arnold added, "[It's] like getting pregnant with twins, it's not something we planned on. But hopefully, it's a blessing that we'll figure out a way to handle. It's for that reason no one was really expecting Klein to step forward and admit to having battled with depression and suicidal thoughts during a difficult time when he was younger.

He went on to reassure fans that "life has gotten better and better every single year," but admitted that the battle never truly ends, revealing that he's "had bumps along the road every year to deal with. Overcoming Obstacles With Optimism. Even so, Klein couldn't help but sum up his life with Arnold so far as an "incredible and crazy and extraordinary road full of wonderful surprises.

This is where Arnold worked as the medical director of the Simulation Center at Texas Children's Hospital, as well as the assistant professor of pediatrics in the Division of Neonatology at Baylor College of Medicine. Petersburg and first came to that hospital as an infant herself in the neonatal intensive care unit.

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She and Klein even tied the knot at the St. In a statementArnold expressed excitement about the move. It was close to Arnold's work, and was seriously spacious with plenty of light.

how did the little couple meet each other

Viewers of the show likely don't realize just how amazing the couple's home was, though, as not all of its unique features were highlighted on camera. They had serious legal drama surrounding their show Instagram Despite The Little Couple's impressive ratingsthe show's future became uncertain when shooting stopped abruptly following the eighth season due to a nasty legal battle between Discovery Communications, the company that runs TLC, and LMNO, the independent production company producing the show.

how did the little couple meet each other

It was a whole big mess — and the stars of The Little Couple were stuck in the middle. As the battle raged on, Arnold and Klein finally had enough.